US flies spy planes over Korean peninsula: Report

US flies spy planes over Korean peninsula: Report

100 thoughts on “US flies spy planes over Korean peninsula: Report”

  1. The presidents Twitter is not to communicate with other leaders globally.. sure they may see it and possibly react to it.. but his twitter account is for American people information… information that the media won’t report on.. I’m positive the president doesn’t send tweets out for foreign leaders. North Korea probably will do something stupid.. it’s what they do.. it’s what they have always done.. no body can say trump hasn’t tried the peaceful approach to North Korea.. if that falls apart it won’t be because of what America has done..

  2. The FBI spies on Americans. The CIA spies on Americans and we can thank George W. Bush for the patriot act. Are other countries spying on the US govt? ya. Other countries spying on we the people as we go to work, talk on the phone and go shopping and just live life would likely not be fruitful. prolly not much. Are American jets spying on We The People? Not likely not under the Trump administration. I will vote for Trump AGAIN because the bad elements of our government hate him so much they will spend billions of our tax dollars in a relentless effort to get rid of the Orange Man we have elected who has promised to fight the worst corruption this country currently has, to make this country great again. Meanwhile America has a handle on real hope and change thanks to President Donald J. Trump. waiting for the shoe to drop on the the left handed playuz

  3. The little b** that you had talked said something about Trump in love with Kim this b** is so full of s***he's just being a good negotiator what's wrong with trying to be friends🖕

  4. Little Rocketman, Kim's time is ticking by the second now—he's rule is about to end—soon little fatty is going to be hanging on a tall tree for everyone to see.

  5. At this point the first threat i would handle is the COMMUNIST (dEMOCRATS), IN OUR OWN COUNTRY BY HAVING THEM ARRESTED AND TRIED FOR TREASON , THEN N KOREA !!

  6. Kim Dim Sum was educated in USA, in a democrat university. Well, that explains why the good lad grew up into a evil man.

  7. There's never enough NUC'S in the world that could keep away the spirits for FREEDOM. If Kim, doesn't allow his people that right. It will his downfall and end of that regime.

  8. All countries know we are watching what they are doing. A leader would have to be completely ignorant not to know what the U.S. is capable of. Trump has made our military even more powerful through increased funding. Now if the government would stop giving billions to other countries we could fixed all the life problems here.

  9. The day multiple missiles strike different states, is the day people
    stop mocking Kim and supporting trump, both tyrants and while trump is
    an incest supporting imbecile and the entire world is laughing at us,
    the plot thickens. The daughter abuser(trump the fester molester) vs the
    booster seat bully(kimmy the egg wall man) with the USA's Denise rodman
    cross dressing, wedding dress wearing rambling drug addicted super hero
    thinking he is an actual mediater with a dictator. The world, has truly
    flipped upside down, and I need an exit door. I woke up saying man this
    has to be a dream, or maybe just maybe, this is just some silly virtual
    reality sim, no this is reality.

  10. Interesting how there's automatic closed captions on most of these Fox News videos obstructing view of the text on the headlines. Feels like a pro-block.

  11. @deniserodman

    We need you, our hero, the mumbling man of mediation in dire times against two ego-infused egg brains for leaders, please, we are calling on your sir!

  12. Fox can't even post real things happening yet want us to expect they know a spy plane is headed to or is at NK. We have had images of NK and it's new bases. Old news, fake news. There are planes there now 100%.

  13. Kim is decorator
    He can make a decision in one second
    It is trump fault
    If you promised someone you should fulfill your promise
    Kim he promised his people that situation going to change very soon
    But nothing has changed

  14. That guys is so disgusting! I feel sorry for his wife, his family and whole country. Be careful Kim you might be biting off more than you can chew and you are going to choke!

  15. Ever since Ryan has been hired by FOX, they do all they can to undermine President Trump's policy. Including push us into a war to embarrass him.

  16. NK is a CIA puppet state. Kim isn't doing this. He went to school in Europe….luvs "western" stuff like video games, etc.

  17. The HOLY Mother must stay with her Child and help build HIS Nation. The Mother-Son must be in their own FIRStBORN Nation and NO world can stop neither work against the HOLY🤴🏻🕎 OF HOLIES. MIND IT😡.

    Now about who has separated North Korea Mother from Child-Son and divided one Korea Peninsula shall pays their price to the suffered Mother-Son🇰🇵. For the Mother was safe, secure in USA🇺🇸 President Donald John Trump SUPERvision. And who has done this evil against the Mother-Son their Families😡! Serious consequences and darkness covered upon all Nations of the earth.

  18. President Trump acted on his promise to refuse the presidential salary , he is the first president in history to not recieve a salary , because he doesnt want tax payers money !!! You dont hear those democrats mentioning that , because they want the election and tax payers money for themselves !!!

  19. Breaking news LIVE: We have a live feed from body cams on our ninjas sneaking up on Kim as we speak. The ninja is raising their shuko to strike….

  20. Thank you for blowing their cover, bra. Now Kim just spit out his won ton soup and looked up with his outdated russian Binos! He was quoted as saying "Trump is assho"

  21. There's only a few spy planes left they use low earth orbit military satellites why use old tech, its all political maneuvering to send a message

  22. So….. this helps the covert aspect of spying how🤷‍♂️?
    This isn’t for our entertainment… it’s kinda sad

  23. PRES TRUMP did talk about the threat and joked that it might be a beautiful vase. I don`t think he would joke if he didn`t know more than us. if he`s not worried, I`m not worried. the train leaves the station in 20/20. make sure you get on. K.A.G.

  24. Sure the NOCO people are mad at him and want to get away from commie life. Especially when he is expanding his nuclear facilities right in front of their eyes while they go hungry.

  25. Kim Jong Ung went to LAGUARDIA when I was there. He had a baby with Dominque Side. And Ming Lee was at Win West Shelter, to get another kid from me. Trump sold babies to him?

  26. WE,, U.S. are the BIGGEST BEST STRONGEST,,, Military!! Do NOT MESS with U.S. GOD is on Our Side TRUMP LANDSLIDE 2020(despite IMPEACHMENT)

  27. MSM just trying to start something up always done this really make me sick. Really our President is the greatest President ever in this country fox getting really bad for false reporting really

  28. Before Trump became a POTUS we have been hearing how the world will burst into flame if he wins. Our world is even calmer now just that Dems/New World Order are sabotaging Trump. Folks be calm for God is in control. Trump 2020.

  29. He's got to get ready for the Americans and their crazy Democrat Party cuz he never knows what's going to happen next with these crazy Looney Tunes😂😂😂😂

  30. Our news is a traitor!! Some things should not be broadcasted.just another undermining of our great president.

  31. The media show Rocket man riding a White Horse and Bashes and lies about our President. Fact: The Media are traitors to this country! FACT: The media is a Enemy of the American people!!!! FACT: The Media has committed treason against our country.

  32. It beats the purpose of "spy" planes.. wonder just how "successful" these "stealthy" reconnaissance missions were..

    How in the world does the US have access to the smartest minds but a lot of them have little to NO common sense..

    "Common" sense has become a RARE commodity in the US.. Ignorance & stupidity are disguised by sounding intelligent..

  33. The dear leader cheated us and didn't even give us a chunk of coals for Christmas.  Maybe he will touch off a few rockets for us to shoot down as new years eve gift?

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