5 Freak DRONE Accidents

Mixed Rock Presents 5 Freak Drone Accidents Number One: April 2016: a drone crash landed through race car driver David Perel’s office window in Cape Town, South Africa, despite being five floors from the ground! It hit the unaware Perel in the head, leaving him with small injuries. Number Two: Irresponsibility seemingly comes hand in…

Mixed Emoji 46 – Planes ✈️🛫🛬💺🛩️🚁🛂🛃🛄🛅🧳

Here’s some plane talking. Here in Britain we call the airplane the aerOplane because we get surprised in the middle of the word. This emoji is also used for when phones are in airplane mode. I tried putting my phone into airplane mode and it only flew about three feet. I like the little bells…

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Almost PERFECT FLOW – FPV Drone Freestyle & Racing Germany 2019 – Lucky Rotors

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TOP 2 best buy drones with camera cheap price BUY ON AMAZON products review & unboxing

Top 5 Inventions That Solve Problems So Simple – Drone Camera Watch

solve problems so simple we’ve barely realized their solvable let’s get started coming in at number five alarm clock that tells you why you should get up now you have no excuses for turning up late or missing those appointments with the excuse that you slept in at number 4 we have a winter they…