Veho Muvi X-Drone: Part 3 – Compass Calibration

Veho Muvi X-Drone: Part 3 – Compass Calibration

Hello my name is Tony and I am going to help you calibrate the compass on your new MUVI X-Drone The compass is critical to the flight of the MUVI X-Drone as it helps it orientate itself in the air It is really important that when you come to set up the compass you have a good look around the location you are in and you make sure there is nothing around you that can interfere with the electrical magnetic ability of the compass This includes keys in your pockets, mobile phones and anything else that can cause a disruption it’s also important when you come to do this in a new flying location. The compass is going to need re-calibrating and have a good look around you and make sure there is nothing again that can interfere with it The compass once set up is critical to the return home function of the MUVI X-Drone which is unique to this fantastic flying machine So take your X-Drone and place it gently on the floor Before you ever turn the X-Drone on always make sure that your remote control is on You have a solid red light then a green light come on and then go off and then we are ready to turn the X-Drone on So making sure you are clear of the propellers turn it on with the switch at the back you will hear a beep and then one more and then we are ready to calibrate the compass Take the remote control with two hands and then with both joysticks, move to the centre and up diagonally and hold it there What we are now looking for is on the underside of the front arms the green light to go slow flashing which we have got now and then we need to pick the X-Drone up Hold the camera in front of us and rotate the X-Drone on the spot With the camera then up, one more full rotation, all the way round And now with the camera facing to the left, rotate it one final time, all the way round and then gently set the X-Drone back down on the floor And you are now looking for a solid green light underneath the front arms if it is flashing, stop, take a look around you and make sure there is nothing that can interfere with the compass, your pockets are empty, no keys, no mobile phone And then repeat the procedure again

8 thoughts on “Veho Muvi X-Drone: Part 3 – Compass Calibration”

  1. when I'm calibrating it has to be all the time solid flashing? or what's the way it should be the green leds?
    what o saw in the video is that they turned off and before he finished calibrating they turned on again. I suppose it is not okay that because when doing the first rotating it blinks but when I change to the camera down as the manuals says it goes off the leds…. what's the good way

  2. Hi, i have calibrated my x-drone the light stays green after i calibrated it. but when i start the drone and i do the left stick to above the drone goes immediately to the left i hope you can help me

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