The best mid-sized drone – DJI Phantom 4 Pro+ Obsidian

– What’s up, guys. In this video I’m gonna show
you the drone that I use, which is the DJI Phantom
4 Pro Obsidian Edition and why it’s so amazing. (lively music) I absolutely love this drone
for a few different reasons. First off, the camera on this drone is absolutely incredible. The stabilization of this guy is some of the best I’ve ever used and also there are some really
cool intelligent flight modes that allow me to get some shots that I wouldn’t normally
be able to get manually. Also look at this guy. It is one sexy drone. (ding) There’re two versions of the
Phantom 4 Pro Obsidian Edition. There is the Phantom 4
Pro+ Obsidian Edition and then the Phantom
4 Pro Obsidian Edition and the plus edition comes with the controller with the built-in monitor and the regular version of the Phantom 4 Pro Obsidian Editon, is like kind of a mouthful, comes with a controller
that has an option for you to plug into your cellphone or tablet for the external monitor. Okay so pricing-wise
for this whole package cost me about $1,800 and I
left a link in the description so you can see the
current price on Amazon. There’s something else to
note is the regular version of the Phantom 4 Pro, the white version not the obsidian version,
has the exact same technical specs so it will
perform the same in the air and give you the same image quality. I just chose the version
because it looks so much cooler. Okay so let’s get into the
technical aspects of this drone. Going off the camera, it
has a one inch CMOS sensor. It has a mechanical shutter,
an adjustable aperture from 2.8 up to 11 and some pretty incredible ISO ranges. It can go from 100 up
to 6,400 in video mode and from 100 to 12,800 in photo mode and just having these
low light capabilities from this little compact
drone is incredible. Let me show you a clip I just
filmed in Westwood Los Angeles and you can just see some of these low light capabilities in action. Okay so let’s move on to
resolution and frame rate. This drone can shoot 4k
at 60 frames per second at a bit rate of 100 megabits per second and it can shoot 20 megapixel
raw images from the air which makes this guy an incredible film-making and photo tool. Okay so I’m gonna show you guys right now how fast I can go from
having the drone in this case to taking off in the air. This clip is from Manhattan Beach and I’m gonna show you guys how fast it takes me to set it up
and get it in the air. (cheery music) To get this entire setup in the air in about two minutes is just incredible and that is awesome if trying
to shoot a shot quickly, if you have very limited
time, if you’re trying to get a sunset before the sun goes down, or if you’re just in a pinch for time, having a two minute setup is for this amazing camera, is beyond incredible. Another thing about this
drone that is so incredible is its stabilization. When it’s in the air,
it is extremely stable even in some relatively
modern wind conditions. (soothing music) ♪ Say I do ♪ ♪ But don’t say anything ♪ ♪ It kills to let you go ♪ ♪ But I do anything ♪ – So yet another things that
makes this drone so incredible is its different intelligent flight modes and some of these modes
allow me to get some really cool shots that I would
not be able to get manually. The first mode that I use all the time is called Point of Interest mode and basically what Point
of Interest mode means is you take the drone, you
put it above a certain point which is going to become
your point of interest and then you pull the drone back and then the software will allow the drone to auto-rotate around that
specific point a at set speed and you can still control
the drone going in or out while its rotating. This allows me to get some
really really cool shots. Another really cool mode
that this drone offers is called Tripod mode. Basically what what Tripod mode is, is just takes all the
movement that the drone can do and makes them very small. If I push on the control
stick to go forward, instead of going super fast,
it will just inch along and this is a really helpful
when you’re trying to get really closeup shots of something and you want the drone just to kind of hover along very smoothly. Probably my favorite and most
fun intelligent flight mode is called the Active Track mode and basically what this does is that you can select an
object, a person, a car, a bike, and it will use artificial intelligence to figure out where that
person is and follow them. Take a look at this clip
where I’m following myself. See I’m carrying the controller but then I put the controller down and watch how the drone follows me and the shot is so clean and
so smooth and so cinematic. This just blow my mind
that it could do this. One cool thing about this mode is you could also set so you
can circle around yourself. You can just set the
speed and then the drone, will follow you, will circle
which is just so cool. I am so excited about this mode. I’m gonna definitely be
using this a lot more. I just started using this mode and I have some exciting applications that I will hopefully be able
to show you guys very soon. Anyways, one other thing that is really cool about this whole setup is if you buy the version
with the monitor attached, there is an HDMI output
port on the back of this so you can run a feed,
a live feed from the sky to an external monitor
for a director to watch or for a client to watch
while you’re filming. Just having that extra feature is so cool. Okay so to wrap this
video up, in my opinion, this is the best mid-sized
drone currently on the market and I left an Amazon link
in the description below where you can take a
look at some of the more, some more reviews, look
at some more of the specs because this video just
kind of touched briefly on some of the aspects of the
drone that I personally like. There are so many more
different things drone offers that I did not cover in this video. That being said, if you have any questions about drones or anything else, feel free to leave them
in the comments below and I’ll see you guys on the next video.

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