The Smallest UNDERWATER Drone!

The Smallest UNDERWATER Drone!

100 thoughts on “The Smallest UNDERWATER Drone!”

  1. You dont have to have alot of experience but you do need alot of cash it cot 1400 dollars thats a lot for a poor person

  2. Does the app not give you the battery status and a warning? Or having too much fun and ignored it which we can all fully appreciate😂

  3. Good morning, I wish you a great Sunday!!! Amazing Underwater Drone, congratulations, great video, thanks for sharing with us… I had the opportunity to shoot, with Parrot Anafi, the DJI Phantom 3 standard drone… this is my tribute to an excellent drone if you want to see it on my channel, you are always welcome… let's go forward, greetings…

  4. Not gonna lie, that place is pretty cool. I've scuba dived in the deepest pool before and swam in all three. That one where you got it stick in isn't as warm as the others, but it's nice in the summer.

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