VUELO NANO DRONE DHD D1 EN ESPAÑOL: El nano drone mas pequeño del mundo

VUELO NANO DRONE DHD D1 EN ESPAÑOL: El nano drone mas pequeño del mundo

The drones very small never have understood
of the all so that they serve, because we can say that it is for interior, for outside with little
wind… But, good… Voucher, there is some categoria
of drones that have sense, but the drone with which go to do the flight of today that
already you remain you really crazy. By the way, me I call rafael Cruz, welcome to Mundodron. Today in mundodron go to throw a glimpse
to the flight of the DHD D1, a drone that always it is saying that it is the drone smaller
of the world that this commercialising in the market. it Can be, no exactly if it is truth. By the way, we have to say that this drone
has yielded it to us the company allbuy so at all, thank you very much for having us yielded this
product and at all! we go to put us to fly it that after all
it is the interesting. Before beginning have to say that we are
in the open air, does wind and is raining, why? because to my likes me the roll, am a crazy! it Is that this llioviendo from now and
as it likes me fly them in outside, as well, and this can fly in a place covered
and in conditions of security and legality, as there is not any problem. we Go to throw him a glimpse, know that we can
save it in our cajita. Whereas we go it opening and such say that it takes 25
minutes in loading , are some five minutes of flight more or less and that is one of the
problems that have said in the analisis, if no habeis seen the analisis as go to see it!. we Go to put it in the floor, go to fly
for there, so that no go us for the water, because behind there is water and at all. we Go first to initiate, go to try
approach us first with the zoom and like this gives me a bit of margin to fly it. we Light first the control and afterwards the
drone, synchronise and good! To fly! we Go to see, this drone
surprises muchisimo the stability that has, it is brutal, to be so small the stability
that has is acojonante. Has three ways of flight of rapidity. we Go to put it always in the way more rapido
of flight, begins to blink and means that are in the way more rapido of flight. we Go to say him to the camara that avenges
a poquito more for atras because we go to fly quite but rapido so that veais more or less
as it can go this of rapido. it Is a drone quite rapido, very stable,
the truth is that the unico big problem that has this drone is the poquito time of flight
that has, usually these drones are used to have a time of flight of some 8 minutes-10
minutes, more or less, and are… well, on always they are but big. I personlamente think that the big problem
of this drone is that podria be a pelin but big, but clear… They estan selling
that it is the drone but small of the world. As habra to somebody that interest him, to
my personally does not seem me a special appeal, I would put it a poquito bigger to
be able to it see better when, for example, now same go it to fly high and estais seeing
here that already… To penalties sees . Neither we go us to put especially badly. we Could see it better with a drone a pelin
but big and that tambien serious interesting fly it in interior, that is not so wicked,
that no because it was but small… No for putting him a pair of milimetros but goes to be a problem
fly it in interior. Of course that no. The bateria, is what was saying before,
the size of the bateria is really small, 5 minutes of flight, and on are 5 short
minutes, that are usually 4 minutes and half more or less. I Say 5 minutes for rounding. But they are a pelín less than 5 minutes. Then… The thing is raw and afterwards
25 minutes of load, no can him change the batteries. Personally, I remain me with any one of
the nano drones that there is in the market eat the cheerson cx10, the syma x12 or my favourite
that is precisely the but big of all, and therefore I think that it wins quite a lot of points,
that is the JJRC H20. Well, we go to do here a pirouette in front of
the camara so that the veais. it Is very stable, can do pirouettes very
rapidas and the truth is that it is quite interesting. we Go to see…. The hammered does them quite
well, there are not a lot of problems. we Go to be able to manoeuvre by our account
quite well. The flight, the stability… even with wind… Already it has gone him the battery, already has gone him
brutally the battery… Estais seeing that I have flown it…. Before coming have flown it… Well, I go to pay this. I have flown It 30 seconds, practicamente, have
been 30 second, precisely because I have me found with somebody and has said me that if
it went to fly this drone and have taught it to him. we Go, 30 seconds of clock and the rest it
habeis seen you. A penalty, sincerely, go to save it already
in his box, a penalty that have this time of battery because, man, to my the size
does not like me, I think that this type of drones they have to be a pelin but big, type
cx10 or even type jjrc h20 that I think that it is the limit for a good nano drone. That to you it likes you this size, that
likes you the stability and does not matter you the times of load and the time of flight, personalemnte
is a drone wonderful, flies very well, enough resistant, can him give quite a lot of hits.
This very well, because this type of drones they are the tipicos that land in the hand and
think that this very well, but clear… The problem of the bateria and the one of the size, that for some
sera something well, for other sera something bad as for my. This is already cuestion of tastes. Of course thank them the company
Allbuy for having us yielded this product and we see us in a new video. Ciao!

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  1. Este mini drone o nano drone o uno de los modelos similares que podemos encontrar bajo nombres como Floureon FX-10 o Cheerson CX Stars, ha sido considerado para el libro Guinness de los Records como el cuadricóptero más pequeño del planeta. Lo más impactante de este mini drone es que a pesar de jugar con la expectativa sobre su pequeño tamaño, la primera vez que lo coges sigue sorprendiendo su reducida talla.

  2. Hola Rafa desde Argentina te comento que el mando del syma x5c es compatible con el syma x8c Ale moreno de Bell ville cordoba Argentina

  3. me llega al pincho que le denominen NANO eso es demasiado grande para tal denominación , deberían causar menos sensacionalismo y solo llamarle MINI

  4. Que haces con los drones que compras y no los usas yo nunca e tenido uno pero gracias a tus videos puedo conoser como son vendisiones desde argentuna

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