Syma Sky Thunder D360 Stunt Drone – Inside Flight

A little indoor flying of the Syma 360
d sky thunder stunt drone. Temperature outside this morning is only in the 20’s. (Drone Buzzing) Trim it out a little bit. (Drone Buzzing) Little tricky doing flips indoors. (Drone Buzzing) Even though this is just a.. toy grade, flying indoors you might want to put the prop guards on. Especially if you’re new to drones. See what I mean by running into things. (Drone Buzzing) This is just a good way to keep the
stick skills fresh in the wintertime. When you can’t really fly outside. (Drone Buzzing) I try to use this time to, learn the pincer move for flying. I got a habit of using my thumbs. But they claim to get better footage. More controlled flying using the pincer move. Well there’s your pincer move. (Drone Buzzing) The dog is in the other room. He’d be
complaining about this. He is in one of the bedrooms sleeping. (Drone Buzzing) Outside he don’t mind the drones. (Drone Buzzing) Charged this up the other day so I
wanted to fly it to run the battery down. I don’t like leaving charge in very long. Especially these single cells. I had a few of them swell up on me. If you’re looking for a Christmas gift for someone. They can fly these little drones indoors. Any of the syma x5 variants, are good indoor flyers. You’re not gonna put a hole in your TV. Or anything like that with one of them, I don’t think. And I also recommend for beginners. Or anyone else that just doesn’t want to break something. To put the prop guards on. (Drone Buzzing) And there’s low-voltage. So there you go an indoor flight. Of the syma sky thunder 360 d stunt drone. See you all later. If you liked this video and
you want to see more. You can watch this one. Or watch this one. And until next
time. See you later!

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