Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint: Skell Technology Drone Threat Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint: Skell Technology Drone Threat Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

[MUSIC PLAYING] [BEEP] ENGINEER: Testing. Testing. [CLEARS THROAT] I am currently employed by Skell
Tech as one of their machine learning engineers. Please, I urge
you, do not believe the corporate propaganda. I fear that they are
summoning the devil with their innovations. And despite what
they claim, Auroa is not a paradise for
you and your family. Their drone technology
is highly dangerous, easy to mass-produce, and
without proper regulations, will undoubtedly fall
into the wrong hands. The following video was
kept from the public, and shows how Skell lost
control of three farmer drones on Auroa. What may seem like a flock of
birds, are actually legions. And they can be
seen here remotely reprogramming drone software. These farmers suddenly
turn, leave the field, and plow directly onto
an active highway. [CRASH] [SQUEALING TIRES] The accident caused
multiple fatalities. And later, we see
the farmers heading towards a built-up area. The next video is from
a deep learning field test used to gauge the speed
at which the stolen drones can analyze and destroy
their opponent. Through layers of
attacks, the swarm records their prey’s
behavioral patterns and transmits them through
a collective intelligence to the next swarm. This means you’ll
need to outsmart them each time, as they will quickly
learn how to predict your moves and defenses. Notice in the third round,
how the drones essentially blind the tank by taking out
one of its LIDAR sensors. [RAPID FIRE] By the fourth round,
now that the swarm has found a weak
spot, the Behemoth really doesn’t stand a chance. [RAPID FIRE] Imagine the impact if these
drones were deployed on a city, on us. We need to do something
before it’s too late. Our future depends on it. Thank you, thank you. ANNOUNCER: Preorder now.

65 thoughts on “Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint: Skell Technology Drone Threat Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]”

  1. I can imagine how I kill a sworm and then the next one somes in.
    Me looks at drones
    Drones looks at unspoken area
    Me: Uhhhhhhh….
    Drones Shoot.
    Edit: the firt spart he sounds like ja skell

  2. Try the beta and … it kind of remind me of The division in Ehyrhon or whatever it's called and the menu were you change modify weapon and Xp are so not friendly user …. to me Wildlands was better (Less sci-fi and more Millitary)

  3. "I think they are summoning the devil with their innovations"

    You can see signs saying "We are summoning the devil" all over the Aroa

  4. This game really makes you think that someday this could or will really happen. Still can't wait to play it and knock out some drones

  5. this is just a video game. The principles and ideas presented in it will be a reality in 10 years within military research labs. Half of it is already done. Be afraid.

  6. I pre ordered the game, and just found out that the game is COSTANTLY ONLINE. I CANCELED MY PREORDER. Change it or I'll wait a huge price drop or stick with Wildlands.

  7. Man i can't say how hyped i am for this game, dude im almost hyped for it to happen in real life. That's so freaking cool man!!! I found the beta trash but the world they're creating, that's really really fcking awesome

  8. I don’t like how Breakpoint is Online always. So when Ubisoft stops the servers. That means bye bye game.
    It’s essentially a $60 dollar rent.

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