THAILAND’S DRONE BAN LAWS – Aerial Shots & Broken Props (ADITL BTL EP20)

THAILAND DRONE BAN LAWS VLOG CHIANG RAI and go ca the quite a few things that articles talking
about how it’s going to be hard disk light turns
out he savors its national bomb systems still has the hands Co ok Hill now on display the kettle to boil
away statement Monday and Tuesday still is
Jim Coffey its day saying it just to hang a and lacking on Tuesday yeah stuff not today and cheese cracking on
the day holes monthly special just initial a few more this on my rosslyn the SSCs as-is quite nice class Friday day we
have certain expected this state is Orlando and local builder come see you saw accounts he track anticipating the ceiling had to be in
vain recently in the ceiling started leaking social but do
something about that she’s no way our landlord the for a nice guy so they can happen to agree done in analysis no now no common friend next to me wish list is next to you
clothes they thanks to me they need to stick together then he two
ladies going on me day testing is 13×13 tough well done he’s taking it easy this
morning known as she runs in today jimena left
now tastes with a stick he did niceness Sunday takes a HC is sick talk about easily energy her the next hour of Mexico cottage or a a a a yeah a trials low a hello a a I I some specially made a a little maybe
like to eat it is being paid thank you David to decide if there is a
cease-fire say freshener serious yes CA latest no yeah nothing wrong with that all nap in your head that something’s
happening out there and I don’t know it come from picnic up in the mountains we just drove in here sat down peaceful you know sounds slepian think the sun’s out breakfast cookies
freshly cooked life coffee from the mountains it’s nice from smells lovely take wake up a
teenager Cup Obama some pics lot same savers cut to
that life I think there’s anyone in the world that doesn’t mind that’s hella nothing
not to love don’t let me know Chris everybody I know has said the left
that’s hella maybe dinner hazelnuts is it to me related to not include in in England clever you sleep before to get to somewhere like this that the
lake and mountains in sucker che’s and all this BC we would
have had to drive about 200 miles to get somewhere today which I’ve 6 hey there six or
eight months yes ironically he says this works out
this is max the miles from home piece/pieces spot a mouse from Allah
farm in first time we it attempted a picnic this only went back to the UK too had a
proper wicker basket and ten-minute sayin put down the drain we
couldn’t stay out so we had to pack it up and paid for the nearest cafe Fisher
after but in this touches Rights Day perfectly
Skype status stick with a you enjoying this occur
first not really no but we know yet just the way to stoke in
the Welsh bring a here to get set the curve and
around for five minutes and I just whines and whines and whines into a
letter back in the car he did have his card in minnesota has
been fifty this hotel has this %eh guess it and as well as that even go ahead I’m
breakfast KK in the shape up in he definite I love it yummy for did happy wes is such a peaceful day is such
a beautiful location we decided to bring the camera and a a
new sights and sounds episode who carried away with the behind the
lens is a recent piece o figures how’s the other sights and sounds does just gonna take 8 unfair to walk around here most ok
sweet just runoff Mb roaming around one so does the
Indus and should I stay with us and planet maven a tinder man 50 we’ll
have to go for a walk s yeah it’s a peaceful day saying says
he’s taking some photos for stock photography slightly location
plating sons just right now the reason why we came out today
place because the change in the drum laws in Thailand next month to make it
illegal war criminal for anybody without a mass media license to fight right say
trying tissue shots so I don’t have to fly as
often when the changes or if it changes style
and everything changes various swiftly every time this thing goes up in
the air the mini heart attack on Co i think is finished risk right now he’s
on his way back can hear him they see how it went
sadness luxurious both my leg was shaking like crazy and had some Lake miss about these from J Jones in Bangkok their call gonna could this number may write who’s flying and in the propellers that
is the second time says happen today the thing is because it opens proposed
still flies when it snaps managed to get it down without crashing
still meant style about uneven barely use the thing your hair
also enter perfect time now we just sittin outside
have now let’s tuna salad today and Benjamin I couples wetness of the name is gonna pop
out and a Samantha things end up a powerful turn things
that that right now we’re just doing the afternoon but getting water the funnies water machines dotted all
over check-writing my hola Thailand about one but they later sometimes every check back often brought
the later good life that it says the be home at 10 a.m. plantation shop
doohan this have a great alliance is amazing okay decoration this place is right by the right crystal
Walter slough disagreements classifies said classic
tonight good enough good it AK N good group that’s my last self-propelled is now but
it out in get couple more flights for a change the
laws a couple weeks weather looks nice sell
cars I used a steady drone court quadcopter cue you 4d with the GoPro hero3 Black and a graduated filter sunset addition let’s fly of on on on best light was a success press to get it
back at destroying it second guys as well can be more difficult
sounds pretty bright that I’ve been wanting to get this train shop for a
while going to get shot the car driving while
I’m flying witches a very difficult thing to do so and were
in place somewhere trying to the driest host the
car as possible within buy up in the sky and see what happens wish me luck no them E so I’m very pleased to a poll that the joan is back safe and sound
after all it’s quite this week terrible and Tuesday 58.3% will be at the sights and sounds
that reminds during the break a statement say keep an eye out for that an extra
treat today they eight miles from her name cinematic
monthly special is going up later tonight tune into that
this code awaiting PDA like no other don’t forget to leave us a comment we
love reading them also come and say hi thanks for watching see you next time

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