Verdens verste drone?

Verdens verste drone?

It doesn’t even fly straight up! For Christmas I got something I haven’t been able to try yet because of bad weather, wind and snow. But today I’m gonna test it and it is this. This small toy drone. I don’t know if it’s actually gonna work or not. We’ll see. But it’s fun to try. So I’m gonna head up to Ekebergsletta and test it. It’s very small… Look how small it is. It fits in my hand. That’s the battery… Gotta let it charge. A thing that’s really important to check, especially after people started flying drones around airports in the UK, is if it’s actually legal to fly a drone in Oslo. Of course it’s not legal to fly a drone in the centre of Oslo. However, we are not in the centre, so we should be fine. OK, so there are five main rules for flying a drone for fun. You always have to see the drone. Only fly during daytime and fly it thoughtfully. Never fly close to an accident. Never fly closer then 5 km to an airport, unless anything else is agreed upon. Don’t fly higher then 150 meter over the ground. Don’t fly over festivals, army bases or sporting events. Keep a distance of 150 meters from people. Someone at Palmesus one year who didn’t do that… Pay attention to other peoples privacy and remember the rules for photographing other people. Check out Luftfartstilsynet for some guidelines. Welcome to Ekeberg. So the plan was to walk a bit further in and test the drone there. We’ve read enough, let’s just test it now. The camera doesn’t move… Oh, wait. You gotta move it manually. Try again. It flies forward by itself… It just stopped reacting all the sudden and just crashed in the snow. I understand now why it was cheap. It doesn’t even fly straight up! The wind got it! There was a small puff of wind and the drone just disappeared. So a drone is suppose to stay still in the air if you don’t do anything. This just goes… If this is a battery, it can just fly up to the other drone and… Extra package! 10 more minutes driving! So this is the weight with the battery? You gotta use your phone as a screen and to record, so you get the footage even if you loose the drone. But the negative thing is that you need a good signal to the drone constantly. And that doesn’t always happen. So we can have a look at one of the clips. This is the actual clip. You kidding? There’s nothing wrong with the drone? That looks like a old phone recording from Russia in the 60s. So how would you rate the footage from the drone? If you want to make a Russian war movie and this is suppose to be a surveillance camera, then this drone can help you. Maybe this is even cheaper than the actual effect? It’s nice of course to receive a drone for Christmas, but if I could choose a drone… then I probably would have gone for a DJI drone. I gotta do some more tests, but I’m not very impressed…

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  1. Du har en utrolig god kvalitet over det du produserer Thomas. Både det på facebook og youtube, veldig morro å følge med på. Helt ærlig er det veldig imponerende å se alt du har fått til å hvor langt du har kommet. Keep up the good work!

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