What Happened Inside the Airplane Graveyard?

What Happened Inside the Airplane Graveyard?

– Good morning, three of us
from the Pan AM Experience, Anthony and Talaat, Captan Talaat. We’re on a road trip today to a desert location in California. All shall be revealed soon, stay tuned. Oh, this is awesome. This is a great standing. – [Anthony] Qantas 74, oh my God. (wind rushes) – [Sam] Wish you’d cleaned
your window this morning. (laughs) This is unbelievable. We’re in the middle, yeah. Oh, Pan Am 74 there. The Comber 880. Look and the Qantas Jumbo. This is unbelievable. Look at where we are, we’re in the middle of
the aeroplane junkyard. (background chatter) Wish you’d clean your window, man. (digital beeps) (country rock music) – Hi, I’m Talaat Captan, the owner and president of Air Hollywood. You here, I’m taking
you guys on the rides. You are at Mohave Airspace, entire desert is full of aeroplanes . It’s an amazing place. You get to see all the most
amazing aircraft in the world, all retired here. – Incredible place, Mohave. Look at all these aeroplanes here. Qantas 400, I probably flown
on lots of these aeroplanes . This is the end of the
line for lots of 747. And then, today, we’re coming out, hopefully to check some
of the interior out. – We’re about to go on this giant 74. Now, my favourite thing
about this aircraft is it actually has a
completely intact interior, complete with the longitudinal
galley that Thai Airways had, and that amazing wall and wallpaper only used by Thai Airways. I actually want to
bring it back home today because I want to recreate
the Thai Airways experience at Air Hollywood. – [Sam] Be careful. In the middle, in the middle. In the middle, yeah. In the middle. – Welcome aboard. Please join us at Thai Airways 747. – I can’t believe the Thai Airways continue to live in the
desert of California. Look at this, unbelievable. I actually remember myself flew on this very special Thai 747, sitting in the royal first class and then everything is kept intact. The aeroplane had retired
and sold to the desert but the seats came with it and the seats are just
collecting dust right now. What a shame. – All right, so this is the
wallpaper I was referring to. You’ll notice this kind of purple hue of dark and light lavenders and it has the entire Thai
landscape in the back, like the Grand Palace and
everything on the river. I love the fact that Thai Airways actually thought about all this stuff when they were designing the aircraft, that it reflects the
heritage of the country. Okay, so yeah, Sam, this
is the longitudinal galley and this was really unique to just a handful of airlines on the 400 but you might remember that the 747-SP had this galley on every
single aircraft type and I loved it. I loved it because on the
reverse of this galley, was always really unique
artwork for the airline and Thai Airways included. Okay, so now we’re actually on
the other side of the galley and so this is the wall
that I was referring to. It always had amazing artwork on it and you can see here,
they put the Thai temples and the colour scheme of
the airline on this wall and this would have been
my favourite place to sit. Right, it was actually more private, you didn’t have passengers
on the other side of you and you got to enjoy the
artwork for your entire flight. This is the traditional interior from Thai Airways in the economy cabin. – What stuff is this hand
loose in the ceiling here? – Okay, so this is
actually the PSU systems and so all the oxygen masks
are actually still intact here. And this is actually a pretty valuable part
of the aeroplane still and so, they’ve got these down but people actually
want to buy these things ’cause they’re still operable. Oh, Sam, look at this. It’s almost like Royal Orchid Service is right here on board today with us. – [Sam] She’s still here with you. – Yes, in fact, I have this
uniform in my collection. So, you know, I think one of the things I love about this aircraft is the fact that this movie
screen is so old school. Like, think about, this
was really engineering from the 70s and 80s on 747s, where the crew would flip
the screen for the movie. Another reason why I love this 747. So, on the upper deck, Thai Airways did Royal Orchid
Executive Class, right, the business class product. And, oh, look at this, there’s actually a purple
curtain sitting right here from Thai Airways still. – [Sam] Are you going
to take home with this? – Yeah, I’m absolutely
taking that with me. (laughs) So, while most of the instrumentation
is obviously all gone, you can see there’s still
four throttles here, right, for four engines, right. Look one, two, three, four. (metallic clanking) – [Unison] Full power. (laughs) – Rotate in a moment.
– Rotate now. (metallic thumps) – Not every airline did this.
– Oh my God. (country rock music) – Sam, our second aeroplane for today is going to be this X Qantas 747-400. No true aviation geek
would get on this aeroplane via jet bridge or air stairs. We’re going to walk up
the aviation geek way and that is through the
nosewheel of the 747. Crawl through this little hole here at the bottom of the aircraft and then we’re going to
reach literally right up inside the first class cabin of the 74. (ladder clatters) – Hopefully I don’t get stuck in there. (ladder clatters) I just made it the first stair and now I’m in the E/E
bay, the avionics bay. Whoa, this is tight. Oh my God, I’m stuck here. Have you ever seen a man got stuck in between first class and the belly? Whew, I made it. First time, av geek boarding a 747 from the nosewheel into first class cabin. What a difference. (country rock music) Oh, look at the seats here. They’re good, I love this green colour, Qantas colour seats, wow. (country rock music) – So, Sam, have you ever
walked on the wing of a 747? – [Sam] Oh, you’re kidding me. – No, here we can. All the way to the end of
the wingtips of this 400. It’s an amazing experience. – Show me.
– Come join me. (feet thump) – I’m jumping out of the plane. – [Talaat] Oh, my God. – Come. (country rock music)
(laughs) That’s what I meant. This is so cool, standing on the edge. Look at this. Unbelievable, this is. This is the best spot, look at this. Look at, they’re nose to nose. Now I am at the wingtip of the 747-400. How cool is this? And you can jump around and bounce. – [Talaat] I’m feeling turbulence. – [Sam] Oh my God, this
is engine number four. It’s gone. Yeah, we’re missing all the engines. (country rock music) This is really right in
the middle of all the junk and the thing they scrapped. Look at this, this looks like some sort of pipes or landing gear and all sort of things, engine
cowling, all metals scrapped. – This is a 747 engine, part of an engine. Come closer here and you can see. It’s made out of titanium. Titanium, and you see all this? This is really very valuable materials and what do we do with it? We make a fireplace out of it. – You’re actually doing good deeds. You turn all these aeroplane junk into collectibles, into furnitures. – It’s like we’re reusing the aircraft for a really good cause
and for good things. For our art, for everything that we do. It’s really a lot of fun doing that. – It’s incredible, there’s
just hundreds of planes here. There are heavy bodies, as well. DC-10, MD-11, 747. I can spend here for months
here, just wandering around. Isn’t that incredible? This is a shot. You want to take a photo here. You can see through to
the Lufthansa behind. (laughs) – This is convertible. – Convertible, yeah,
aeroplane convertible. Who’s the owner of this is? – So, look, Sam, this is
Spirit Aircraft number 133. – Wow, just had an incredible tour, an hour around all the storage
aeroplanes , inside two 747s. It’s really sad, though, because you know this is end of the line. None of the plane will fly again. (digital beeps) – So, this desert is probably
the most well-known boneyard for aircraft of any of them, Victorville. It’s probably the most popular because it is, in fact, the largest. I mean, just look in front of us here. There’s probably 100
FedEx retired aircraft and that’s just one little
section of this desert. – [Sam] Wow, there’re just massive amount of numbers of planes here. Incredible, incredible place. There’s United. – [Anthony] Man, look at
that China Airlines, damn. (country rock music) – Too bad you weren’t here, Sam, when we were going to crush this plane. The next one to go is
that one right there. – Man, that would be really sad, man. You know I’ve flown on
that aeroplane, VHOJN. I’ve flown it to South Africa
with first class inside. It’ll be really sad. I don’t think I can watch
that when you guys crush it. It’s sad. – Yeah, it comes apart real fast. – Real fast, too.
– Oh yeah. – [Sam] Oh my God. – Yeah, I’ll send you a video. – [Sam] Oh, I don’t want it. (laughs) – These are excavators that
we use to demolish the planes. – [Sam] This is the machine
that demolish planes. – [Guide] This is the littler
one, compared to the Hitachi. The Hitachi does more
of the stronger metal. – [Sam] How long it take
to bring a plane down and reduce them into
that scrap metal pile? – 747 usually takes about a month. – A month?
– A month, from start to finish. Interior gutted and
then probably two weeks to crush the whole thing
with the excavators. – [Sam] What about a
small plane like a 737? – Oh, that one usually
takes about three days. – [Sam] Three days you
can reduce into that pile? – Yeah.
– Wow. (metal clanks) Look at this. All this metal coming off
the plane, apart here. Can you believe the pile just behind me? All these metal scrap are
from a MD-11 and a 737, but can you believe the whole
big MD-11 wide-body aeroplane and a 73 reduce to this
pile of metal scraps? (country rock music) Man, it’s unbelievable seeing
two 747 landing gear here. They’re like, way taller than me. Huge. Wow, look at this. A plane’s hanged, the
engine’s been taken out ’cause the engine is
the more valuable part and it’s so quiet here. All you can hear sometime is the wind making the door bangs around and also lots of birds flying around. The birds love sitting
on top of the fuselage. It’s so quiet. I’m walking along and it’s
quite freaky here, right. It be scary at times. (feet crunch in sand) Like an aircraft cemetery. Well, out of hundreds
and hundreds of planes, perhaps this one is the
one I’m most attached with because I first flew
a 747 was with United. This is an ex-United 747. Let me go inside. Let’s look at the old girl one more time. Let’s go inside her. This is United Global First section, with the carpet I recognise. – [Male Voice] Are you trying to get up? – Yep, but it’s a bit tricker
than the last one I climb because it’s a bit to the side. Whew, oh my God. They still have the seats here. – [Talaat] Yeah. – I remember sitting here,
trans-Pacific, many times. Whew, incredible. This was the business class section. All the seats were taken out. Anyone want to buy a lavatory? This one’s probably used a million times and travelled probably
a couple million miles across the Pacific on United. Anyone still want it? – [Talaat] You’re right, oh
my God, the economy plus– – I love these seats though.
– the seats are still here. – [Sam] I love the padding, the padding’s excellent on these seats. – [Talaat] Yeah, these
are really great seats. – [Sam] Okay, I can barely see here. It’s still wrapped pretty good. Look at these 747 beams. – [Talaat] Look it up, look up, look up. – [Sam] Look it up, oh. The ceiling, look at that. It has all the hullage but the ceiling was missing on this part. (plastic crinkles) – [Talaat] Look at that, this
is how we used to watch TV. We used to watch just one. – [Sam] Look at this, yeah. This became a better one. This became a LED kind of screen. Actually, this has value, I guess. Anyone want a free LED screen, come here. It’s so dark here. Scary. This is at the back of the United 7– (imitates ghost) Oh, there’s ghosts. This is aeroplane cemetery, so this guy here is a ghost
living on the United 747. – [Anthony] Yeah, I’m afraid of birds. – [Sam] You can see the bird
drops, the bird feather. They probably had a fight here. Look at all this bird. – Original United Airlines
business class seats. – [Sam] Wow. – That’s really sad–
– Have you seen this? Whoa, this is like,
unbelievable, all the bird drops. The birds love United
business class seats. – [Anthony] Apparently. – Sam, take a look inside and see where the birds are coming from. – [Sam] Oh, they’re
coming from the cockpit. Whoa, whoa, whoa. The cockpit’s wide
open, there’s no window. They took the window and windshield off the
cockpits of the 400. (country rock music) – [Talaat] Stop stealing stuff. – So many planes in the storage. Looking good out here. Oh, it’s unreal. Look at all the panels were hanging out. Look at the lights here, three hotel. Look at the ceiling, all the wires. Very interesting, never had
an experience like this. – [Talaat] This is the middle class that United had on their later,
the last 400 configuration. Right in the middle,
between seats 1A and 1K. – Are you going to serve us? Come on, we’re waiting. Where’s my mimosa? – Yeah, I’d like this to be a replication of United Airlines Royal Pacific service. Let’s say San Francisco/Tokyo, flight 800. – [Talaat] Fortunately these guys, they’re the only people on this plane. This is really, really,
very, very, very funny and there’s a hole right here. So, this is the only way out. (machinery beeps) – We just saw those guys took a lot of the seats out of this 777. See those blue colour
seats on the trailer? Now, we’re going to see
a 777-200 in storage. (country rock music) I just got inside a 777, the widest one. This is actually ex-Russian, VIM airline, V-I-M, VIM Airline. You can see the avionic bay. Everything’s pulled out here. Old MT on the shelf. What kind of stuff you’re
taking out of the plane? – We’re working on the chairs right now. – [Sam] Wow, chairs. All right, save me a pair. I need one of them. – (laughs) You got it. (country rock music) – So, I just found their flight
manuals here in the cupboard and I’m looking at the
runway configuration for going to Bologna, Italy. (paper shuffles) Oh there, safety cards.
– Safety cards. – Oh, wow.
– Boeing 777-200. – VIM Airlines.
– VIM Airlines. – I actually feel like I’m in the cockpit flying the aircraft. Oh, look, I think I just got
a call from the cabin staff. (laughs) Yes, hey, yeah, this is Anthony. Going to be a little
bit of turbulence here. – This guy’s done too much
Pan Am Experience casting. He’s really acting well. Well, I’ll tell you what, you probably recognise these seats. These were Scoot before
they gave it VIM Airline. This is originally Singapore Airlines, then they gave it to their
low-cast subsidiary, Scoot, then they have this 2-4-2. Ever wonder how wide a 777 cabin is? There you go, you see how wide it is. 10 abreast, no problem. So wide, it’s unbelievable
when you strip off the seats. – Sam, may I offer you a beverage? – [Sam] Whoa, this beverage
been there for 10 years. – I know, I love it ’cause I found a tray and tray liners with the logo on it and this fantastic container. – [Sam] Yeah, wow, VIM
Airlines logo everywhere. That’s a gold found,
you struck gold Anthony. – I know. So, you’ll notice when you actually take a sidewall panel off of an aeroplane, it’s just this aluminium
skin on the outside. There’s not a whole lot of
space between the passenger seat and this actual exterior of the aircraft. It’s kind of scary when
you think about it. The VIM 777, I actually never
even seen the aeroplane. That’s actually what it looked like when it was in operation. – Yep, that’s the VIM colour. I have flown on VIM Airline. – What? – I didn’t fly 777 though. You know what aeroplane I flew on VIM airline?
– Which one? – It’s my very first Ilyushin 62. – Oh my God, you’re right.
– Four engines. – That’s fantastic.
– Yeah. (laughs) – Russia, oh my God.
– How’s that? – [Anthony] Just when I think I can’t be more jealous
of all your flying, then you share things like that with me. (country rock music) – [Sam] Now, these are the
tightest legroom ever seen. There is no way even
getting in there probably. You can only do it horizontally, I think. – Okay, look, I got safety
cards, a VIM magazine, but the best, look, tray liners and tray. Can you believe it? Look at this. – Oh my.
– So excited. – Sam, I bought this aeroplane and I bought it for my
studio, Air Hollywood, and right now this entire aeroplane, I promise you, next year
you’re going to see a movie, it’s going to come out and it’s going to see the
entire thing in the movie. And we’ll show you this soon. – Are you kidding me? You bought a 777 just like that? – Yeah, we did. We’re going to take it apart.
– Wow. – We’re going to take it apart and then put it back together and we’re going to start filming. We’re going to be filming soon. – I’m so happy because you bought a plane
from the aeroplane cemetery. You saved one aeroplane out of here and bring them alive for
many more people to enjoy. That’s a great deed.
– Thank you. – I think you’re a high
roller, man. (laughs) – Thank you, so much. – Right here. Get all these curtains, and this is an entire aeroplane, bringing ’em to Air Hollywood. We’re going to use these for any other airline
replication that I want to do. They’re fantastic. – [Sam] They look amazing. – Oh, my God, what do I have
to do to deal with this? oh my God. – [Anthony] Please, get all of them. Every single one.
– oh my God. I think I’m going to put
you in here, that’s it. – Hey, guys, let’s go home kids. You need to get out. – [Anthony] We’re coming. – Whoa, this is a chair lift. Wow, this is a forklift. And this is the way to get
out of a 777 with no stairs, there’s their forklift. See you guys next time. (country rock music)

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