Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint: Join Skell Technology Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint: Join Skell Technology Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

[MUSIC PLAYING] Imagine a place where you have
unlimited resources, a place to grow and live carefree,
a place far from the world’s problems of drought,
overcrowding, pollution, war and terror. This place exists,
and you’ll find it on Auroa, a paradise
archipelago known for their pristine beaches, wild
forrests, roaming mountains, fjords, and glaciers. Jace Skell, founder
of Skell Technology, has now launched
a project on Auroa to build a specialized
scientific community to task them with writing
humanity’s next chapter. Skell’s autonomous
machines have already helped millions of people
by improving efficiency in agriculture, emergency
services, and security. We need people like you to join
our community of engineers, computer scientists,
and pioneers to help us design
a better tomorrow. Auroa is 100% clean thanks
to solar, marine geothermal, and wind energies in
our heartland zone. Moving north, you’ll find
autonomous manufacturing zone, where we extract
essential minerals and produce a range of
important commodities. To the east, our diverse and
talented communities reside in state-of-the-art
luxury home complexes. From nursery to
university, research centers to
specialized tech labs. All of our facilities
are second to none with around the clock
surveillance, two defense zones, health care for
all, and a political system free from the dictatorship
of the masses, you’ll have nothing
left to fear. Join us on Auroa, a
better future today. Find out more at Today is the beginning of a new world. Preorder now.

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  1. Awesome video here bring support and if anyone wants to see any trailer like movie games shows etc please come visit my youtube would be the world thank you

  2. I sure hope Ubisoft allows for inverted controls on the drone and helicopter (currently when you invert the controls for the helo, it also makes it fly backwards). And there is no inverted drone option.

    I keep saying that it's the Beta…but if Ubi doesnt allow for inverted drone and helo controls as it did in Wildlands…I will be beyond disappointed.

    Is it too much to ask to have the same control layout as Wildlands? Why are you trying to reinvent the wheel Ubi??

  3. I played the beta version of this game today and I am not impressed at all the graphics are not as shown in the trailers and gameplay videos

  4. Skell teck:we are free of war and terror.
    The wolves rouge pmc homesteaders leathal drone the ghosts: allow us to introduce ourselves

  5. Spent to much in menus swapping breaking down loot . Not interested in a division lite game with lite survival aspect, and fighting drones. Also no gun holstering really? You let use be able to blouse boots and took away gun holstering.

  6. How can they be 100% environmentally friendly when they’re literally mining the mountains.


    Also why does a corporate owned island need a political system? And if Skell Tech is publicly traded, it isn’t free from the dictatorship of its shareholders.

  7. Yes this is great and all but do you guys have a burger king? I am not traveling 100,000 miles just to get me a whopper every weekend.

  8. Ubisoft, you have a great game to show to people, if only it ran just as great. I can't say much about PS4, since I don't own one. I do know, though, that in XBOX ONE X, the game runs as smoothly as the console can actually provide for, which is good, since there are no problems there that a PC would have. Which brings me to PC problems, actually.
    The game couldn't run worse in PC. I seriously can't begin to express how shitty it runs on PC. Optimization is non-existant. If you're a 60 fps gamer and don't care much about graphics or you can actually play the game on 60 fps in decent graphics, you're fine, since, for some reason, 60 fps in this game is smooth.. just not ALWAYS.
    But, for the rest of us, who aim to lock it on 30 fps, that's where the fun starts. How can't I play this game on 30 fps on High preset and 1080p, when I could play it on Ultra , 1440p on Closed Beta?? I mean, it says 30, but the stuttering is off the charts. And you think your game will run smooth, because you own a 4k euros PC? WRONG.
    I understand we're still in Open Beta, but it's worse than Closed Beta. Shouldn't it be the opposite? And it's sad, because you actually got a great game, but we can't enjoy it, no matter how much we'd like to. No matter how low I put my settings, stuttering will still be there to say hello. Even Wildlands had Adaptive V-sync, yet Breakpoint doesn't. We need Adaptive V-sync.
    I know you probably aren't reading this, but if some random person from Ubisoft does, like, damn, try to make proper fixes and optimizations for PC, because no matter how I love this game, I can't and certainly won't enjoy it, which means I'm not buying it.. which is sad for you and me and now I'm repeating myself.
    Just TRY for the love of GOD to play the game yourself for a few hours and you will notice more optimization issues than the whole stars of our galaxy.

  9. You ruined it. I was so sad that I loved john bernthols character as the villain. Now the plot twist is revealed and he's the badass good guy we all hoped for

  10. Former Skell Engineer here. Don't fall for the hype, while the work is OKAY, their retirement plan is a 401k portfolio that is 100% self invested and they only match up to 4% contribution. Pay is minimal and they withhold for taxes that shouldn't even apply to you.
    Left for a 20% pay bump and security clearance bonus to Weyland-Yutani for better work-travel arrangements and pension plan.
    Edit: btw, the "free health care" is provided by the IT department. Took me 4 hours on hold just to find out I called the wrong medical office for my ID card

  11. My Skell interviewer asked me if I have a looted Level 3 degree for a level 1 entry level position. Too bad I declined

    Glassdoor 1/10

  12. played open beta in 2 hrs, it’s just a division skin mod with Jon involved sounds more attractive, Ubisoft keep modify the Tom Clancy game into division mod is a disappointment

  13. I really hope they will give us the option to select if we want to share character progress between offline and online or have it upgraded on their own. I hate the thought that I need to be connected to the server to play my single player game when I have no intention playing online. I also hope they will share some gameplay soon with ai teammates soon because I get the feeling it will just be me and a sync shot drone… I love the bèta but if I can't play offline and can only play co-op or as a single operator without my ai teammates I will skip this one. And I would really hate that because the game looks and plays amazing.

  14. My Beta is corrupt or glitched out TF, it wont progress it keeps going back to Jace skell mission, games a mess, got potential thou with no clear sign of what to do, yeah games gonna be good in 3 years time when they've perfected it

  15. After playing the open beta and watching the trailers, I found it hard to distinguish it from Watch Dogs and the Division. Why build different franchises when you cant keep the defining traits of that franchise to itself.

  16. Why mention diversity but not show it in your commercial? If the masses are a dictatorship who else would you put in charge. One person?

  17. Waiting for the jump cut of Drones going haywire and causing massive bloodletting in the calm streets. Followed by incoming rockets….

  18. Is the lady at the end's face being deepfaked? Something about the facial muscle movement seemed off. If it is faked by AI, that would be a neat twist for this video

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