Washington’s Olympic Peninsula – #SUMMER2019 Episode 25

Washington’s Olympic Peninsula – #SUMMER2019 Episode 25

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  1. My daughter lives south of Olympia and I got to see Hurricane Ridge on a visit one year during late Fall. It was amazing! It's good to see your beautiful video on such a clear day.

  2. amazing ! You photo journalism is such a high quality you make me want to visit nearly evey stop you make. Thank you for taking us along on you journeys

  3. Love your travels. Cheers mate!!! I watch your shows routinely. Good skills in editing. Beautiful music and great content. I love your locations and adventures. You'll always have my support.

  4. Robert, if I'd have known you were coming to Port Angeles, WA last summer, you could have mooch docked in my driveway!

  5. Have to add my ‘Thank You ‘ Robert, to all the other nice comments that have been left. Truly appreciate your hard work putting these fine videos together. So easy and enjoyable to view. Looking forward to seeing more of your adventures, and for now, – as always stay strong, safe and sure.

  6. Hello Robert thanks for your travels. I do have a question for you. Have you made it to all 50 states yet?

  7. Was there in '08. You definitely saw more than I did according to your videos which are gorgeous. Hope I catch your trip to Victoria. I was there too. Thanks. Aloha from Hawaii.

  8. So impressed Robert, you even said Sequim right!! 🙂 Did you know that there used to be aggressive mountain goats up there on Hurricane Ridge? There were several attacks on people by the goats, so they (the goats) were relocated!! It's fun to see you exploring my beautiful home state! Next time you visit, don't miss the stunning Rialto Beach (near Forks) – incredibly picturesque!

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  10. Your videos ALWAYS make me HUNGRY! 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Your bacon needs MORE bacon! 🤤🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓

  11. The streams of the mountains

    El arroyo de la sierra

    I am more pleased than the sea

    Me complace más que el mar

  12. Beautiful! I lived in Washington many years, seeing some of the places you visited brought back wonderful memories. The Olympic peninsula is one of the prettiest places on this earth. Thank you once again for sharing your magnificent adventures with us. I look forward to seeing Victoria next with you. Lovely place.

  13. Cameo appearance the little lady behind the scenes!
    I REALLY want to see Washington now!
    What a long haul from beautiful Miami, FL and then back:)

  14. This video is awesome. This is where i wanted to go when we visited Washington. Ended up on the desert side of Washington and in the Blue mountains of Oragon.

  15. Consider yourself one of the lucky few that haven't been eaten by a Sasquatch while hiking the Olympic Peninsula.

  16. I give u credit for tracing those deep forests trails all alone, with all by urself if u not scared? I will bring a pistol just in case, u never know what u gonna encounter through lol

  17. My most favorite time camping at Cape disappointment is the first week of August during the International Kite Festival.

  18. I've been there. The trees are beautiful. I got bored and went to Victoria Island. The gardens were nice. Moskitos were horrable.

  19. Hi Robert, I have watched a lot of your videos and have a couple questions I would like to ask you. #1. You used to pull your trailer with a Kia SUV. I have a Mitsubishi Outlander which is very similar to your Kia. Did the Kia pull your Mini without any trouble? #2. If you had it to do all over again would you still buy the "Minitinni", or would you opt for a different or larger trailer?

    I am a single old guy (66) and am going to sell my condo down here in SW Florida this summer and give this RV life a shot. So I don't want a very big trailer, and if I can get away with pulling a small trailer with my Outlander that would be good.

  20. Robert I spent 4 months last summer remodeling a house in Burlington Vermont and spent a lot of time on Lake Champlain and just outside of Essex Junction, went to Stowe, Killington and swam in all the water holes and saw all the water falls. If you have not been there I would highly recommend going. The Kayaking on the Lake and the surrounding lakes and reservoirs is totally incredible.

  21. I shure miss Washington beautiful view I don't think I could live back east it's to flat I love the mountains

  22. Another great adventure Robert. Just trying to figure out how they came to naming it Cape Disappointment, weird.

  23. I have been watching your videos and it's become a most every sunday we watch it as a family
    I need some advice, I noticed on your older videos you had a kia I am thinking of buying same trailer or about same size and we have a 2008 gmc acadia v6 I know its not the ideal car but do you think we can get by with it?

  24. I like reading all these comments below about people's perceptions about the area where I live here also I share the comments with others Etc too. I like using the snapshot feature a lot. Fun!!

  25. Outstanding video, Robert. I am more and more impressed. I think your growth in subscriber count validates the effort and work you put into this.

  26. Great video Robert ! Beautiful area . You do such a great job showing and explaining things in the area . ❤️❤️

  27. Angie listenning to you talk about Forks make her want to binge watch Twight.
    Lou & Angie 💚❤

  28. Robert, Great job with your videos, music selection is very nice, editing- great.This is the first of your videos I have seen, Thanks. You are a pleasant guy. Love and Happiness to you.

  29. I always thumbs up your videos before I Evan watch them because I know we are going to love your video.
    Going through the forest can be scary. Please take bear spray with you.

  30. Since a few months my husband and I have been following you here on YouTube. We live in the Netherlands but love America very much. We have also been to America a few times on vacation. We really enjoy watching your videos and getting inspired for the next trip. Thank you for your beautiful road trip movies.

  31. You sure trade in vehicle's alot I know you get screwed bad trading in your older vehicle your pretty much giving it to them but then I guess it dosen't matter much to you it's not your money getting thrown away. You make good money for sneaking into the USA, shit you make more money than me and I've been physically working my ass off for 45 years trump needs to straighten this shit out that's why we need some serious boarders

  32. Good for you on the little log bridge! The Cape Alava (“ah-LAV-ah”) trail looks like it hasn’t changed since I hiked it in the 1970s. Outside of the SeattleTacoma metro areas Washington is mostly very rural. Cape Disappointment State Park is one of my favorite local places. While the Coast Guard owned light is neglected, the nearby North Head light is newly restored and open. I hope the two of you can visit Washington again in the future. Dry Falls, the mountains of St. Helens, Rainier and Baker, the North Cascades Highway, the Grand Coulee Dam, The Palouse in the Spring, the different kind of remoteness of the NE corner of the state are all must-visits. I so enjoy your extensive travels with your excellent videography and candid commentary.

  33. at 25:47 it looks like a tree used by native Americans. They used to bend young trees in this manner for trail marking I believe. I don't know much about it, but I've seen it somewhere.

  34. Hey Robert, firstly love your videos. I really enjoy watching them, and after hearing that you produce your own music and sell them, I was wondering if you was ok if I used your music on my you tube channel. I haven't gotten any videos up yet, but my channel will be strictly based around my RV and travels. Obviously I will include the information about your channel and link it to my video description. I know this might be a unusually question, but I just wanted to get your permission first, due to copyright infringement, and YouTube policy. Look forward to hearing from you soon, thank you again for the great content, and keep up the great work.

  35. Your videos have a relaxing affect on my mind and soul, thank you for another great video with you Robert my friend!

  36. Ironic the first video I've seen of yours and it's from my home state of Washington. I hope you enjoyed your stay. Come back soon!

  37. I'm not gonna lie: I like the fact that you always reply ''thank you very much'' when the GSP lady lets you know you're entering a new state! I can't picture freedom being anything other than exploring North America with a travel trailer in tow.

  38. Loving these videos! Do you have any plans to travel up the New England again any time soon? Would love to see more from The northeastern coast like Massachusets, Maine and maybe even Nova Scotia:)

  39. Another good one Robert! We planned to take the airplane up this coming summer to cover OR and WA and now we believe it will be a 2-3 week Airstream adventure instead. Look forward to seeing next weeks video.

  40. Love all these areas, they are so beautiful. I lived there for many years and also met my husband in the Pacific NW. I come back at least once a year.

  41. Those are some funny looking trees @ 18mins! Great video yet again Robert, Im wondering tho, you are quite far behind in time, will you finish the 2019 summer video before 2020 summer hits? 😀

  42. Hi Robert … I 'm new to your channel … I like the way you film … you do a good job of it !… Keep up the good work !!

  43. I was about to ask for your insights into solo traveling. I heard it loud and clear. You do so much traveling, the good must outweigh the bad, right?

  44. Coincidence: EXACTLY one year ago I camped at Cape Disappointment. Well below freezing nights, but glorious daytime weather. We practically had the park to ourselves after hours.The hikes to both lighthouses and the museum were quite worth the effort, and the beaches were super cool and scenic. Pro tip: rent a yurt if you like being warm but have no RV.

  45. Another great Video and you explain everything so good.

    I like your videos so much, because you speak so clearly

    that we "not native english people" understand it very well.

  46. Yes driving inland gets tedious. Northern Maine looks just like this for M I L E S. Only the south has humidity Robert., west gets cold. But ahh Washington lets you pump your own gas, even with pumps from 90’s😊 Agree the hike eerie. Even the Ranger abandonded their hut. I’d have turned around. Olympic Nat’l park beautiful.
    Look fwd to Victoria👍

  47. Hi Robert,enjoying your videos,I have gmc canyon ,would you make a video about your truck or tell us how your truck is handling on your travels,thanks from jim in welland ont canada

  48. Thank you so much for sharing your trip. We love every bit of it. We have a friend lives in northern Seattle and it is a very beautiful state and we have taken a road trip to Vancouver. I have never gotten tired of those trees and mountain and it makes me happy. Definitely going to add the Olympic national park to the list and those places you’ve gone to. It is great to hear the song back to the East, going home! Off to the next adventure! See you soon for the next video with my Sunday expresso. 🤟🏻😊☕️

  49. Hi Robert received your e mail ,thanks. Check out Taylor Coach on youtub, custom made, built to last rv trailers,RVers come as far away as California and Florida to purchase them .By the way I own one 2011 still like new,

  50. Robert, you ought to see Hurricane Ridge during the winter. They say it is like the Swiss Alps. The visitor's center on the top, used to give free hiking tours and furnished a choice of three different types of snow shoes to wear. The road to the top was not open during the first part of the winter.

  51. Uneasy about the forest at night? Well, in Washington state, there ARE sasquatch people living there, and they do watch people. They won't hurt you unless you are threatening them somehow. Many people are hurt if they are carrying guns….and the sasquatch seem to know what those are. (Read Thom Powell's book). As for no cell phone coverage, and living like it is 1990…..I would LOVE that! My cell phone only gets turned on once/twice a year or so. The only thing I would miss is watching videos like yours from my computer if there was no internet. I love the scenery in this video! Someday, my husband and I will make that trip in our RV, too. 🙂

  52. I could really see the sense of wonder on your face while you were talking about being at the Northwestern most point of the U.S.

  53. My old home town of Port Angeles! I actually just sold my country home in August 2019 and it's 2 miles from the LYRE RIVER. Fyi, it's not spelled Lire. You are living the dream life I've always wanted! Someday… For now, im a flight attendant living near the SeaTac airport.

  54. I ran across your YouTube channel and found it so interesting. If only Ponce De Leon, Cortez and others had made a video blog. You sir, will long be remembered for bringing the country’s scenery and current points of interest into our viewing. I salute you and thank you for exploring in modern times!

  55. Hi Robert, just to say we love watching your videos. They help us to choose what we want to see when doing a roadtrip in the states. Also, I’d personally like to thank you for adding subtitles/captions. They really help me as a deaf person to view and enjoy your videos. Keep up the good work (ps we’re also very jealous that you can get to do this!).

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