Skies Above London Heathrow – ATC Tower Visit + Plane Spotting

Skies Above London Heathrow – ATC Tower Visit + Plane Spotting

(intense music) – [Woman] 90101, trace
of anti-severe left wind, 160 degrees, four knots. – [Man] Clear to land two,
seven left on runway 101. (intense music) (plane engine roars) – Welcome to London Heathrow the world’s busiest international airport. This is my 20th year
spotting at London Heathrow. Why? Because there’s just so much variety. The worlds come to London Heathrow. Endless stream of wide-body aircraft. Fantastic. (intense music) (plane engine roars) That was great isn’t it? Just so majestic the 747. It just so enjoyable watching
it still flying the sky. (intense music) (plane engines roar) (music slows) Welcome to London Heathrow Airport at the Air Traffic Control Tower. This airport has so much
wide-body aeroplanes to show. One of the best airport
for plane spotting. (intense music) (plane whooshing) I’m sitting in London Heathrow
Air Traffic Control Tower. I’m actually not at the top, I’m actually on the ground floor. But I have a view like this from the ground floor, can you believe it? This is actually not the real view, this is actually coming
from a digital camera view. So this is the future. Virtual Airport. Virtual Air Traffic Control Tower. (intense music) This is the wiper on the camera. When it rains, it can clean the camera, provide clear digital image. (plane engine roars) (gentle music) I’ve been coming to London
Heathrow doing plane spotting for about 20 years. My first time was 1999,
when I was 18 years old. So many things has changed. At that time, what do you see? You got to see Concorde,
a supersonic plane. You also got to see loads of 747. Every airline bring 747 long
hall into London Heathrow. Things has changed. So instead, now you seeing
A380 and you seeing A350, 787. None of these were exist at that time. So, this is aviation, things
keep changing and evolving and that’s why it’s so interesting. (upbeat music) It’s this plane, the Retro. This is called a Negus. Lining up two, seven left, in a moment. BA65 heading to Nairobi today. London to Nairobi. Look, it’s lining up now. (upbeat music) All these kids here in the lobby, we’re all going to head out to do some plane spotting now. So guys, let’s go then. – Yeah! (upbeat music) – This is the spot there Myrtle Avenue, the best spot in London
Heathrow where you can see, now you can see the
plane just flying over. This spot is really close there. (upbeat music) (plane engine roars) This is a Falcon, this is a rare one, the Bulgarian one. Wow! Very rare. Whoa. See the reg. LZFBA. Read it. This is how you do reading the reg. – Yeah. – Registration spotter. Different type of spotter. (upbeat music) How long you been doing spotting? Plane spotting. – [Kid] Few months, since like- – [Host] Few months. What’s your favourite plane
to spot in London Heathrow? – [Kid] Probably the OAC747. – Oh yes the 747, have you flown a 747? – No never. – I’ve flown 250 times. (laughs) (intense music) You have a big aeroplane, it fly over your head it
feels really exciting. – Yeah. – You know? You’ll enjoy here even better. (plane engine roars) It has just start to rain and you see everybody start to walk out and leaving. Good old English weather. There’s still a lot of
good planes coming in, A380’s on its way. So we’ll stay a little bit longer, then we have to go. (intense music) In Heathrow Airport, to have to cross is all free on any London public transport buses. – [Announcer] Hatton Cross Station. End of Heathrow Free Travel Zone. (doors beeping) (upbeat music) – I’m at the Renaissance Hotel, at the Club Lounge here
on the third floor, which look out to the whole runway. So you can see planes
touchdown every minutes. I’ve been coming to the Renaissance Hotel for 20 years, since 1999. I still think this is the
best hotel at Heathrow, because it’s located
right next to the runway you can see 747, 380 touchdown
one by one like that. (upbeat music) Look at this, Emirates 380
rolling down the runway. This is a full runway
view room, fantastic. (upbeat music) This is rare. IranAir A330 coming to
Heathrow three times a week. When I started spotting,
IranAir send their 747 classic. (upbeat music) (plane engines roar) So much variety. The worlds come to London Heathrow. Endless stream of wide-body aircraft. Fantastic. (logo pings)

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