The World’s Fastest Tricopter Drone YI Erida with YI 4K+ Action Camera #YICamera | YI 4K+

Drone is not an accurate description of it Because it has surpassed the performance of
an average drone Its like a commuter car and a super sports car It is faster than any ordinary drone with
its 120km/h speed While cruising on the sky You may not notice its speed But then in a blink of an eye It is already miles away YES Erida comes with the world’s first
4K/60 fps action camera This has never been done before When you fly Erida You will see the differences between 60fps
and 30fps The newly supported RAW pictures Will Also give you more room for photo editing
as well We’ve re-invented YI 4K all over again With 100mbps bit rate It made professional grade post production
possible to every one Keep doing what you doing, and let EIS taking
careful Stable your footage YI 4K + comes with voice command feature Just tell YI 4K+ what you want And YI 4K+ will do it for you With Live streaming You can share your adventure on most major
streaming platforms before they’ve even begun!

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