XIAOMI FIMI X8 SE | Nel BLU dipinto di BLU! Drone PERFETTO ma le FOTO RAW… | Recensione

Hi friends and welcome to this new video I am michele today together with the XIAOMI FIMI X8 SE is if it is a very valid drone very much purchased but appreciated it has always had a small problem indeed the photos taken in DNG with this drone if you don’t know what I’m talking about going to retrieve the video in which I explained all this a few months ago in a nutshell these are raw photos taken to be later processed in post production therefore suitable for closed professional drones in these photos taken with the film x8 they have always suffered from a problem what is their color has always had a tendency towards the blue making them then almost impossible to post and produce unusable ends after all the updates that have come out for this drone will have solved this problem well let’s find out right away you will initially see the photo in jpeg format classic and secondly the photo in the roub Here we are friends again what he would say it seems that despite all the updates he has suffered this drone the problem of the futurum pendant to blue is still very much indeed persistently sincerely I cannot understand why it fails to solve this problem since clicking in and jpeg does not show up then guys if you have to buy the x86 movie to take professional photos the robot to post produce say that at the moment not for you but if you want jpeg photos the quality is great if you want to make videos instead is even better you think about it instead let me know by leaving a nice comment below if you want to buy this the drone will find all the links with any coupons in described the video together the link to enter our channel the ride less offers group facebook where technology italy our official instagram channel revenue numerous benefits say that this really is all good flight to all and if you want to support us all we need is a free like a comment a share sign up if you haven’t already done activate the little bell to not miss notifications to our new next videos and we’ll see you at the next video again here I say studio Hello guys

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