Varanasi Airport Police Caught With My Drone | VLOG² 41

It’s time to say goodbye to Banaras So we are going out now to Kolkata and we enjoyed a lot in Banaras and we had a lot of fun here. And we will spend some hours in Banares At that time we will book a cab, eat food and leave for airport We have got auto and it will take 1 hour 20 minutes for Banaras airport. And there is nothing written about terminal because of which I’m confused But nevermind maybe there is only one gate. It is possible. May not be so big And with this I welcome you to your channel Wassup Devians… Welcome back to channel! I am your friend, your host and your own Dev! This is my mother and since mother is along with me you’ll get that Bengali accent during the conversation Those people who do not know Bengali and those who are gonna ask whether I am Bengali Yes! I am Bengali. Checkout last vlogs, you’ll get to hear fabulous stories narrated by my mother. It is beneficial to travel around with parents. They have lots of stories to narrate to you.If we are traveling alone we tend to use our headphones much or else we start to watch movies or we do something to let the time fly But mother is telling her real life stories So many tragedies are held and I enjoy listening too I do not get to know how the time passes brother..what we will get to eat here?
What? What?
What’s in the menu?
Poori, sabji, dahi jalebi Is there anything in menu to eat without onion and garlic? …Sorry what? Would it be without onion and garlic? Mother.. How are you feeling here at Kolkata? Very nice. Obviously I’ll feel good at my father’s place. After how long you’ve been here?
after 2.5 years I’ve been instructed that my drone must be in the luggage , should be through the check in and should not be in the handbag although I have been carrying this in my bag or in my handbag to all the places before I have asked but they sent it by adding ‘Fragile tag’. Let’s see what will happen next. Hopefully, it will not break because I have seen them throwing bags ruthlessly before I have witnessed many cases before even bags also get spoiled hope for best for whatever happens If we talk about airports then this airport is most probably the smaller one in comparison to others I feel like if we remove runway then this whole place including everything would be very similar to Mahrana Pratap Inter State Bus terminus (Bus station in Delhi). I shouldn’t say this lol. Literally this is very similar in size to that bus station. Mayyybbee it could vary a little but this is the same One thing is great Air conditioned bus service is available from the airport. This thing should also need to be provided in Delhi It might be there I am not sure about it but in Mumbai it is available from different place. When I was here last time, I was with my mother. That bus was very different from this. It was about 11 years ago. That bus was very uncomfortable than this one. For the very first time I am travelling from a decent bus in Kolkata because of which I am feeling good. I could remember myself feeling exhausted in that bus because of the hot climate but nevertheless tickets were cheaper Mummy used to make me travel but now I’m taking my mother along with which is a good thing Difference! The next stop would be my mother’s pishi house. Pishi means Aunt. It took one and half hour from the airport and the fare of tickets were 40 rupees per person I don’t know about Delhi cause I have never traveled in bus there I got to know about here and henceforth I told you and now we are traveling from auto see the moment you enter in Kolkata city or you enter anywhere in West Bengal You get to see a very enchanting colors of buses, autos and other two wheeler like Rickshaw Color of auto rickshaw are similar like Delhi Color of buses, color of taxis, streets, graffiti are all very different. You could realize that you are encountering a different culture the moment you enter here in Kolkata There is something weird about here. You will encounter night straight after the noon. the time of nightfall is comparatively very shorter If you miss the time of dusk…you’ll miss the evening. That’s the matter and if you experience an evening in Delhi You could experience it for a bit longer time. you could capture the sunset in a photograph and also could feel the light breeze. but nothing is like that here in Kolkata Let’s talk about the issues i have encountered regarding my drone. and how I overcome through that issue. I have traveled with my drone before this but that was DJI Mavic Air fly Mavic air is smaller in size. I used to remove battery and propeller and used to put under the laptop One thing should be kept in the mind whenever you put it under the scan..
I used to put my drone under the laptop but this time they have instructed me to put the laptop on the other side and that is how they got to know about the drone so they lifted it and put it on the other side This model was comparatively bigger in size and also I didn’t remove propeller this time which was my mistake I should have removed propeller and maybe then I might not had suffer a lot. then the moment I put my drone for scanning they lifted it and put it on the other side and asked whose bag was this It had ronin s and some parts of ronin s and also my laptop Laptop’s charger, battery, power bank, lot of batteries and drone they asked me what’s in it? then I told them all about it and then while pointing on my drone they asked me what’s it I told them that it is drone they only suggested me that to put it inside the luggage and not in the handbag we couldn’t allow it in your handbag along with other accessories. We can only allow it in your luggage. I asked them that nothing like has ever happened before whatever it was.. I opened the bag again and rechecked it. Nothing major happened that time they only asked me that this drone shall not be in handbag put this in luggage and then you can carry it along with you I was afraid that it might break because that was a fragile product but even though they did not allow me they asked me to put the tag of fragile but then they sent my drone safely. Mostly questions are being asked whether it is safe or not that I could carry drone along with me at a airport or in the plane See, earlier I was also afraid to carry it with me but then I have traveled so many times with it this time officers themselves have checked it You can carry it along with you without any issue. there is nothing wrong about it many people also have asked whether they can carry drone from outside or could buy it from the outside See you can carry drone along with you but you should unbox the product first There might be some problems in the seal pack products It might be illegal or something like that carry only the product but not along with the box you cannot do that You cannot carry the whole new drone with along with its box and all those stuffs carry it in a normal package In use drone could be carried with you inside the plane there wouldn’t be any problem carrying the drone If you have any queries regarding drone please feel free to comment below and if you liked the video press the like icon Because there is something wrong with my videos and maybe it could be fixed if you like my videos could only be fixed if you like the video there is one more common question that why there is so less views in your videos Video is good and simultaneously subscribers are also good then why not I don’t know there is something wrong with video notifications suggested videos are also not being showed Some minutes ago I got a comment That “Brother I thought you are no longer uploading any videos on the channel” Then I opened my channel and got to know that my videos are already uploaded Let’s fix this problem through your help buddies. Please do like the video until then bye-bye

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