Save Custom Video Effects in Final Cut Pro X 2018

Save Custom Video Effects in Final Cut Pro X 2018

In this video, we’ll take a look at how you can save a ton of time when editing video, by creating and saving custom effects presets in Final Cut Pro. Hey guys, how’s it going. This is Serge, and welcome back to my channel for another Final Cut Pro tutorial. A lot of times, when editing video, you have to apply the same effect, or a combination of effects and adjustments to a number of clips in your project. For example, when making tutorial videos, I often like to zoom in on the viewer, to show it full screen. If I just enlarge the clip, I loose quite a bit of resolution, making it unusable in some cases. So what I do, is I take the original clip, and overlay it over my timeline. Then, I scale down my clip using the transform
tools, until it’s exactly the same size as my viewer, and is in the exact same location. Next, to make the zoom animation, with the playhead at the start of my clip, I’ll add a keyframe to the transform parameter, move the playhead ahead 10 frames, then resize my clip to the original size, and reposition it to the middle of the screen. And finally, for an extra touch, I like to add and keyframe a zoom blur to
my animation. This animation effect is fairly simple, and doesn’t take much time, but if I have to repeat it multiple times
in every video, the time it takes can really add up. Luckily, Final Cut Pro allows you to save animations like this as a Custom Video
Effect and apply it to your project just like any other built in effect. Over in the inspector, at the very bottom, click the Save Effects Preset button. A window pops up, with any applied or adjusted effects selected in the attributes list. I’ll give my effect a name and choose a category I want to save this
effect in. You can either add it to one of the existing
categories, or create your own custom group. I’ll add mine to my custom group and hit
save. Now, to apply this same effect to my next
clip, all I have to do is navigate to the effect in the effects browser, and drag and drop it over my clip. All the steps previously taken to achieve
this will be applied to my next clip, saving a
lot of time. This method can also be used to save color corrections or color effects, or even a combination of effects and/or color
corrections. For example, for my next clip, from the effects browser, I’ll first apply the aged film effect. Next, I’ll add the Dream effect from the
look category, and maybe a color grade to make the clip look exactly the way I want. Now, if I click the Save Effects Preset button, I can combine both the applied effects, and my color correction into one single effect. I’ll call it Old School Film look, and add it to the looks category. Now, instead of having to apply all these
effects and color corrections to my other clips, I can just add my custom effect, and all the effects and color corrections
will be applied. You can use this method to save any combination of video effects and video effect parameter
settings as a custom effect preset. This could be a huge time saver when editing larger projects, or when like me, you use a combination of parameter changes over and over. Try it out and let me know what you think in the comments below. And if you want to share your Custom Effect
Preset with another Final Cut Pro user, check out my Sharing Custom Presets video, linked in the description. As always, if you enjoyed this video, make sure to like, share and subscribe. New videos released weekly. Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you next

11 thoughts on “Save Custom Video Effects in Final Cut Pro X 2018”

  1. Thanks Serge – great video as usual. I like how you zoom in on the viewer. I worked with a mate of mine who is really good with audio. I have a lavalier mic that runs "hot", and with the adjustments I was able to save the presets. Now I just drop the changes onto my clip, and I sound wonderful. All the best, Cheers Rick

  2. Great video. Thanks.

    Here is a topic suggestion. I am often tortured by the message "There is not enough extra media beyond clip edges to create the transition." I would love to see one of your tutorials covering this issue.

  3. Hey Serge, I wonder if this could be applied to a title design I created. I tried to save it as a preset but it didn’t work. What did I do wrong? Could something like this be covered in a tutorial? Thanks for the great tips.

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