Vi prøvde å ta TAKE-AWAY med DRONE

No! No! There’s no signal here. I can’t do anything now. Why do you have the menu to Chalinee Thai Take Away? I found this menu here, then my stomach startet rumbling. Then I thought that maybe we should get some spring rolls. So here they have three spring rolls. But will we drive the car to get three spring rolls? No, but we can walk, but it’s a bit boring. No, we can not walk. We’ve got a drone, right? We have it, and it is ready and fully charged. So then I think simply that we do it. Yes that will work. But we must call them first. Do we not? We have to. If you take and write down the number. I can take and make calls they immediately. Three spring rolls with rice. Not rice. Thai Take Away. Hey you, it’s Markus Aasmul caller here. I wonder if I could have got three spring rolls without rice? Three simple spring rolls? Yes. Three spring rolls. And. Yes, without rice. About. 10 minutes. Yes, but if you hear here. I’m going to run away a drone to you. And. When will you collect? I come with a drone and retrieves. From the air. I come from the air. And then you go and put the spring rolls Up in the bag. A basket. A basket. And. Yes, and so is the money her in the basket. Where? It is okay? I do not understand what you mean? We have a way camera-fly. A helicopter. A small helicopter. Yes okay. Helicopter with a basket. With a basket below. As going to land in front of Thai Takeaway. When will you get it? About ten minutes. There is absolutely top. Then I’m flying. Now we must make it clear. Now we have ten minutes on us. We have that. So now we have therefore ordered spring rolls. Welcome to today’s video, by the way. We were a bit peckish. We don’t bother to drive the car. So when we took just called they here now. And now we have simply been ordered takeout. So then I think we just fire up Drona and retrieves spring rolls ours. I do not know if you’ve done it at home before, but I think this seems very chill and okay really. But now we also tested it, because Amazon has talked about it five years ago. Making like drone delivery in the United States. Yes, yes, yes. The future! Here we have our beloved drone. With a solid line. Down to this amazing curve here. As you shall carry the food back and forth. So we throw simply cash in here. It’s as simple as that! Cash in here! Some light stones, only for it not to fly away. Also we are going away over here. So you just have to pay attention and see if we can actually get the food home. So we have burkt duct tape under here, so we can not be absolutely sure about it .. Suddenly there is a car that gets spring rolls on itself. Contact Us! It’s actually surprisingly far. What are you going? We’re going to Thai Take Away! Why? We shall have spring roll. Oh well. It’s windy here. Oh no! But where’s Thai Takeaway? Shall we go down a bit? You must down where it is warm. But where’s Thai Takeaway? Yes, but I do not know how much I can go down here. We have arrived. There is parking lot. And then we come soon to her now. It is still very high winds. Let’s go! There’s Thai Takeaway. There! Now you have to down. Weak trans… What is the time? Adjust the antenna. The time is… 4:23 p.m.. Okay, so we are well on overtime that is. We are struggling with … … antenna signal here. Only we do not run into it there … Straight into … I can not do anything now. Oi! Here, here. We have no signal here! Oh no! Weak remote controller signal. Try to just look straight down. Yes, but I do not see where I’m her. 4.4 meters. Now it up again. There she is! I will never go for takeout restaurant again! No, me neither. Never! Wow! Landing assured! This was quite crazy Three spring rolls. We’ve got short changed! We did not want to have change. Keep the change! I think it was absolutely insane that it went. I would say that it is locally produced spring roll. It was crazy that it went, because we lost the signal when we were there. Did you ?! I think I saw that you were stuck in the middle of there. We lost touch right by the hut. It is still good and hot. But is it good? We got money too? Jo we made known. It’s cheap. Warm inside. We need to do again I think. Very good. We should have had more. You who are looking for: Send a comment down there what you’d like us to fly with drone. Or another type of food. Today the spring rolls. Joining the burger next time? Or is this something fixed something? A kebab? We take 1000g burger away at 7Eleven. Then I think we have problems hoist it up thus. Now we have so nice merch here. S & Co Official. Dropping soon! So just stay tuned! We come with a lot of madness and behind the scenes at @stephenogco on Instagram. As you can see here. Then go in there and be with and see how much madness we find on. And with that said, it is just to stay tuned. Follow the @stephenogco on Instagram. And then comes the next video very soon. Okay? Peace out! Stay tuned! It is not possible to control? You have no control on it? No. Oh, here the T-Rex comes!

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