The Best Drone Pilot I have Worked With : Shaun Murray and Jake Pelot Wakeboarding

The Best Drone Pilot I have Worked With : Shaun Murray and Jake Pelot Wakeboarding

Shaun Murray here with Dave AV. Dave, do I know your last name? Umm it’s Avarillo That’s where AV comes from! Pretty much yeah But I kind of like I started doing the whole drone thing in like every video and so it made sense So it seemed like audio visual, aerial visual. You guys probably seen his work at some time But I wanted this to just for the folks out there watching my stuff say this is a guy who’s holding We call them the sticks how long you been fine drones? So two and a half years now Cool Yeah, not that long. It kind of always seemed like a something that was gonna be an expensive toy It was probably going to end up collecting dust. So I wanted one for years and years Yeah, shied away from it, cuz you know – 2 grand, that’s a lot to spend on something that might just sit on the shelf somewhere Right finally got one when the when the Mavic came out the DJI Mavic one and As soon as I got it just got completely hooked and I never looked back and now it’s that’s my job so So I kind of skipped over the part if you don’t know he’s one of the best in the biz flying drones He’s really good, like gets really close, but you feel safe because he’s also a rider look at all of these See these OWC wristbands up. Reppin’ He’s not just filmin. He’s a rider so you get it like, you know a lot of times you you work with some of the same guys you know their lines a little bit so you’re able to get close get crazy shots and really cool stuff Thanks Did you do video stuff before your flying drones? No, no, really. I mean, I filmed a little bit No, no, really. I mean, I filmed a little bit I hadn’t really done a huge amount serious video and I started I’ve just placed up Instagram clips So I doing YouTube relatively recently So I kind of just learned as I’ve gone along but I felt like so much that stuff now you can just learn online You know, so you don’t really need to take like a course or something like that. Yeah forget school Stay in school kids, but but yeah, I mean, you know If you want to get started in video you can you can pretty much learn everything up on YouTube Right on. So you ran into Jake Pelot? Buddy of mine, my neighbor here and he said hey wanna film Pretty much. Yeah. Jake said yeah. Jake, right?! That’s pretty much. Pretty much how it went. So Jake hit me up and I fly out tomorrow, so this works great We got out did some riding out there and it’s honestly Of course, I love riding but then having somebody who’s so good on the sticks just out there. Just getting these angles and Got some really fun stuff so Definitely mate. I could tell that you were hyped as well. And I mean Jake was saying, you know a lot of these tricks you you haven’t done in a while So you’re obviously feeling the Stoke with it. Yeah, like honestly, um, we got the wake pretty juiced up today We didn’t have a ton of people. So I threw my lead wake bags in there that actually like got the wake behind my G pretty jacked and Got me pretty jacked and juiced up to try some things that I haven’t done in a while that kind of scare me Honestly Sam, I landed some I didn’t but even you ever have those tricks that you’re like, I don’t even want to try them but I’m feeling pretty pumped right now. I’m gonna go for it And even though you don’t make it you’re pumped that you just committed to trying completely Yeah, like I had so many of those today and that was a lot of fun So I think having the camera you definitely helps as well. Yeah, you got that pressure to go and try something that maybe you wouldn’t have done if you’d just cruised around. Right and it was it was a lot of fun. So I appreciate you coming out So let’s take a look some of that footage now! Oh yeah Hope you guys enjoyed watching that I appreciate you filming. No worries man. Appreciate you having me out on the boat It’s been yeah been sick to go and film with the legend, you know, so yeah I mean, it’s there’s so many of those tricks that I’ve seen before and you know Just thought I would love to be there and fly my drone and actually capture that and yeah So a bit of a bit of a dream to be honest Ah man, that’s just me bouncing around on the water It’s just me. But JB I appreciate you filming and You guys make sure that you check out Dave AV’s channel. That’s gonna be in the description below. Also JB O’Neill’s that’s gonna be in the description below Follow them on Instagram. We’ll have all those things for you So you guys can connect and see what some of the best in the biz are doin JB’s got great content out there consistent content travelling around put up great great features out there and I’m gonna keep doing what you’re doing. Thank you bro Thank you guys for watching And make sure you subscribe to this guy as well No subscribe to his channel Subscribe to his channel Or both And JB’s of course Ehhhh maybe Right on Hey, Enjoy Your Ride! Peace! Peace

22 thoughts on “The Best Drone Pilot I have Worked With : Shaun Murray and Jake Pelot Wakeboarding”

  1. AGREED! If you don't follow @DaveAV…… get on that! He has GREAT drone/wakeboarding footage! and…… yet again, another AWESOME video here! @jboneill….. did you get any riding in outside of what was on this video? YOU THREE ARE KILLIN IT! Keep on rockin!

  2. Whoa! This one went deep and that's just the water… ha, ha. A great collaboration between supreme professionals. Genuine, authentic and visually creative with a boss soundtrack to boot. Raisin' the bar boiz and I am really lovin' the finished product, awesome! Peace, love and community ;0)

  3. You 2 together makes for my second fav video from you,get you and Dave and double up with one of your pro fans and it could be your best work for the viewers,Dave like you just has a natural talent that makes him the best.

  4. Yieeeew! Thanks for the kind words bro, it was truly awesome getting the chance to film with you. Cheers for having me round and hope to do it again soon!

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