Taylor Kitsch’s Nightmare Scene in Snakes on a Plane

Taylor Kitsch’s Nightmare Scene in Snakes on a Plane

96 thoughts on “Taylor Kitsch’s Nightmare Scene in Snakes on a Plane”

  1. Ever see someone catch grapes in their mouth from 100s of feet away? No? Check out @alexiohhh on IG for proof:D and like this comment so people see!

  2. I still think John Carter is the best “ Star Wars” type movie that has come out. He represented Murphy in Lone survivor, and I’m sorry I love Battleship!

  3. I worked with snakes as a zookeeper for years, and still keep a few as pets.. and I would lose my mind if a few buckets of them were dumped on me. So no face lost, man.

  4. "He wanted someone for a western" 😳 First thing that came to mind, Red. Dead. REDEMPTION. He's always been my first choice as John Marston if they ever made a live action movie

  5. Theres not a single line in your video uploads that doesnt have trump involved. I think Jimmy Kimmel actually had a hard on for Trump

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    Monday, November 25th, 2019.

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  7. He's a good actor and his films are great but Hollywood "Insiders" and "Critics" are determined to destroy him. Why? He's great!!!

  8. I'm so glad he is making his way back to the screen. I just introduced my husband to Friday Night Lights tv series and he is hooked. I also got The Grand Seduction im gonna make him watch it. We have lone survivor and battleship too. Great movies!

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