Sci-Fi Short Film “Aeranger” presented by DUST

MUSIC: Ethereal Synthesizer Sound: Explosion Sound: Fire Crackling MUSIC: Ethereal Synthesizer Moans in pain Sound: Dried leaves and rocks tumbling No, No, Noooo Sound: Explosion Sound: Animal Roar Sound: Animal Roar Sound: Animal Roar Sound: Tech Device Clicks And Blips Sound: Animal Roar Sound: tech device power up MUSIC: Ethereal Synthesizer Sound : Beep Beep Beep Aeranger Kallelle praise Rorare
have you touched down on a surrogate planet? I have touched down the ship has sustained critical damage
the filtration core is secure most excellent news! Any word from the other Aerangers? You are the only Aeranger landing you must
embed the filtration device within that planets soil. I need not remind you these are the end of
days for our people Kallelle. No Zrouvehn, you need not. What is your current status? Our planets atmosphere is damaged beyond regeneration. Only one-third of our people can enter into
the great sleep while the filters regenerate in that planets soil. my son Ohmi? Because of your sacrifice, Ohmi will enter
the great hibernation with hope I am committed to making it so. our future is in your hands brave brave Kallelle
take the soil reading my child. Rorare be with you. Praise Rorare. Sound: Delicate Tech Beep Sound: Positive Blip It is positive Praise Rorare. Praise Rorare! Know one day we will journey to that planet
to claim the filters and rebuild our world. Your people salute you Kallelle. Anáil nathrach, ortha bháis is Ah na neene zahnor Sound: Wind on leaves Sound: Broken Stick Sound: Dry leaves underfoot Grunt Halayo Friend, Halayo Grunt Sound: EXPLOSION Sound: Ringing in ears MUSIC: Ethereal Synthesizer Sound : Beep – Vacuum Seal Release Heavy Breathing MUSIC: Ethereal Synthesizer Sound: Tech beep beep beep Too-ma Ohmi Too-ma Sound: Dangerous Electricity Sound Film Projector Music: Ominous Drone Music: Driving Electronica

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