We lost our drone Lady Buddha Da Nang How to Travel Vietnam

We lost our drone Lady Buddha Da Nang How to Travel Vietnam

Okay, so we’re just after doing something stupid. I think we’re after losing her drone. Halley’s phone has been a bit dodgy The battery II Okay, so we’re just after doing something stupid. I think we’re after losing her drone we’re off with the Great Buddha statue in I didn’t even know what we are doing in Vietnam right and the Kelly’s phone has been a bit dodgy god Kelly’s phone’s been a bit dodgy and it’s just been shot enough and dying and Yeah, it just went from 80% to 1%. We really wanted to give a shot at the Daily Buddha We’re like fuck it Shirley your phone’s gonna last Hasn’t lasted hung for a run over now to the lady Buddha to see if our drone is there Oh God Look, it’s not gonna be the end of the world anyway. It is money We were planning an operating sometime in the near future anyway, but yeah, the radio signal is not working up at all Matt we can’t hear it. We try it Once we lost the radio connection once the phone died we put the drone really really really high up in the air I couldn’t see it, so I don’t know I just run off the lady bullet now. Oh my god. Just hopefully Hopefully I’m gonna be able to see it and maybe land it Oh God The last place I saw it was in front of Lady Buddha here and My father forgot the phone that Controlled his beacon so I think that means the battery is actually dying Amen – drove Was right in front of this pole He’s right in front of this pole doesn’t seem to be here. Oh God Let’s run down small, but it does have an automatic It does have an automatic return function what we don’t know how well that works, and we don’t know if it works properly with the Monster once it’s lost connection, so we’ll see you know no it’s not here. I can’t see it open space Big open space there, that’s where it was If it was there it still be there we launched it off from two different points up here it should if it’s going to return it should return to the should return to the I Should return to the last one that we set it up in but that doesn’t always seem to be the case with technology So I’m gonna go back here to our Kelly is Hopefully hopefully it’s returned my things stop leaving So are making noise, so I think what that means is It’s not completely dead Like I mean if it was running returning home like once it hits like 25% it returned home straight away If it’s done that it’ll definitely have enough battery to get back but there’s a lot of obstacles and stuff like that in a way so while it does have returned home function I Can’t tell if there’s it’s things in the way or not oh God That was pretty stupid of us Cal yeah, hey look. I’m ready to come back oh Thank god It came back. Thank God. Thank God that would have been an awkward drive home. Oh You’re a good woman I’m looking for you everywhere I couldn’t find you at all and then like I saw it over there and the air And I saw it oh pretty high and I was like shit And I was like shouting her name and all of the Asians were staring at me like thinking I was a weirdo then I saw Coming back. Here’s then I realized was obviously coming back home well I didn’t know what that was you were flying it or whether it was coming back home So I ran all the way back here by the time. I got back here It was right up there in the air But it was like still a good few feet away from where we landed it And it was gonna like literally hit down on top of the tree It was like I better grab it in case like you know what falls or breaks or whatever since it’s like there And a magic so I wasn’t sure whether you were flying it or not, and then I caught it And I was like okay when I was down here for 10 minutes now into a shame comes back with the remote and like hope I don’t get cut open with it. I then just stopped it either like it obviously must have went dead or something I thought like you Once you once it stops once it can’t go any lower Yeah Drones a real monster all right it deserves to tak When we came up here, it was actually still bright we’re gonna Go to a really great shot at the sunset for you obviously This thing this whole thing’s after taking at least a half hour for trying to get it back It’s pretty much our own fault, but anyway. We get to show you around here at nighttime I didn’t realize this place is open at nighttime Kelly doesn’t realize it yet either because she’s been sitting here in a dark portion But there are lights all over the place And I think we’re gonna get a really really really cool few shots up here of this absolutely amazing Temple on a mountain, and if we haven’t shown you any drone footage so far today in the video Thankfully we have the SD card back. I will show you some really beautiful high quality drone footage right now Yeah, the light might be a little bit off for these shots We’re gonna try and make sure that we use some of the lighting that’s provided here But this is actually one the most peaceful beautiful areas of ever in my entire life to temples up here from a nap phenomenal The giant statue of Lady Buddha overlooks at the city of Danang it is absolutely beautiful from far away It looks like a giant statue of the Virgin Mary just because in the West were used to seeing big massive Statues of pure white of the Virgin Mary, but it’s actually a lady Buddha And it is absolutely phenomenal when you’re on the beach you can see it from anywhere on the beachfront And it truly is beautiful. Just taking a quick walk in here to one of the altars This is one of the rooms with the monks pray you can see Lady Buddha from anywhere in Danang while we’re up here We can see the entire front of denying itself from here. The city itself Danang is a beautifully lit up city at night So here we are at lady butter, and it’s as peaceful as because we can now relax and be at peace with Lady Buddha So this is the order that’s actually inside Lady Buddha It’s at the very very base it’s got really really beautiful pillars and archways in here obviously it’s gonna need a lot of structural support to Call a 70 foot statue on top, but this place is really really pretty So we didn’t get to show you all we wanted to show you the natural light all that air because of drama that happened Hopefully you got a mild bit of entertainment out of this when the great things about Lady Buddha Is there’s no entrance fee whatsoever when you do leave? They do ask for a donation and once you are up here You probably will feel quite generous and give a decent donation But it doesn’t actually cost anything for those of you are extremely budget conscious We’re gonna show you an awesome Time-lapse of us driving downtown and through downtown Danang Singh do stay tuned for that and I’d just like to say that thanks for watching The episode and while it was a free entry into this place today it almost cost us an awful lot of money by losing her drawing so luckily we got that back and Luckily, we’re gonna be able to show you a lot of aerial shots For the coming days on our daily vlogs and we’re going to Hoi An soon First we’re You Never flowers fall apart Please spin bye

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  1. The drone didn't want to come back because it just wanted to stay up in the sky enjoying the incredible view 😂

  2. any issues getting your drone into nah trang ??? heard the airport is confiscating all drones … I'll be flying from hanoi to nah trang ..

  3. Great video of your experience. I'm going Da Nang too very soon but how do u get pass security check? Or do u have a permit?

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