YouTube is the loneliest job I’ve ever had

– Let’s turn on that light. I’m going to call Chris. I think he would have a
good insight into this. Let’s FaceTime Chris Ramsey. [ Phone Trilling] – [ Chris] Oh my god, it’s Peter! Mom! Mom, It’s Peter McKinnon! (Peter laughs) What’s up? – How’s it goin’ buddy? Can you film me like a
two to three minute clip, specifically talking
about how being a YouTuber can be a very lonely job? Not necessarily like it’s a bad job, ’cause it’s not and we love it, but like the reality of it being quite lonely sometimes. It’s not all glitz and glam. We’re just dealing with
ourselves all the time. – [ Chris] Yeah, totally. – This is the extent of our friendship. I mean, it goes deeper, but like for like the most part, this is the only hang out time we get. – [Chris] Yeah, you got it man. Okay. – Okay, bye. That’ll be really, really good. – [ Chris] YouTube can
definitely be a lonely place. – I’ve been thinking about something that I wanted to share with you guys. I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately. Not necessarily a bad thing, but something that I think is important especially for
young, aspiring YouTubers that are looking to get into
doing this as a full-time job. And that is that YouTube,
this job specifically, is the loneliest job I’ve ever had. Straight up, that’s the truth. Not necessarily a negative thing, but I wanna touch on
that in today’s episode. Welcome to the vlog! [ Fresh Electronic Music] Also, I came out on the roof just to do that intro sequence ’cause I thought, you know, the extra effort is nice. Okay. [Laughs] [ Groans] Now what I mean by that if I’m elaborating a little bit right now. If you think about it, you’re in solitude almost for the entirety of the process. You’re coming up with ideas by yourself. You’re for the most part,
shooting everything yourself and you’re talking to yourself, and you’re editing yourself
and then you post it, and then you comment with people online and you talk with friends on Twitter and social media and it’s
actually almost surprising how rare it is that you
actually get to spend time with other people doing
the same thing that you do. When you sit back and think about it, of all the jobs and different places that I’ve worked throughout my whole life, this is the only job I’ve ever had where I don’t really see
anybody on a daily basis. Which was actually one of the reasons why we got this office. So when friends stop into town, it’s really nice to be able to take the time to actually speak with them and also talk about what
they think on the same topic, and speaking of spending time with people that do the same thing you do… Oh! My best buddy’s in town,
love it when he stops by because I never get to
see him, and that is … Everybody, smile for
the camera, this is… You guys remember Dennis? I went to Kenya with
Dennis, he’s the chef, he makes all those delicious food photos that make you both angry and very hungry. So if you don’t follow him already, pause right now, fix that situation. Do you ever get lonely doing what you do, based on the fact that you also work pretty much in solitude almost every day? – Yeah, I do get lonely. On cook days, I cook all day by myself. On shoot days, I shoot
like eight to ten images All day, every day, only by myself, no
assistance, no anything, so yeah it gets lonely. – And then editing, and then you do that on repeat day after day after day. – Yeah. – Alright, we’re gonna
go get some food now. Feeling good about it? – I am feeling good. I’m hungry, I’m ready, I’m prepared. I didn’t eat breakfast this
morning, I had two coffees. So yeah, I need to eat. – Geez. [ Heavy Rock Music] [ Gentle Music ] – I feel fantastic. It was delicious. Just enough cheese, just enough grease. Nice caramelized onion. How was your salad? That’s the question. – Sara. – Yeah? – I’ve been asking everybody; is this the loneliest job you’ve ever had? – So that’s why it’s so
great that I have John ’cause we can almost be alone together. Be alone with someone else, you know, it’s great. – I’m here with pro skater John Hill. I’ve always wanted to say pro skater. (John and Peter laugh) You film skate videos by
yourself all the time, which is a sport that you do it in groups. You hang with a bunch of friends and you go skate and you go shred, but being a YouTuber, you are basically alone all the time doing what’s meant to be not…
– In groups. – Yeah, with groups. – With YouTube, it’s just all because of the time crunch, time management. You have to figure out
how to get videos out and that takes up pretty
much your entire day, so you have to figure out the best time to go skateboard and for me, it’s in the mornings when most people aren’t skateboarding so I do end up skating a lot alone even though I still try to go out with groups as often as possible. – Do you ever think like,
“Man, I don’t see anybody?” I haven’t actually hung out with anybody real in like a week. – Yeah, I miss people all the time. Luckily I do have Sara
there to hang out with. Even the loneliest jobs of
being a delivery driver, you end up at the restaurant. You can talk to the employees there. Maybe I should just hire
someone, basically hire a friend, – Just to hang out. – Right. – My argument is that if
you’re lonely in your job, it starts to get boring, then you start looking for other avenues, other things to pursue. When maybe, you should be
doing what you’re doing, you’ve just become bored with it. What is something you can do
to prevent getting sick of skating and vlogging and YouTubing, because you’re always by yourself? – I think you have to find
people who do something similar. You have to find people to collaborate with on a consistent basis. Which, I still have kind of slacked on, but you do have to find that. – It’s important. – Very. – I think conferences and events are a really cool part of it that, for me, it’s always something that I have to make myself do, and it’s always worth it after. I get to see Peter and
the homies in Toronto, and it’s so fun, and we
hang out and we do it, and we go back to our lives. – If you can’t find someone in your town who you can connect with, the internet is amazing
and you can connect with people all over the world that love and are passionate about
the same thing that you are. Reach out to people, people are looking for connection and community and there’s always someone
out there who’s willing to connect and talk about
the things you love. – Skype video, FaceTime. – 100%. – Everyone that visits the office, I give them three chances to sink a basket for the amazing prize of twenty dollars, so Sara’s gonna… – Could I just get a shout out? – Yeah, if she sinks it,
you have to subscribe. That’s the deal, instead of twenty bucks, you guys are paying the
price by hitting that bell. So, catch the ball. – Alright. – Poof, there we go. – I played in high school. – There’s a bit of an advantage. – Yeah. – There’s the basket. One left for like 10, 000 subscribers. – Okay. – You got this! [ Both Groan] – I honestly, I thought you had it, where’d you go? Are you still shooting? – Peachyfam. – And the reason that I think this is an important topic is because if you don’t spend any time shooting with other people or just interacting with other people this job that maybe you
worked so hard to get and have dreamed about doing and becoming a content creator on YouTube or on any platform, I think that can get really boring, and when things get really boring, you tend to change your mind and start looking for other things to occupy your time with which takes away from what you ultimately
want, your ultimate goal which is creating what
you love on a daily basis and making a living from that, so for me, anything that can potentially be a threat to that, you know, I need to get a handle of to make sure that it doesn’t happen, because this is what I want to be doing, this is what I love so anything that will
potentially endanger that, make it harder, make it less fun, I need to get those things in check. I don’t want them bothering me because I’m in this for the long haul. – If you’re by yourself all day, content creating, shooting,
filming, whatever, and you’re never around other people that love what you do, you’re never connecting with
people in your community, you’ll eventually plateau, you need those other people around you to push you to get better, you need that group, that dope squad, whatever that means to you in your life, so surround with people that just get you super jacked on wanting to create. [ Upbeat Funk Music] – Trying to find shade, this might work right here. Okay, just left everyone at the office, headed down to the city to get caffeinated at
my favorite coffee shop, which you guys know is Pilot
Coffee here in To-ron-to. Toronto, I said that
like a tourist. Toronto. I’m going to meet some other friends to see what they have
to say about this topic, who also work together and share a channel which is interesting and I want to hear some insight from them. They’re gonna kind of end it off with one of my buddies that has also some interesting
thoughts in this topic, just because I think
everyone feels differently about how they operate
and how they conduct their business which is
this, here on YouTube. I thought sharing that insight with you would be helpful and interesting also to hear what different creators have to say about the same topic. Alright, let’s go meet them. I purposely only had one
cup of coffee this morning, because I knew I was coming here, so I’m dragging, but
it’ll be worth the wait. The things we do, or the things I do. [ Laughs] – Awesome. – [Peter] My favorite guy
in the city, whats up? Are you gonna caffeinate me today? – Yes, significantly. – [ Peter] Okay good, I
haven’t had coffee all day just one in the morning because I was waiting
for you to do it right. – Awesome. – [ Peter] So lets go. [ Gentle Music] – I think it helps that we
run the channel together because we get to hang out all the time, but it does help have friends who also do similar line of work, like it doesn’t have to be YouTubers, but if they do photo and video work it helps to have somebody
you can relate to somebody you can shoot with, somebody you can bring
along to your shoots, so just having friends who also have like flexible schedules like you do, that can just hang out when
you’re able to hang out, I think that really helps too. – Well my thing is,
its really hard to know if people like wanna be your friends because of YouTube because they can get traction out of it, or if they like genuinely like your work and actually wanna be friends with you, so I’m hesitant to be
friends with people more now than before YouTube. – Yeah. – That’s kind of a different thing, but I feel like that kind of
pushes more solitude for me. – YouTube can definitely be a lonely place. Pete and I talk quite a bit, but rarely face to face just because we live far apart and we’re both really busy doing YouTube, and that type of thing. There is an importance to spending time, not only with other people in your life, but also with other people I think, who are going through
what you’re going through, so I don’t wanna sound like this is a rant about me being lonely as a YouTuber ‘Oh poor Ramsey, you’re so lonely, with your millions of subscribers!’ but when it comes down to the brass tax, this is what’s happening. Look. This looks all cool, but then you got a mess over here, I’ve got a mess going on here. My house is absolutely empty, I’m not even wearing socks, and I’m speaking alone, in my house, to a camera, and you know, we work hard on making the backdrop look exciting, enticing, clickable, on video ideas, production quality, all of these things and
at the end of the day, you’re still doing it all by yourself and if there wasn’t this
music in the background or this cool color correction, everything would look just
sort of bland and normal. That bland and normal is the life that we live everyday I think its important as a YouTuber to realize that YouTube isn’t real life. That your energy needs
to be put into YouTube the same way that your energy needs to be put into anything else
you’re passionate about, but reserving some of that energy for your actual friends
and your actual connections that you have in your life. You know, I FaceTime Pete, or I’ll FaceTime some of my friends and we’ll just hang out for hours. Sometimes I’ll leave the phone there, and we’re both on FaceTime, and all you hear is this… [ Clacking Keyboard] Just us working and clicking away and we won’t even talk to each other but just knowing that
someone else is in the room, kind of makes it less lonely. I think its a thing that
all YouTubers go through but I don’t think its a thing that you go through at the beginning of YouTube. I think its once you’ve
uploaded a few hundred videos and you’ve been doing
this for a few years. You kinda realize it. You kinda realize how, you know, alone you are on your own channel and its like every
video is about me me me, its like I I I, me me me, I’m so important, look what I’m doing, look what I just bought,
look what I’m reviewing and as good as an illusion that that creates for the audience, you’re not fooling yourself, you know what I mean? Cause when the camera goes off, and the video goes up, I’m sat here by my computer looking at analytics and looking at statistics, how’s my video doing, you know? It sounds sad, but that’s kinda like the job and so you need to be able to clock out, you need to be able to
bring in those people in your life that matter during the times that you need it the most like when you’re not posting videos or when you’re not working
on something super creative and every chance you get to hang out with like-minded people IRL, I think you should take that as well. Instead of being crammed
up in your man cave or whatever it may be, so, there you have it. [ Laughs] Back to my real life. [ Bright, Happy, Music]

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