Why drone cameras are an awesome innovation 🛩

Why drone cameras are an awesome innovation 🛩

4 thoughts on “Why drone cameras are an awesome innovation 🛩”

  1. Hey there cool peeps. There are sooooo many innovations around us; big and small. What are your current favourite innovations and why?

  2. the internet – it's a platform that has changed the world and is still changing the world. With every good there is bad so it's important to amplify the good and mitigate/manage the bad side of it. But for instance, it provides access to information that used to be inaccessible for people, it connects people throughout the world, it provides education possibilities, it creates new jobs, it amplifies innovation (e.g. people accross the world can collaborate on things together – just take music 😉 )… I can go on and on 🙂

  3. Very nice video Joeri! I do not know if you noticed, but around 1 minutes 20 seconds, there is a greenish spot which fell on your t-shirt ^_^ I wonder what it was?

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