Visuo XS816 Drone Lipat 600 Ribuan Keren Terjangkau Fitur Berlimpah [Unboxing & Konektivitas]

Visuo XS816 Drone Lipat 600 Ribuan Keren Terjangkau Fitur Berlimpah [Unboxing & Konektivitas]

Hello, guys.
It’s nice to see you guys again on the channel that reviews various cool and interesting products in this sophisticated technology era. In this episode, we will be reviewing a product from Visuo, which is Visuo XS816. which is Visuo XS816. Visuo XS816, which is packed in a white colored box, comes in 2 color variants, black and grey. This drone is also equipped with various cool features, like altitude hold, optical flow positioning, dual camera, WiFi connection, headless mode, return to home, HD camera, active track, 3D stunt, and gesture mode to take pictures and videos. As soon as the box is opened, we can see the manual in English and Chinese, and the drone itself with its equipment stored in a plastic box. On the upper side, we get the drone. Unfortunately, its plastic storage design is not designed carefully. The drone’s upper body gets scratched by the inner side of the plastic storage which left marks on the top side of the drone. Most likely happened in shipping process. This Visuo XS816 uses foldable design with a different concept than majority of foldable drones in the market. Only around half of the length of its arms are foldable. Its propellers are not foldable, but the design makes those propellers in-line with the drone’s body, which makes this it small compact and portable enough in storage or to travel with. Just like most of affordable drones, this Visuo XS816 uses brushed motors. As its nickname, battle shark, on top of its body there are eye-like motives and fin-like plastic shape. This light weight Visuo XS816 uses thin plastic material on all of its body. Its light weight helps a lot the motors in lifting up the drone in flights. But as it is wide enough, its lightness might cause this drone to drift in medium wind blows. It uses modular battery, 1S 3.85V. The usage of 3.85V battery helps a lot in rising its maximum capacity, which makes this Visuo XS816’s battery has a capacity of 1.800mAh. Which is huge for a single cell LiPo battery. On its battery’s inner side, there’s a plastic tape. Make sure you peel off this tape to allow electricity from this battery to flow to the drone’s components. On its bottom, there’s a power switch. Right above it, there’s a hole with a micro-sd card logo on it. Too bad there’s no micro-sd card slot in it. Probably this Visuo XS816’s design will also be used in another drone with higher specification and has micro-sd card slot. Beside the hole, there’s a 480P camera. Which functions as Optical Flow Positioning camera, and also can be used to take pictures or videos. On the front side, there’s an HD 720P camera as Visuo XS816’s main camera for taking pictures or videos, and for FPV flights. This camera’s viewing angle can manually be changed up to around 30 degrees. Visuo XS816 is equipped with 7 LEDs. Two green ones at its front arms, and two red ones at its rear arms, 1 blue LED in the hole without micro-sd card slot, and 2 at the front inside car-grill-like transparant plastic. A paper is attached on Visuo XS816’s controller which contains short description of how to bind and calibrate, and the functions of the buttons.

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  1. Video review nya bgus tapi kok yg nnton dikit ya sama sub nya dkit wah gk bner nih,
    Btw klo langsung ada test terbang nya pasti lebih seru bang 😂

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