Top 5 Inventions That Solve Problems So Simple – Drone Camera Watch

solve problems so simple we’ve barely realized their solvable let’s get started coming in at number
five alarm clock that tells you why you
should get up now you have no excuses for turning up late or missing those
appointments with the excuse that you slept in at number 4 we have a winter they can handle all kinds of
terrain now stairs and the disabled access to buildings issue is a thing of
the past at number three we have the doggie water fountain based on infrared
technology his senses when the dog approaches the tap. you can now go away
on holiday and not worry about your pet’s having no drinking water at home
while you were away enjoying your vacation going to invent the automatic
pet food dispenser before we get to our much anticipated number one in at two we
have are solar-powered water purifier you
just never know when you were going to be stuck on some remote island or desert
and have no access to clean drinking water finally coming in at number one we have a drone camera that sits on your wrist
how cool is this the ultimate spy gear you will
definitely need a license to own one of these cool gadgets leave a comment below your invention
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