The Best Drone You Can Buy UNDER $100 (w/ HD Camera!)

– It is the best HD drone and quad copter deal of the summer. You will not believe the price. Plus, I am giving this away
for free to a subscriber. (bell sings) (upbeat music) Yep, still holding the box like a moron. Hi, I’m the YouTube
Deal Guy, Matt Granite. I find the best biggest deals on YouTube and I love, love, love, love giving everything that I test
away for free to subscribers. If you are subscribed
to this channel (claps) you rock that giveaway coming
up at the end of the video. I’m gonna take you through
not only my unboxing one of my favorite drone deals but you can watch me fly it, you can also see some of the test footage captured from an HD drone
complete with two batteries at its lowest recorded price. Many of you have graduated
past the drone deals that we would typically see on Prime Day and around the holidays, and let’s be honest, around the holidays lot of
people not flying drones in the dead of winter. And if you are in a part of the country where that doesn’t apply to you, here ya’ go. Huge savings right out of the box. I love a good drone unboxing and this comes (box
rattling) nicely packaged with all the accessories you would need. (plastic whooshing) A really nice-sized drone. This is not one of
those mini quad copters. You have just a beautiful
piece of machinery right out of the box. This is a hardcore remote and it also includes a smartphone mount. So when you download that free app you can control the smartphone
and you get that screen, which is just phenomenal. With the additional features in here you get a propeller kit,
which is just key because they’re giving you four extra
propellers rather than two like many of the cheapies. You also get a little screw driver and an additional battery. The fact that you get two batteries with this kit is awesome. Once you get this out of the box the manufacturer thoughtful
enough to include a sun shade visor for your smartphone so you can actually block
sunlight from your screen if you are flying in direct sunlight. One of my favorite ways to test drones is to give it to people who’ve
never flown a drone before. So that’s exactly what I did. This was soaring in no time,
capturing beautiful HD video. – Hey, thanks, Matt for
sending me this drone. It’s easy to set up and
it’s fun to fly around. I really love the footage
that I record on this. It’s easy to transfer from
the drone into the computer. – For those of you watching right now, I would love to know, have you flown a drone
before or a quad copter? Because a lot of people
have not experienced it. I think it’s just awesome. If you want to score this drone deal at its lowest recorded price, just expand the video
description box right under me. That will hook you up. And now I’m gonna hook
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