Unboxing the Xbox One X Gears 5 Limited Edition Bundle

Unboxing the Xbox One X Gears 5 Limited Edition Bundle

[XBOX SOUND]>>The Swarm symbol on the back, just letting you guys know at
all times the Swarm is coming. They’re there. Wow, I didn’t even
see the front until just now.>>That’s such a cool piece.>>It’s literally ice. [MUSIC]>>You don’t watch unboxings?>>Physically, I’ve
never done an unboxing. [MUSIC]>>Obviously.>>Have you ever opened a product?>>No. I have someone who does
that for me nowadays.>>Oh, wow. [MUSIC]>>I love unboxings. I actually am the person who goes on YouTube and searches unboxings. [MUSIC]>>I’m excited, like you mentioned, to see things, and oh, my god. Look at this. Maybe we should>>just open it.>>I need something to
cut the tape. Oh, there we go.>>We literally haven’t
seen what this is. Should I say seated? Very hard
to stay seated right now.>>You do have to stay seated.>>Okay.>>This is the Xbox One X. Which is very important. The most
powerful console on the planet.>>Yes, there you go.>>I should audition for voiceover.>>There’s the ambassador side. So right off the bat, you open it off the top. This is the Game Pass,
Xbox Live Gold. So I’m assuming when you play>>For me? Am I allowed,
can I keep this? Can I just put this in my pocket?>>Gears has been everything to me, it’s been my livelihood, literally. My profession and all I care about is this right here which
is actually the codes. It has Gears 5, Ultimate Edition. Which is all I’m going
to be playing for the next two or so years and
then it also has Gears 4, Gears 3, Gears 2, Gears
Ultimate Edition.>>I imagine there are
going to be people who have never played a Gears game. They get to play all the Gears games
leading up to 5. [MUSIC]>>You can do the honors now.>>Okay, I get the honors? Okay.>>Yes. So this is>>First we got to figure out how, oh, let’s see what’s inside of here. So we have a nice
little cardboard box. I love surprises. Oh, okay. So we get a stand.>>That’s a stand.>>That’s cool.>>You hold onto this for a second.>>I know what’s in here.>>You know what’s in there already? [MUSIC]>>Yeah, yeah. I’ve unboxed a
few of these consoles. So I know this box
holds the controller.>>His experience is
coming in handy already.>>So want me to open it?>>I’m lost right now.>>Okay. So let’s open it. So you have the power
cable, of course for Xbox One X. So that’s pretty awesome. Then you have HDMI. You have the HDMI cable. You need it to plug it
in to your TV. But now>>I need to see this controller.>>Well, we see it on the box
but, see it in person.>>Feel it is a better word.>>There we go. Okay, are you
ready? Are you ready, Ribs?>>Yeah, I’m ready.>>I’m ready. Oh, look at this.>>Wow.>>Love the blue accents
on the triggers, the emblem in the middle.>>Yeah, you have
the Cog symbol the middle, you have the Swarm
symbol on the back. That’s a nice little touch for sure. Once again, this snowy feel, this winter feel, it’s
very new to Gears. You could feel the armor>>Laser etched.>>It’s actually got
little lines on it there. I can’t see myself competing with this controller,
because it’s just way too pretty.>>It’s too pretty.>>It’s way too pretty.
I’ll bring it to the tournament as
my good luck charm, maybe.>>Yeah. Or just set it at the side
and everybody is, oh, look. He’s got the Kait controller.>>Yeah, Kait’s got his back. Yeah.>>Oh, yeah, Kait got his back. [MUSIC]>>Oh, here we go.>>That’s an expensive piece of
hardware.>>These Gears special
edition consoles and controllers have been some of the best that I’ve ever seen and this is no different and I got to say, for those at home, yes, these are actual cracks
in the console. These are not just,
it’s not just the art. You can feel these cracks. That is amazing.>>Once again, the Swarm
symbol on the back. Just letting you guys know at
all times the Swarm is coming. They’re there and wow, I didn’t even see
the front until just now.>>That’s such a cool piece.>>It’s literally ice.
The Omen there looks trapped. It’s translucent. This is like a translucent resin that was applied multiple
times under the surface. [MUSIC]>>This is just the
classic Gears Omen. it’s been like the logo for Gears
forever and what I actually see here coming from the edges
and that creates the Omen, this ice feel, it’s part of the game.>>Yeah.>>When you get frozen in the game, instead of it being red coming
from the edges of the screen, it’s actually this ice. It’s very similar to
what you’re going see in the user interface of the game.>>That’s what’s so cool about it. This is not just a logo on
a console, this is the game. This is a physical thing
of what’s inside the game. This is thoughtful stuff. [MUSIC]>>Obviously, the long time fans, we know who the Locusts are. But for characters like Kait, it’s like Marcus had to tell her, that’s a Locust symbol.>>Yeah.>>Marcus fought against the Locusts from the beginning
of the Emergence Day.>>He knows.>>He knows, but Kait, she has to dive back into the history that she
didn’t even know about. She’s going to go
through some hardship, but I think she’ll
come out all right.>>I’m always this big Xbox fan. That’s who I am, Xbox fan for life and to be able to be here and to show it off and see in person the thought that went into this console just
gets you pumped for the game. It’s like I cannot wait to play the game and it makes you feel like you have a piece of the game inside of your home and
you’ll always have it, right? So that’s so cool. [MUSIC]>>I’m really excited
to plug this in and to see maybe this makes me better at the game.
Probably not though, right? [MUSIC] [XBOX SOUND]

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  5. Great looking piece of hardware, but these guys were more bland than cabbage soup. Just mute it and play your favorite music when watching this video because these guys suck the life out of this presentation.

  6. Well, up until just now i was getting the 2k20 bundle cuz that splattered paint was awesome. But that controller w the blue accents and design on that xbox…. ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ

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