“SHE WON’T FIT!” // plane vlog

“SHE WON’T FIT!” // plane vlog

yeah I don’t know how your dogs gonna
fit hello so I’m on my way to the airport I
am going on a birthday trip to see some friends little nervous just a mere eight
ten months ago II was in the middle of my agoraphobia when it
was at its worst which is basically a fear of places and flying is like a
nightmare if you are agoraphobic so I’m hoping it goes well have all the tools
that I would need to do this successfully and of course Percy has my
back so I feel pretty no confident but nervous are we stuck in traffic yeah
it’s so cute alright we’re at the airport going in to
skywalk right
we are going to the doggy relief area I’ve never used the one here before but
it’s always good idea to make sure you know all right here is the service relief
area good girl good job all right cool girl Concord okay so I got my ticket and for some
reason something was wrong on my ticket like it said pending and so they were
like is that an emotional support animal and i was like no, service dog, and then
she’s like do you have a card for her cuz even though like it was easy to get
irritated and like even my dad was super upset about it just handled it like look
you don’t you know you don’t know the laws obviously and it’s not your fault
I’m not gonna be angry so this is just a lesson that things can be handled
privately and appropriately and she left learning something new and I left being
you know grateful that she was able to figure out my ticket so we’re gonna go
through security now all right okay so we’re going to go through
security and I can’t film in there tell you guys about it after I go through
okay so we made it through security I run
through what security is like for us in a different video that I can link down
below but a lot of people who are complimenting Percy I can’t bend so I
was really dizzy and so I was like no can’t bend it down to take my shoes off
so I took my shoes off and then told Percy to go get them and bring it to me
so I wouldn’t have to like have the posture change Wow but yeah I basically
take her off leash and then she waits at one end I go through then I call her
through when they Pat her down it’s super simple so now we are at our gate
just waiting i messed up and went to gate d4 instead of gate d24 luckily they haven’t done early boarding
yet so it’s fine though we passed this guide dog and I was very disappointed in
both dogs performances Percy was obviously very distracted I
wanted to go say hi to the dog and the other dog was the same way that’s only
for us to work on obviously no dog is perfect thank you alright joey, want to go on an adventure? good girl! Adventure! yeah I don’t know how your dogs gonna
fit did this one beat right there yeah chop
it okay we do and so we just touched down in
Cincinnati and now we are going to see some very special! and I did the mistake of
asking Percy a question that means she’s gonna see someone in somehow she’s like
looking at all the people around us trying to figure out who it is it’s very
cute I’ll show you other thing is that when Percy sees this
person I’m gonna get let her go wild do what she wants for a couple seconds if
they haven’t seen each other in a while and contrary to popular beliefs or made
up sort of community laws dogs to not have to you know
be working only if they’re in their vest or off-duty only if they’re out their
vest the hailer determines whether working
not necessarily the best so fYI I’m not gonna like take off her gear and okay so yeah ready for the next adventure right right here wait this our last fight before we get to our
destination so which we love all right airplane number two ready look at all of this space compared to
last time look at all that space my goodness you could fit five dogs in here hey we just landed and now we are about
to see it somebody super special so I’ll show at the end but basically that’s
what we do when I’m flying you know pretty pretty basic and yeah I’m glad it
went well so all right

60 thoughts on ““SHE WON’T FIT!” // plane vlog”

  1. Hi Claire i really like your videos and i feel like planes should have a lot of leg room for service dogs. I personally have never had an issue like this bc the air line always gives me bulk seating since they are always open but i guess that i just get lucky

  2. Lovley to see a new video and you taking time for yourself to catch up with friends. Seeing how happy percie was made my evening! ❤️❤️

  3. Awesome video. Thanks so much for showing that even really well trained SDs like Percie aren’t perfect and at the end of the day, they’re dogs!!!

  4. I really love how you privately and appropriately talk to someone and actually educate them instead of just using it for drama and views. Percie is such a good girl, and you're a wonderful person! 🙂

  5. I go to Denver for thanksgiving and it’ll be the first time I’m traveling with my service dog and I couldn’t be more nervous

  6. I just LOVE your service dogs harness. Pink is just so fitting to the golden color and breed personality. I have a half english cream golden/yellow lab and I usually put him in red, but he also has a green and also a light blue(my favorite) vest. I wish I could put pink on him, but I swear he is a human and would know that he is much too manly to wear pink, hahah!

  7. God bless service dog handlers who do not put every uneducated person that they meet on blast and instead handle things positively and maturely unlike some others. 🙃🙃🙃 If you know, you know 🤷🏼‍♀️

  8. I LOVE watching your videos, you're one of my favorite Youtubers!
    I'm working on becoming a Service dog trainer, I really enjoy seeing people in the service community share their stories. 🙂

  9. I love that you are real and honest about Percie not being perfect and sometimes doing things that aren't desirable in a service dog. They're dogs. They will always make mistakes. It doesn't make them any less though.

  10. From the TSA website (under FAQ):

    "Can I film and take photos at a security checkpoint?"

    "TSA does not prohibit photographing, videotaping or filming at security checkpoints, as long as the screening process is not interfered with or sensitive information is not revealed.

    "Interference with screening includes but is not limited to holding a recording device up to the face of a TSA officer so that the officer is unable to see or move, refusing to assume the proper stance during screening, blocking the movement of others through the checkpoint or refusing to submit a recording device for screening.

    "Additionally, you may not film or take pictures of equipment monitors that are shielded from public view."

    So yes, it is a very common misconception.

  11. You did great! I'm always sursprised how common SD are in the US. May I ask you, what gear Percy wears in this Video? Thanks

  12. Awesome vid, I always think this but thanks for being mature when handing different situations you run into, it’s really great help for future SD handlers. Also that airport doggy relief area was actually a good size!

  13. I'm really happy for you and how well you're doing! I haven't been able to set foot in an airport for a very long time but it's so heartwarming to see you living and loving life!

  14. By far my favorite part “she’ll fit” followed shorty on second flight “wow you could fit 5 dogs in here” 😂

  15. I’m flying next May and I’m already nervous! I don’t know how to teach her to tuck so I need to figure that out or get extended leg room!

  16. Percie is so well behaved! What a good service doggo!

    I'm in the middle of training my 6 month old golden for service work. I'm so nervous. I hope I can get him to the same level you have Percie! Your videos inspire me!

  17. My SDiT pees when she gets too excited when she’s not working (and outside), I’m glad she’s not the only one!

  18. I’m so glad the trip went well for you and Percy Did you fly back the same day? If so that must’ve been exhausting. I greatly admire you for having the courage to do all that traveling independently and work through your agoraphobia.

  19. I'm always surprised when I see airlines that dont give service dog handlers a second seat! In canada most airlines will give a second seat for free for the extra leg room, it's so nice when I travel for doctors visits to not have to squeeze my SD in a tiny space and potentially have someone next.to me who doesnt like dogs. Poor Trinket always have a bit of confusion as to why she cant sit in the isle though 🙊

  20. Guy trying to help: "Yeah I dont know how your dogs gonna fit."
    Clare: "She'll fit"
    Guy trying to help: "okay"

    I love that! 😂

  21. I had the same kind of thing happen last year when we dropped my mum off at the airport…

    The TSA dog was rather new, and the handler had to go further in the area while we were there.

    Ford wanted to say hello, and so did the young TSA dog XD

    I had my mum apologize for distracting his dog, and he was file with it explaining the dog was very young…

    Mum told me that via text and I was like "called it!" XD

  22. So, I recently discovered your channel. I was doing research on getting my own service dog for anxiety and bipolar disorder. I love your story and I think you are incredibly well spoken about the topic. It's great to have someone like you as an advocate to help educate those around you!

  23. So much doggy joy! I loved her looking around for the person then looking back at you. I imagine her saying "Who is it mom? Who is it? Mom? Where are they?"

  24. I think its so cool that you let her go see your friends and get happy! I noticed she still kept her eye on you the hole time! Shes a beautiful golden! Dogs warm my heart!

  25. My dog is in training he is 7 months old and he is doing amazing but sometimes I forget he is still a puppy and not a robot so it’s really comforting to hear that even Percie gets a little distracted sometimes

  26. I’m so happy I came across this video bc I’m taking my Friday flight by myself and my SD Gabe and I’m a little nervous. Like you said no SD is perfect, but I’m going to visit my brother who Gabe loves. Every time Gabe sees My brother, Gabe cries with excitement and I’ve really been working on how to approach My brother when we get off the plane so Gabe won’t be trying to hurry up and trying to get to Zachary bc of the excitement

  27. Thank you to everybody for your kind words of support and love! I’m glad you enjoyed this video. Please note that I do not tolerate “prong police” – often misguided handlers who have been taught to believe that prongs must be high and tight. (I know what you’re thinking of – that Leerburg graphic? It is law! It must be that way ALL THE TIME! No, that’s not how it has to be.) My point? My prong is not too low, it is not too loose, and if I wanted more control and to give a sharper correction it would be pulled high and tight – which it is not, because I don’t use it as a correction often. If it were loose like a necklace we’d have an issue, but it’s not. I simply do not have the time to argue with anybody who wants to gatekeep prong placement or talk smack about aversive tools. Sincerely, somebody who works professionally in the dog training industry and has used hundreds of prongs successfully on all types of dogs.

  28. I’m probably like a year behind, but I don’t have Instagram, so whatever happened to Claire and Emily’s friendship? I haven’t really seen anything with the two of them practically since the Disney trip.

  29. Such a good dog. Even though she looked around for the person who you asked her about seeing she still checked in with you like she is supposed to be doing. She is also so cute and adorable.

  30. Her gear is SO gorgeous! I’m honestly so proud of you for taking this trip, I know how hard it can be to overcome things like this with a disability. ❤️

  31. You can get a doctor's note explaining that you can not take your shoes off if it is an issue. My mom has one since she has braces. She can not take them off her shoes or put them on unless she is seated and it is difficult.

  32. is it just me or was percie showing a few stress signs as she was boarding (lip licking) and as she was in a tuck (panting)? just curious , love this team though!

  33. SHES SO CUTE 😭 i don’t think I’ll ever need a service dog (i mean who ever does think that..your life can change in an instant) but i LOVE learning about them from you! I work at Disney world so I’m always wanting to educate myself as there are a lot of fakers who want to bring their pets to the parks or Disney springs so I want to try my best to keep teams safe when i can 🙂 ❤️

  34. Thanks for the video. Perfect seating on the plane. Sometimes it can be hard to get into the tiny area. 😃🐶

  35. It's kinda nice to see that a service dog youtuber doesn't say that they're dog is perfect and the other service dog is the most horrible thing on the planet lol

  36. Was Percy ever afraid of getting on the plane? How did you train her to learn how to board? We have not yet flown yet but I have a doodle, so he’s naturally a little bit more anxious with harder things, so I wonder what is the best way to help prepare him for when we do eventually fly somewhere.

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