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But before I get into that – there’s been so much ‘mis-information’ on resumes and resume services, I figure I’d better clear up a couple widely reported myths first:

Myth #1 – All resumes are really the same, right? Wrong! Some people mistakenly believe using resume templates or cutting and pasting your friend’s resume will work just fine. No sir! Employers have seen all of the templates and know all of the tricks.

Myth #2 – Style doesn’t matter: That’s definitely not the case. First off, you should understand that even though the content of your resume is important, if a potential employer can’t read your resume, it’s all for naught. Potential employers—who have plenty of resumes to read—won’t take the time to dig through a cluttered resume.

Myth #3 – They’ll never check: Not so. It’s important to realize that although some businesses don’t check references and accomplishments, many do. In fact, some do very thorough research including talking with previous employers and co-workers. It’s better to have a well-designed and truthful resume than to impress potential employers with a bunch of lies.

Myth #4 – I don’t need a copywriting service I can do it myself, right? Wrong! Some people mistakenly believe if they do something themselves they can do it better than anyone else. No sir! A good copywriting service can help refine your existing resume, or create one from scratch that presents you in the best light. Consider:

  • The majority of recruiters spend less than three minutes reviewing a resume, according to a survey conducted by a major human resources association.
  • Simple typos or grammatical errors can automatically disqualify a resume from consideration.
  • Many companies receive hundreds of thousands of resumes a year, making it even more difficult for yours to stand out.

These are just some of the reasons job seekers turn to professional resume writing services.

Myth #5 – A resume service can’t do anything for me I can’t do myself: That’s definitely not the case. First off, you should understand professional resume writers write resumes. Every day. You do it far less often. Or rarely. Or never. Think about this when considering hiring a professional:

  • A good resume writer knows what recruiters want — and don’t want — to see in a resume.
  • A professional resume writer, particularly one who specializes in your industry or experience level, will know (and include) keywords that will help recruiters find your resume when searching online.
  • Most services guarantee an easy-to-read, error-free resume.
  • Most job seekers find that the peace of mind they get from a professionally prepared resume is worth the cost, which can range from $50 to $1,000. Professional resume services can provide you the edge you need in today’s competitive job market!

Myth #6 – Nobody would pay for a professional resume service if they could make one for free: Not so. Every year hundreds of thousands of job-seekers have their resumes worked on by professional resume services. In fact, if you’ve:

  • Been out of work for a while? A resume writing service can help smooth gaps on your resume.
  • Been looking to change careers? A resume writing service can help translate your current skills to another industry.
  • Been out of the job market for an extended time? A resume writing service can make certain your resume looks and feels contemporary and much, much more.

In fact, our service will do the following:

  • Analyze your career and help you determine your career direction
  • Choose or design the right format (reverse chronological, functional, etc.)
  • Deliver an introduction, summary or objective that targets the job position or field
  • Help you highlight your strengths and hide your weaknesses
  • Put together unique and compelling statements using power verbs
  • Ensure the resume meets guidelines and standards of a professional quality resume
  • Ensure document formatting is as universal as possible
  • Help you format the document in various forms such as ASCII text for email
  • Develop an approach to your job search and utilization of the resume
  • Provide support after the development of the resume (basically help you make proper adjustments)

Needless to say, a professionally written and designed resume or cover letter can make or break your career!

When you hire Professional Pen Writers to write your resume or cover letter, your success is our only goal. Best of all, we create documents which are carefully designed to help you land that all-important interview and make the career change you want TODAY!

Let’s face it: in today’s uncertain economy, getting the job you want is tough, and there’s more competition than ever before. You need a unique advantage, one that combines concise, well-written information with a design that sets you apart from the rest.

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Professional Pen Writers offers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and gladly accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover via PayPal. We also accept certified checks and U.S. Postal money orders for the exact amount of payment. For complete policies and a full copy of our Representative Rate Sheet please email us at:

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Professional Pen Writers Concierge Service has experience preparing resumes for thousands of job seekers in diverse situations. This is the true advantage to using professional resume services.

Imagine you are having a trained professional prepare a critical document for you. Consider if you were developing a contract to sell your home. Do you prepare that contract yourself? Or do you have a professional attorney prepare the document? In our society we spend a lot of time at work and many aspects of our jobs play a significant role in our lives. Your pay scale, job location, type of job and job responsibilities has a great impact on your lifestyle. It makes sense to get professional help in preparing such a document.

With a document that serves as a key to new employment, it’s amazing to find out how many people spend less than hour preparing their resume. A large percentage of individuals consider their resume as a simple documentation of their job history. They list previous jobs, print the document, and then send it off. Is this the best way to gain new employment? Not Likely. The resume is more than just a list of jobs – it’s your own personal advertisement.

What do professional resume services do for you? They help you market your skills in the resume. Professional resume writers are not just typesetters or experts in word processors; they are marketers with specific expertise in preparing resumes.

So don’t delay. Call NOW and get the resume or cover letter you need TODAY!

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