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What’s up jaycationers, we’re here in my hometown, San Diego, California and today We’re in a place that I’ve actually never been to before we are in Imperial Beach California and we have my guest Rio Grande to show me around. Hey y’all I am Rio and I’m here today to show Jay around the beautiful Imperial Beach. I live just ten minutes away from here So it’s somewhere that I know really well So we’re gonna go check out a couple of spots and stay with us to see where we go What’s up jaycationers, I am your host Jay Jay manakish And today we are here in the beautiful Imperial Beach in San Diego, California, and I’m here with guest host Rio Grande All right jaycationers. So this is just the beginning subscribe to our channels jaycation and the 20-something traveler We’re gonna be doing a whole series of San Diego videos Telling you the local guide of where to go what to see and what to do You are a local here. I grew up here for the last 27 years Imperial Beach is my go-to beach It is basically home for me. It’s somewhere where? I’ve never been actually guys Never been here before and that was one of the reasons why I wanted to bring him down here since we’re starting this series on Places to see diego and we really want to show locals and tourists more than undiscovered side to san diego Even though people may know about Imperial Beach. What’s your favorite places here? I really love the farmers market that happens on Fridays and then there’s a bunch of cool restaurants over here and Mike Hess just opened up, so we’re gonna go check that out after this and then honestly, I just love walking down the beach it goes for miles and you can just like run forever and I’m from Northside San Diego and I’ve never been here. So and it’s beautiful got the surfers and Not so many tourists. It’s not overcrowded. There’s tons of parking. It’s just Yeah, so let’s go and check it out guys We definitely suggest going up and down the Imperial Beach Pier two people want to check out the surfers and the fishermen So right behind me is the famous Imperial Beach sign It’s called surf henge, and it’s very reminiscent to the Gold Coast Surfers Paradise in Australia So it gives me a little vibe of being in the Gold Coast and Surfers Paradise So a little bit of history for you in 1887 Imperial Beach became a city It was part of Imperial County which is known for the desert side of San Diego But Imperial Beach is obviously the beach side that goes all the way to the Pacific So this is the Tijuana estuary and It’s somewhere that I love because I don’t think you have like any big wide-open spaces like this is like anywhere near the beach in San Diego so it’s really you can like see Mexico way down over there and there’s also these paths these trails that you can take over here and Walk your dog or something and you can also walk along the beach that way and get like really really close to Mexico It’s really cool and beautiful and I love it here. Alright guys, so we’re here at the Tijuana River estuary visitor center If you are in a hiking and you want to take them nice little hike around the naturey spots of this part of, California There’s this hike called the wild side hike where you go from the IB pier all the way to the trails at this estuary That’ll lead you almost to the border and they’re open until 5:00 and there’s also free parking, which is awesome Even the electrical boxes are painted with murals of nature II animals and cool wildlife You’ll also want to check out all the cool art sculptures and murals scattered around this beautiful quaint beach town Sorry now it looks squiggly but if you watch it this way It starts to form into the words Art they just learned the full art beads in the I love seeing it when I’m driving past The city of Imperial Beach is surrounded by three bodies of water one from the north Which is the San Diego Bay obviously, the West is a specific ocean And then from the south is the Tijuana River Valley, so there are miles and miles of white-sand beach in this part of, California Federal beaches usually where it’s open to the public if you go towards the Silver Strand State Beach Which is going towards Coronado on the 75 There’s parts of those beaches that are closed only for the military after Imperial Beach You got the estuary and the Tijuana River Valley that part isn’t really Beach that you can access so make sure you’re following the signs and obeying the signs and make sure you’re near lifeguard towers because sometimes Lifeguards aren’t around like right now around so just make sure you’re being safe and you know in the high tide and a low tide and the currents are coming in because We don’t want you to get in any type of trouble Right behind me is IB forum the most southwesterly bar in the United States crazy Dude wearing a kilt over there See people think ocean beaches weird come the Imperial Beach We’re walking down into Imperial Beach and we’re walking right to these like Gaudi esque looking Structures looks like a turtle and like a cactus. Look at this Barcelona in San Diego like you and I are So this is one of the two hotels you can find an imperial beach they’re making a third one apparently so that they can cater to more tourists and then on the other side of the hotel inside there is C180 coastal tavern and there’s a really nice view of the ocean You can have a really nice dinner there super pretty another note to c180 I think is owned by the Cohen group of restaurants Which owns a bunch of great restaurants around San Diego? So they know what they’re doing because they’re all over town and they have the most scenic views Other than the bigger breweries like Coronado brewing and mike has there’s also places like the wave cafe and seacoast Pizza That are more like local little quick spots that you want to go and check out for coffee or for pizza You’ll also find a Brigantine restaurant location here along with this cool Adventure Time mural and on occasion There are events like the Ironman race that come to town. I Grew up here. So imagine like three-year-old Rio playing on those my heaven as a Nostalgia displays check this out. These are really cool unique benches. They’re like surf engine So this ice cream shop cowabunga and sound of Beach surf shops, we’ve been here seriously since I was a little kid like four years so support local business vo right support local business speaking of supporting local business back in March of 2019 Mike has brewing open a location here in Imperial Beach Along with a location of City tacos on the property and an awesome outdoor patio. That is dog friendly Mike Hess is an ideal place to have a few beers and hang out with friends along with their awesome staff this location has it all Now comes my favorite part of doing this video Which is reviewing all of these beers on this beautiful flight that looks like a surfboard Yep, that’s right. We’re in beer heaven. We’re in mike has brewing. There’s four locations around San Diego We’re at the one here in Imperial Beach trying out their flights. So some really cool music going on right now We’re gonna start from light to dark for more information on these tasty beers visit mike hess. Now we’re gonna start from light to dark just to get our pallet ready and get the maximum taste out of these beers So we’re gonna start off with the steel beach beer. It’s the lightest of the flight and it’s a nice sunny day So when you’re like kind of dehydrated and you just want to have something nice and crisp this is the beer to have Paul it’s amazing area. What are you drinking? Next up is the classic Mike Hess brewing drink. This is one of the first my test drinks I’ve had and it’s called the solace We’re gonna work our way patience patience Pop cloud which is a hazy and you know my Face to it, right Is their seasonal special you can get a big sign for tuning this in like the middle of September Oktoberfest has just begun So we’re gonna try this And as that taste it has that lager taste almost like a Paulaner type of Oktoberfest beer, yeah, it’s really good I feel like that one the most actually called the October aspect And last on our flight is the cookies and cream embryos they Have a normal um bricks, but they have a little sweeter taste to it putting the cookies and cream with it So this is the UM bricks. Oh Yeah, that’s a real stout right there It’s a little sweeter than the normal. Um bricks. Oh, yeah, you definitely have the cookies and can taste Oh, Be careful when you’re drinking this no biggest I know All right, so Rio and I just had a nice taste test with the plights Yeah Which one with your favorite I would go with the October hats because it’s that time here Then I’d also go with the hop cloud because I’m all about the hazy ideas. I Like the light beer so still beat Ziggy Ziggy Ziggy. Oh boy Oh I Would say the Marsden is the best one on tap right now and then the hop a via is always a it could go to Is fantastic if again, it has a bad rap because of like past time, it’s more Huntington Beach And now it’s Taco Time with three locations around San Diego and three more coming soon City tacos SD is quickly gaining popularity Alright jaycationers. So we’re gonna try their sausage because it’s Oktoberfest time so their bratwurst I was talking to Javier over here and he said that bratwurst was fantastic. The mahi taco is Bob has all the City tacos also paired up with Mike ass over here in Imperial Beach their fish tapas are fantastic their shrimp tacos And we also got like an odd type of topic shout out the will who has been helping us out today Check out fearless fuel production production company I got a fish taco. I’m really excited. I love fish tacos. So our friend Danielle over here said they were really good So I’m about to try it Surrender for delicious. Goodbye. Yeah, this is the poyo asada taco The hot pot no one man got the chipotle sauce to try that out How does it made a mess So we’re trying out the bratwurst sausages You got the Dijon mustard up in here You know, this is Bob this brings me back to Germany. Yo Brings me back That is some sauce on right there. I actually got a cum. Good job Hey This is a Polish sausage shaman’s Costco for not having full of sausages at the deli anymore This B’s on sauce is fantastic, but this is like cheesy chipotle sauce is also just as good Mike Hess also offers dog friendly treats There it is right there I’m still warming even after like a few minutes of it sitting out Wow now know how to describe it. It’s like this. This is a fantastic topper So here’s your top of the month the chili nogada It was time for me to polish off my hop cloud hazy IPA and call it an evening Zach thank you very much for having us man. I’m really pretty good. Absolutely. Thank you We’re excited for you guys to come back. Awesome. And you said something about this Cheers? Yeah, so you’re gonna take this chip to the bar and then you’re gonna get a pint flashback That glass is yours to keep but if you bring it back in Monday through Thursday it’s only five five dollars of any of our major so it’s like Thanks for coming out such a friendly and caring staff, thanks guys Just steps away from my test Is this beautiful San Diego Imperial Beach sunset, but before we enjoy this sunset Let me take you to my favorite french fries joint one last thing I wanted to show you guys an IB is growl ease rally’s is a burger joint But it’s got the best fries in San Diego poke me on that Alright guys three dollars 76 cents. We got the fries and the chicken Nuggets here at rallies. Now. I sort of you these rallies fries are the best fries here in San Diego Mmm, this is I remember good it comes with Frank’s Red Hot Sauce The best guys all right back to that amazing San Diego sunset. I promise you All right Rio So there are a few ways to get here either you come here through Coronado Or you can come down palm Palm Avenue from the 805 freeway or Coronado Avenue from the unified freeway And you can hang freely 8:05 5:15, they all merge at some point. Yeah So the reason why I like your free Beach as it feels like it’s a locals only type of place Tourists are starting to come out here, but it’s still really Laid-back and chill and the community is so diverse like as you probably saw it. Mike has just so many different types of people There’s a big let’s Latin X community here. So gotta pay homage to them Yes, I mean, obviously we just had a really good talk with Jerry Torres and Juan City tacos Took this up with some of the best tacos really great talking Good vibes here always has been and now we need to share with all y’all. Yeah, and shout out to red and Zak mi casa Thank you very much we had some great beers there a Z is awesome I’ll make sure to bring my glass back Monday to Thursday and get a mic has fill up the servers They’re just all locals even red. She was saying she’s from IB. Yeah. She’s like her mom grew up here. Yeah like generations of Local people. So yeah, that’s what you’re gonna get when you visit Imperial Beach a bunch of locals treat you right? Anyways, guys, I hope you enjoyed this video. Thank you real for showing me around IB Thanks for coming all the way down here. Seriously my pleasure, please subscribe to our channels You are I am twenty something traveler on YouTube and on Facebook and my Instagram is Rio Grande with two A’s are IO GRA ang and I am Jaycation on YouTube and jaycation TV on Instagram, please subscribe. We got really great content coming up here in San Diego I hope you guys enjoy our San Diego series. It’s coming from two locals So you guys are gonna know that it’s the best of the best. Hi guys We’ll see you next time if you have any questions comment below Gordon that Oh keeping it. What? Okay. Focus you’re on your recording. Yeah got all of that

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