WATER CRASH and Save, Mini Camera Aerocraft JXD 392 Quadcopter

WATER CRASH and Save, Mini Camera Aerocraft JXD 392 Quadcopter

This is the Mini Camera Aerocraft I’m launching off the controller here in my backyard unfortunately I’ve got too many trees in the backyard and one grabs it right away and then instead of immediately cutting the throttle I inadvertently grind against the limbs here which is not good for it You can easily burn out the motors so be
careful about that It’s got a 640 by 480 camera. It’s not
high definition but, it is a color camera. and it actually takes from decent video
which you can see here over my neighborhood I’m going up to
about a 100 feet maybe 125 it does also have a microphone I
personally find that really annoying because, the volume level is really
high and you get the rotor noise. so here you can see I’ve gone up higher and once you get it up high it’s just a little red dot. very difficult to keep it oriented so I
cut the power and it’s flutterring back down right now so I can actually see where the front of it is and, left and right got about five and a half to six minutes off battery power and there’s no warning when you run
out. When it runs out, it just starts coming down So I’m kinda cautious about that. I
don’t fly it for very long. when I take up like this and bring it
back that way it’s not falling uncontrolled
back to the earth. Now, it will really climb. It is fast in the climb and this is just
a partial power climb. If you were to give this thing full power I have no doubt this thing would zip up there to 1,000 2,000 feet. Whatever. Who knows. But, that’s unsafe. I mean, your legally
required in the US to keep it below 400 feet. This thing is so small I mean, I really think if you get like
300 feet up you couldn’t see it. It would be gone up in the sky. So here I am bringing it in for a landing Not a great landing but, soft enough. right back up again now this time I went a little bit higher
and the wind was actually calm on the ground. I think I hit a little bit of an inversion layer here. Because I think I got it up to 125 maybe 150 feet at the most and all the sunden it starts going off to the side You can see where the wind caught it. I was about to lose it. Because, I mean it was disappearing. and so I immediately cut that throttle and it’s coming down fairly slowly and it’s still being taken by that wind so I actually chopped it. and you can see the thing starts to fall towards a golf course here. right into the trees. BAM! it’s on the ground. So, we worked our way through the brush in the trees and could not
find it anywhere and I thought well if it’s sitting upright
and I give it some throttle I might see it actually jump up so I did that and did not see anything but I thought I
heard something. So, we looked around a little bit more and gave it throttle once again and it did jump up, I caught it in the corner my eye we went looking for it and found it upside down in about six inches of water in a creek and the lights were on. It was totally
submerged. So, I immediately pulled it out. Turned it off, disconnected the battery, pulled the battery out and shook all the water out that I possibly
could. Now I’m thinking I’ve killed my little quadcopter. I immediately go home and get on the internet and do a search for “if you
drop an iPhone in water what to do” and it suggested
putting it in rice a bag full of rice to absorb all the
moisture and that’s what I did. Here’s my little
quadcopter in a ziplock bag with rice. I don’t know if it matters if it’s white rice or brown rice. I’ve got brown rice. I’ve got the battery separated. Hopefully the rice absorbs all the moisture. I put it out in the sun to accelerate the process. I thought about putting it in the oven and
turning it up to 135 degrees but I thought, you know, that’s pretty risky, maybe I shouldn’t try
that let me turn this on This is the first flight after going
into the water. The lights are on, they’re flashing as they should. The controllers on. Lights are slower flashing as it should its synced All four rotors are working. It’s flying again. That’s good.

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  1. Just for the record: Putting wet electronics into rice is not a very good idea as rice doesn't suck up as much water as people might think. (It's even marginally worse than letting the object dry in open air.) Also soggy rice (and rice dust) gets into the devices causing all sorts of other problems.

    A better option is to get these silica packets you find in the packaging of many electronics. Second alternative: Cat litter with silica crystals.

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