SkyDio no boys is not a blasphemy but rather the name of a new drone indeed revolutionary the skydio 2 Hi friends and welcome to this new video I am glass what you are seeing in these images is the new skydio 2 drone presented a few hours ago will be released in the United States and Canada by the end of 2010 where about $ 1,000 but its main features what they are but it is certainly the fact that it is equipped with 6 well camcorders 4k 60 fps with a top a viewing angle of 200 degrees comes the speed of 60 km per hour with a maximum control range of 3.5 km and is equipped with anti-collision sensors exposed practically all over the drone that thanks to its very advanced artificial intelligence allow him to avoid any type of obstacle even at 60 km per hour all these features in my opinion they make it the first real action role on the market in my opinion a different category both compared to bruni racing and compared to photographic drones as a friend an action drawn therefore thought for those who practice sports also has extremes like motocross in a forest skiing boating surf and so on the two ski god is meant for follow you quickly and avoid obstacles thanks to its super artificial intelligence that calculates them in real time avoiding path any kind of obstacle you think is not even endowed with a real remote control that you can buy separately as an accessory but basic you will have only one of the remote control with gps incorporated to put in your pocket is that it will allow the role to always know where you are and always follow the correct way it is certainly not a gift and a brochure and it will be necessary to see what the real flight autonomy will be About 23 minutes but of course data are to be taken with pliers and you will always have to try it with your hand for this reason already requested a sample a test specimen to the company that has already answered me, telling me that for now it is only intended for the market US and Canadian but by mid-2020 it should arrive here in Europe as soon as it is available certificate for the European Union we will be sent as well without re for test for reviews for show it to you directly so guys it’s definitely a gift to keep an eye on because it’s really a lot interesting a new type of drone that I call action ron is now I would like to know you what you think you like it yes no you would use it you would buy it around 1000 euros it costs too much too much photos in short guys let’s talk together below in the comments I am as always at your complete disposal to answer any doubt or question in video description I leave as always the link to enter our telegram channel of the offer that the analyst a big facebook group and also some links to buy some very interesting drones take a look and finally if you want support us all we need is a simple and free like sharing a comment and write to the channel if you haven’t already done so activate bells miles not to lose The substitutes just toast The next videos yes I got a bit stuck and I would say that this is really all a very fast drone so even a very fast preview that I hope you enjoyed and we’ll see you at the next video forever Hello guys

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