Skier vs Drone with Victor Muffat-Jeandet | Behind The Scenes | Salomon

Skier vs Drone with Victor Muffat-Jeandet | Behind The Scenes | Salomon

– I built my first drone
about five years ago, because I wanted to
follow my buddy skiing. But I’ve never gotten the
chance in the five years I’ve been doing this to
actually follow the skier, or to fly around the skier, so this is like, the pinnacle. We’ve got a bronze medalist skier with us, how good does it get? – So the people from Salomon, they
called me and said that we want you but my calendar is pretty booked now. Its okay, I said going to US
its pretty fun experience. And I cancelled everything
and I went here. Yeah, pretty exciting. – Ha ha! Good luck Buddy! – We saw the hill and I was
thinking it could be close, but I think when I saw
this stuff flying I think I will have no chance here, its a monster. – The big kicker is
the acceleration right. He’s got to deal with
gravity where I’m powered. – We’ve seen a bunch of
videos or Jordan racing, and we knew he was super fast, so, when we designed the
course we kinda did it with Victor in mind ’cause
we wanted it to at least be close. – First I thought it was
really much faster than me, but maybe, we saw the hill,
and I could have my chance on the technical side. Maybe we will set the turney
and stuff and it could be an advantage for me so, we
will see, could be close. – We are setting up the
course for the skier versus drone race and this is a little
bit different than anything we’ve done before. We’ve got some race coaches
out here helping set the GS course for the skier, but
setting the course for the drone has been interesting because
we actually want the drone to fly through the gates,
not around the gates. We want to make sure he’s
very precise where he goes. So we had these custom gate
panels made and basically Jordan is gonna have to fly
in between the two poles. – Because we’re going down
hill the way I have my GoPro set up is when I flying its
roughly level with the horizon. Since we’re going downhill
it’s going to be looking up so I need to have it kind
of flat, zero degrees, so the most high tech
GoPro leveling system around is this stick. That’ll do. – Alright, ready? – Ready. – Well, we gave Jordan a couple of hours to try and get the course
figured out but right away we could see that flying
downhill at that 30 degree angle was definitely tough for him. – Its simple, but because its
downhill its gonna be hard. Hopefully by the end of the
day I’ll get it down and be able to zip right through
it but these are real close together, the poles are
gonna be hard to see, and its downhill so I’m
gonna be going faster. I think what I’m gonna
have to end up doing is intentionally slowing
through gates so I’ll have to do a speed check. – Are you excited to see
how this all comes together? – Yeah, yeah, yeah. Its
not easy to set but finally it seems to be really cool. Its hard spring snow on, I
think, its gonna be a little bit better in a couple of
minutes when it will be just a little bit warmer on the
snow and the snow is fast so for the moment, it’s
a little bit to too much. I need to stay focused on my GS. I had a pretty bad crash
doing on the internal side and hitting the gates and now
the snow is getting so warm that its changing a lot. It’s too sunny in Utah. – I might be able to
pick it up once I start memorizing the course
right, get the timing down, but, until then, I think that
speed that I just went is roughly my pace until, maybe tomorrow, I’ll go a little harder. – Both guys were definitely
struggling a little bit on day one. Victor took a super hard
crash in practice and we were wondering if he was going to
make it back at all after that. But he got back on his feet
and I’d say by the end of the first day, the
consensus among our crew was that Victor was
actually the favorite now. We wanted to get a sense of
what the local mountain folk thought of a skier racing a drone. So we took a camera and cruised
around Snowbird for a day quizzing people on what
they thought and we met some pretty interesting people. Drone racing, I’ve seen it on
TV, its actually kinda cool. Yeah, I’ve heard of drone
racing, just the small drones, where they, (whistles) They race them, really?
No, I have not seen that. No. Drone racing. No. Man versus machine,
that’s been it forever. I’m looking forward to seeing that. Yeah. We got all kinds of stuff
that happens around here. That would be a nice one for instance. – Yeah, yesterday we saw that
the drone is not so fast, or maybe, I’m pretty fast,
so that’s a good point. But, I think the difficulty
for him is to go down the slope to go between the gates,
especially under the gate. – Okay, racers ready? Three, two, one, go! – With the time we had
available on day two we decided to just go for it,
put these guys head to head, and Victor, pretty much
dominated from start to finish, winning virtually every race. – Good racing, buddy. – Buddy, that was so much fun. – Good stuff man, good stuff. Give me one more week, though. – You know I did it all my life, so, you just need a little bit
more time to improve it. Could be really good. – Yeah, the good stuff man. – I think for the moment, man is still in front of the machine. But like I said, he will improve it and it can be a really great fight. I gave all my soul and all my
body on all these days, so, its my spirit. Everything you do, do it big. – Now that we’ve got the
official drone race done, we’re just kinda playing around. We just got this course
salted and Victor is gonna try to run it top to
bottom with Jordan actually chasing him with the drone, trying to be right there with him. See what happens. – Ah! That was awesome! – What’s this whole
experience been like for you? – Oh, I can’t even put it into words. I mean, this is like, skiing
and drones, they’re my two favorite things, and filming, so done. Best day ever.

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  1. I enjoyed this one even more than the "short". Why is everything so short these days !
    Drone filming for ski or MTB is another challenge for drome pilots !
    But for the sake of sport filming that opens doors !

  2. Спасибо Salomon и команде участников за видео – вы очень крутые!

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