Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s interactions
with President Donald Trump suggest that Indo US relation is getting increasing deeper. US INDO relation has gone through three phases. From 1947 to 1971, India tilted towards the
US even as it insisted on non-alignment. India’s then Prime Minister, Jawaharlal
Nehru despised communism and was on record stating that, in a fight, India would side
with the Anglo-American democracies. In the second phase of the relationship, from
1971 to 1989, India built strong relations with Soviet Union while remaining formally
non-aligned and got disjoint from US with US supporting Pakistan. Current, is the third phase of India-US relations. In the last 27 years India has increasingly
tilted towards the US in global strategic terms, though still maintains strong ties
with Russia. In this video, Defense Updates examines WHY
world. The democratic system has been able to elect
strong leaders and give the country stable governments year after year, propelling it
to the status of most powerful country in the world. With 1.26 billion inhabitants, of which 834
million can vote, India is the largest in the world. Despite India’s linguistic and religious diversity,
the 2014 general elections have given the newly elected Prime Minister, Narendra Modi,
a strong mandate, proving the maturity of Indian democracy. US India trade has been steadily growing . In 2016, India GDP was an estimated $2.3 trillion
and Indi’s GDP was up by an estimated 7.6. U.S. goods and services trade with India totaled
an estimated $114.8 billion in 2016. Exports were $42.0 billion; imports were $72.8 billion. India is currently America’s 9th largest
goods trading partner with $67.7 billion in total (two way) goods trade during 2016. Goods exports totaled $21.7 billion; goods
imports totaled $46.0 billion. Trade in services with India (exports and
imports) totaled an estimated $47.2 billion in 2016. Services exports were $20.3 billion; services
imports were $26.8 billion. According to the Department of Commerce, U.S.
exports of Goods and Services to India supported an estimated 197,000 jobs in 2015, 82,000
supported by goods exports and 116,000 supported by services exports. With respect to terrorism, India in the past
15 years has lost more people to jihadi killers than any other nation in the world. This is mainly due to Pakistan sponsored terrorists,
who are pushed into India by the notorious intelligence agency of Pakistan, ISI. India has long accused Pakistan of harboring
terrorists, and recently many important people from politics and military in US have acknowledged
this fact. One of them is Congressman Ted Poe, who sometime
back said: “Not only is Pakistan an untrustworthy ally,
Islamabad has also aided and abetted enemies of the United States for years,” He added while introducing the bill, “From
harboring Osama bin Laden to its cozy relationship with the Haqqani network, there is more than
enough evidence to determine whose side Pakistan is on in the War on Terror. And it’s not America’s. It is time we stop paying Pakistan for its
betrayal and designate it for what it is: a State Sponsor of Terrorism.” Just at the time of Trump and Modi meeting,
the United States has designated Hizbul Mujahideen leader Syed Salahuddin as a global terrorist. Indo US joint statement has specifically mentioned
Pakistan, and asked it to stop supporting terrorists. The international military presence in Afghanistan
has shrunk dramatically, and even with a slower pace of troop withdrawal, the country’s security
situation has already worsened. After 15 years of involvement in Afghanistan,
the United States has a strong interest in a stable future for the fragile democracy. India too wants a secure and peaceful Afghanistan. India and Afghanistan share a long history. During the Soviet-Afghan war (1979-89), India
was the only South Asian nation to recognize the Soviet-backed Democratic Republic of Afghanistan. India has been supporting Afghanistan as it
limps back to it own feet. From training Afghan forces in counter insurgency
operations to providing military equipment to afghan military, India’s role has been
acknowledge by both Afghanistan and US. Seen as a friend by most Afghans, India is
the fifth-largest bilateral donor to Afghanistan. India has so far given financial assistance
worth over $2 billion to Afghanistan and has been involved in massive developmental efforts
in the war-torn country Salma Dam, an ambitious $300 million hydroelectric
and irrigation dam, as well as Afghanistan’s new Parliament building is build by India. Washington and New Delhi are getting a lot
more serious about military-to-military ties. As the United States and India become more
wary of an increasingly assertive China, the two countries are gradually edging closer
together. China’s sweeping claims of sovereignty over
the south china sea have provoked competing claimants Malaysia, Vietnam, Brunei, Taiwan,
Indonesia, and the Philippines. Non-claimants like USA and India want the
South China Sea to remain as international waters with freedom of navigation, whereas
China want to control this major trade way. China’s military modernization and aggressive
posturing has not gone unnoticed by both US and India. A tightening of relations between US and India
is something that was already accelerating under Barack Obama and Manmohan Singh, whose
administrations saw the need for mutual cooperation in this matter. Trump and Modi meet seem to have a cemented
the strategic ties further, with US clearing the sale of 22 MQ-9B Guardian drone made by
General Atomics Aeronautical Systems to India. These unarmed surveillance drones, worth more
than $2 billion will be used keep watch over the Indian Ocean and enable India to keep
a tab on Chinese activities.


  1. And the Elites hate this because,,,, America, Russia and India as allies would be so strong that we could destroy anything they threw at us.

  2. dear one what u r saying man Russians and Israelis are our true besties no no I don't deny USA helps us of course they do but can we rely them can we count them?

  3. Nehru was on the side of US more than the then USSR? Really? He was a sympathizer even of Peoples' Republic of China because it's a communist country. All his domestic economic policies were clearly tilted towards Socialism like establishing Planning Commission, Nationalizing major industrial and financial concerns etc. On international front too, the then India was tilted totally towards Soviet Russia which is indicated by the fact mentioned by you that India was the only country recognizing the Soviet backed Afgan government. India didn't even had a consulate with US' s most favourite ally Israel till 1992. In 1971 war with Pakistan, US had brought it's 7th fleet in the Bay of Bengal to threaten India not to move further and encroach on the territorial sovereignty of US ally Pakistan. It's after 1985, Indian governments were forced to move towards capitalism, US and LPG due to the clearly visible downfall of USSR and communism/ socialism in general.

  4. this is mostly due to China and the South China sea. the other issues are minor and you should see a lot of pressure against Pakistan from the U.S. we now have a President the doesn't favor radical Islam. the U.S. India will grow stronger. Like it or not this is happening…

  5. India and US 2 big democracies should join Hands to destroy Radical Islamic Terrorism and Chinese offensive in South China sea and international waters

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  7. iNDIA and USA will be be an invinsible ally when combined with Japan, UK, EU, Australia, etc. russia and china combined cannot match.

  8. Do Indians need someone White to lead them always ? And lead them to die for a White agenda ? Check the numbers of Indians who died for Britain ….. and got what in return .

  9. The voice changing has greatly improved your videos. I think you could relook at the background music. It sounds like a horror movie. In any case you videos are great

  10. Where was USA in 1962, 1965, 1971 and 1999??. Pak had US tanks and airplanes. US could have stopped China.No US is the most dangerous country on this planet. No US and India are not natural allies.

  11. Fight against terror is one of the biggest reasons for this alliance. Also a power against China's growing influence.

  12. Why India and the US are natural enemies? There is no way India can overtake China in the next 100 years as China's economy is five times that of India and they are both developing countries with fast economy growth. Someone did a calculation and estimated that India will need 127 years to do so. But India can overtake the US by 2050 if it keeps developing its economy and not gets into any trouble with its neighbors but the US will not allow it to, like what it is doing with China right now.

  13. It is Like business.
    Between India and USA.
    No Natural Friendship.

    No one will Need A Wolf's Support.

    Remember USA and UK tried to capture India .

    Think before you make something worth.

    Business is not friendship.

    Can a buyer and seller become Friends.

    World Knows who runs the governments, not The Elected But The Hidden forces Are Dark That Rules EVERYone.

    No use calling Hero and Villain.

  14. Natural friendship… USA Provide Jet fighters to Pakistan..along the confrontation betwen India and Pakistan.. US send F86 sabre, and F104 Starfighter to the Pakistan during Pakistan/ Indiana wars.. Someones have short memory.. USA have always do " friendship" for circonstancial own interests.

  15. My feedback:

    Your research is fair, genuine and impressive.


    I believe

    you can make it
    more intensified and diversified along with maintaining your fair qualities.

    We can be surprised on this type of topics. And

    we can be served with the feeling of safety, patriotism and love.

    your team is doing well.

    with love

  16. Those who think Russia is India's true ally then you are fking fools. There is no such strong friendship between nations. Russia want to back up China coz their mutual animie is US and democrasy. India is the biggest democracy in the world and both we have threats from radical Islam and communism. So a strong political and military alliance might help each nations to counter this common foes.

  17. I'm delighted to see such increased and increasing ties between the US and our natural ally and counterweight to China economically and militarily.  India is, in fact the next China and India and China share a border.  They have fought many wars against each other.  India is our friend and we are their friend.  Pakistan is tough because we want to keep our hand in because they have nuclear weapons and a huge population of radical Muslims.

  18. IndiA will WATCH and wait for America in desperation to have to go to waR against china as it is America in desperation over the south china sea trade routes not IndiA.

  19. IndiA is NOT Americas ally. IndiA doesn't recognize Americas tilt towards Jerusalem being part of Israel IndiA has not forgotten America sanctioning IndiA on May 13, 1998 nor has IndiA forgotten America nearly invading IndiA in 1971 IndiA has not forgotten America trying to veto IndiA from annexing its own land Goa away from Portuguese invaders. America doesn't back India over WTO over food security  yet over 100 countries back IndiA  on that especially china.IndiA hasn't forgotten that America has funded Pakistan of 31.5 BN dollars in foreign aid.

  20. Being an American ally would be India's worst nightmare.Instead of that India should put much energy in BRICS and SCO to keep herself out of American hegemony.India,'s world view is completely different from the America's.United States is a backstabber.

  21. No. 6
    India is a Nuclear nation. Having ties with a Nuclear nation with China and NORTH KOREA just north of the Himalayas is a huge beneficiary for the Allies.

  22. Only China makes the us India's alley but for the rest of India's conflicts the us has always been an enemy and still are in some aspects of foreign policy

  23. Records and history tells other story.From 1971 war where us helped Pakistan to introducing moles in ISRO's space program.They just need a strong ally to counter China.That's it.They can be good business partner not good allies.

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