X8 Drone Goolsky Dongmingtuo Rc – Review, Range Test, Action Camera Test, What’s Inside …

Support me with Subscribe and Like for more videos! almost the same drone with the SH5HD drone same motors, props and lighting colours without propellers (-13gr) legs(-8gr) without battery – (50gr) action camera weight about 59 gr Full drone weight – 222gr 55 meters without latency issue! this is max range of the most budget Chinese drone slot for camera movement camera power supply drone speed 3d flip up down Trim button stop engines camera movement, [back to home] and headless mode power supply 4x AA batteries battery dimensions – L(62) x W(34) x H(9) capacity – 1500mah=14minutes flying time date of production – 14.06.2018y battery charging port drone power supply green blinking light means that battery is charging now battery is fully charged poor props protectors quality also poor legs quality the easier way is to use sharp tool can’t find spare parts for this drone anywhere that includes a drone main board assembling its a bit tricky just follow me… check the buttons if they work properly brand new motor oil or u can use grease before apply oil, gear must be perfectly clean Volia! Just need to mention that after a few minutes of flight time the drone stopped working Think twice before buying this drone!

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