VIFLY Beacon Wireless Self-Powered Drone Buzzer

VIFLY Beacon Wireless Self-Powered Drone Buzzer

Hello everyone, I am Mirko, and today we see this Buzzer perfect for Miniqad FPV. This is the VIFLY Beacon Wireless Buzzer, If you want to buy it, find the link in the description along with a list of discount codes. Inside the package there is the Buzzer, an instruction manual, a zip tie and the double-sided adhesive. The VIFLY Beacon belongs to the category of self-powered buzzers. These buzzers are used to help us find our model if we lose it after a crash, and are particularly useful in case the drone battery comes off because of the impact. If the battery comes off, we can’t activate the internal buzzer, so in this case the recovery phases can be extremely difficult. Self-powered buzzers with their own batteries, can work even if the drone battery comes off, and they activate automatically when this happens. The weight is 5 grams. The length is d Width is 14.2mm. The thickness is 15.3mm. The USB port on the back is for charging the battery. The red LED indicates that the battery is charging. When the battery is fully charged, the red LED will go out. and there won’t be any LEDs on. Honestly, I’m not a big fan of this kind of buzzer. First of all because I think that the battery if it is well fixed to the frame can hardly be detached. Second, I prefer to use ESCs as buzzers because I don’t want to have too many drone related things. This buzzer caught my attention. because it is wireless and does not need to be connected to the flight controller and does not require any kind of configuration, once fixed with the zip tie to the quad is ready to be used! You can then place it anywhere in the frame, and if we want, we can move it quickly from one quad to another. without having to use a soldering iron to remove the wires. This buzzer works very simply, we press and hold the button for more than 2 seconds to turn it on. Two quick beeps indicate the buzzer is on. To turn it off, we press the button for more than two seconds. The 3 fast beeps indicate that the buzzer is off. The VIFLY has an integrated motion sensor that recognizes when the quad is in flight. When the drone is stationary, and the buzzer does not detect any movement, then it starts to sound. In addition, the sensor can distinguish whether the drone is simply placed on the ground or fell due to a crash. If a crash is detected, the buzzer enters a pre-alarm state beeping every three seconds. If the drone does not move for the next 30 seconds, the buzzer enters alarm mode. emitting a very loud beep every 6 to 12 seconds. In addition to motion detection we also have a light sensor that low light conditions are activated. This feature is very useful if we lose the drone at night, because we got a visual hit on the location. Now all we have to do is mount the Buzzer in our drone, and proceed to a crash test to see how it works. Remember to choose a location where the power button and USB port are easily accessible. I placed it here in the back but you can also put it on an arm or wherever you like. 🎵 BEEP 🎵 BEEP 🎵 BEEP To conclude I recommend this self-powered buzzer to anyone who wants to add an extra level of security to their drone. The strengths of this VIFLY are certainly cost and weight contained combined with extreme ease of use. This was my VIFLY Wireless Buzzer review. Thanks for watching the video. Subscribe to the channel and click I like. If you want to support me I remind you to buy this or other products through my links, you find the list in description. You can also support me on Patreon by clicking the link at the end of the video!

16 thoughts on “VIFLY Beacon Wireless Self-Powered Drone Buzzer”

  1. Qualcuno ha detto che non usa il Buzzer e c'è abbastanza cigolio dei motori ))) Grande Mirco!!! E una cosa utilissima Nella neve o nell'erba è impossibile trovarlo senza alcun segnale sonoro.

  2. È il primo acquisto da fare per la costruzione di un drone.
    Se ti cade il drone in un campo è difficilissimo ritrovarlo senza questo dispositivo.
    Utilissimo prodotto,ma io ho quello con il cavetto da collegare alla fc, in quanto carica la micro lipo in volo

  3. Ti dirò al primo mio volo in assoluto nella steppa sono caduto la batteria é rimasta fissa a bordo ma l xt60 si é staccato.
    Ho cercato x 90 minuti sotto il sole di luglio.
    Un buz attivo é una bella comodità dato che il quad più economico supera i 150€, 15€ di finder sono ben spesi

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