Why lift a truck with 2,000 drones?

Why lift a truck with 2,000 drones?

Some people have asked us, why would we fly a truck with 2000 drones? Well you know, if you want to develop the future you
need to come up with some really bold ideas. And we are using our technology and our knowledge, to try and do what is thought of being impossible. Doing that to be able to come up with
smart and sustainable solutions. That is why we are trying a lot of new things. You know, it all starts with an idea. Some ideas will never fly, but some will. And when they do, they will change the world. If you want to invent the future,
you first have to imagine it! But you know, it’s all about perspectives.

19 thoughts on “Why lift a truck with 2,000 drones?”

  1. Henrik as CEO, I’m sure you have something better to do than stand on top of the brick building flying a drone lifting a model SCANIA…

  2. How can you get it right for so long , then get it so wrong , AWNSER Renault owned , 142 ,1988 , best truck ever made , 143 – 450 1989 , Bosch pump turned up to 900 horse , amazing , 144 – 460 , running between 72 mph to 80 mph 17 – 20 miles per gallon , 164 – 620 chipped to 740 , 11 mpg @ 62 mph , , , , , , , , , , , today , 730 turned up 620 , , , , , , , come on Renault , sort Scania out ,

  3. I’d like to see these trucks built in Canada to replace the lost auto plant jobs. The junk produced in USA currently is causing much high prices on everything cause they break down so much.

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