World’s first passenger drone

World’s first passenger drone And then we’re gonna load it up with presents and then fly it off To deliver it to some of the children in the city, so let’s take a closer look at the aircraft I was just telling you guys how there are eight four colors. They’re very long and sleep and each one of them are around 1.6. Meters, so if you can see it’s roughly around The length of my harm fourth half of it, and then we have blinker lights on all of the four legs And I’m pretty sure it’s adjusted to holiday motoring houses are green and red and then Follow-up to the headlights here, and you can see like Created in At the bottom here we have the camera which will record all of the settings searing wildest about this evening air And it will also be projected on the big screen in the Research Center, which will visit in a moment I kind of wanted to see what it would be like for someone to be inside, so we’re gonna bring out my colleague miss Miranda here who will also be playing Santa Claus Happy holidays, I’m Miranda today I will be these Center and delivering to give to the kids by a-ha 184 now finally I can upgrade the sleigh into this kind of automatic aerial vehicle And pretty sure you’re tired of all the reindeer so haha Okay careful there Sammy see No I can see It’s just a feast one person. Yeah. There is some seed out here. You can just cut it up Okay Pretty like the fly airplanes You know parachuting see folks. Yeah, it’s nd safe where you just fly into the air Okay, as we can see here. There is no steering wheel what we have is a surface pad that we can put on or take off and this shows the control screen a Little bit about what you see actually we’re gonna see here is pretty empty around here. Just one surface pad and other scream your Dress model and we’ll see all the functioning parts of the drone And also on the right side you can see those map around this area Yeah, so it’s like a satellite image. Don’t you think yeah? I think satellite image definitely yeah, there’s a field work inside It’s pretty round and cozy. Yeah, actually Mike how about a you try sure will be much challenge for you because You’re much taller than me The trunk so we’re gonna load you see you later Bye Santa so Santa is gonna fetch some presents And she’s gonna load it up into the trunk back here in the meantime. I am going to go See I have those Christmas gifts here in my hand and ever deliver to children by the ëhow 24 and here is a truck on a hyung this this to always cost us three hundred thousand US dollars And here is a truck a little box inside that for this bag inside Pull this up and push it Okay, so my job is done, and now let’s see how it’s my duty because Joe Center Never be hung engineer hard at work preparing the launching of the one eight four So Derek, can you explain? What is he doing here? No he’s from yeah now like he’s setting up The you know the pre pans flying route for he waited for us So you know waited for knows like where it is heading to how high is supposed to flying alright? And you know if you because you can see this whole satellite map here on the computer swing Right so yeah visible. We’re making the flight plan all right. I see the propellers launching During the announcements from the big computer All the motors are going Wow Wow will you look at that everyone look on the big screen the e hyung 184 has taken flight Do you know Derek this really feels like we’re living in the future. Yeah when I was a kid I really wish there was a flying car full of presents. We just descend from the sky Is that part of the inspiration Yeah, I mean I mean one part You know inspiration was because one of the you know so the two coaches the piloting coaches are our founder mr. Foo died during a flight accident so that’s kind of inspire us to think about you know if there’s the possibility for us to make a Safer aircraft all right so what I’m hearing is that the mantra of your company has safety first So now you can see the you know now you can see the Yahweh for assign to the direction. That’s not like the presets Find roots before recess you know just now and and how far can this aircraft fly? Within the reach of the launch center, so I mean it doesn’t matter. I mean the large center can be in Guangzhou Anyhow I went for terrifying anywhere in the world. Oh, it’s a global system. Yeah It’s a global system may use. You know use the network is used is used You know internet and that the thing is like perch Are you know per charge in Hawaii for can fire up to around like 30 kilometres? And now you can see all these views are from inside profit online it for and all these life Videos are being transmitted by back to the you know back to the back to this command control center real-time and What are some of the planned uses for this aircraft? right so We worked with the one of the company called lombard technology in the u.s. To transport human organs and also for patients okay, so for like emergency rooms if there’s traffic then yeah Yeah, – why traffic – you know to make it faster and save lives. Well. It’s a very noble cause The other things like we work with the Dubai RTA the Dubai Road Transport Authority together with them we really off the lows our first The flying taxi come I got transportation city system in the world Are there any current of legislation and regulations regarding this area Because the only way for commerce is at your new structure so wherever we go we kind of need to work with the local regulators to create a standard like new standards for you know the new kind of aircraft like the Hawaii for us, so that’s you know that’s how you work with Dubai RTA as far as the tryna CAC and also in the US you know with the constant Nevada together to to you know to build up new standards and to working with regulators Thinking about how we should regulate it. What kind of standard? We should come out with down in the future for aircrafts like this. I stand and how long do you think this process will take? Well, it’s gonna take some time, but I think along the way but that does not mean down not be able to have a chance to test it out or On let’s say partly commercialize it so I think it’s too good is nothing gonna be a long-term plan but You know we are already testing every day During one joint right now. I see now I see that the one eight four is just about landed oh And there’s a smooth landing we see the camera Children All right everyone So this is where the e hung 184 has landed and now we see Miss Santa bringing all the children To the chancre will deliver all of the presents To me only war As we’ve been iterating earlier, this is the world’s first passenger drone And we’ve just done a live broadcast for the C flat social media platforms And now all of the children are getting their presents Did you guys see did you guys see the drone coming down. What did you think of the drone?

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