Samsung Galaxy S20 5G – Unboxing, Setup and First Look

Samsung Galaxy S20 5G – Unboxing, Setup and First Look

hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech and
this is the Samsung Galaxy S20 5G this is the smallest phone offered this year
out of the samsung s 20 lineup and the least expensive but it’s not inexpensive
this comes in at 999 dollars 128 gigabytes of storage that’s the only
option right now as far as storage is concerned there may be some different
ones later on now in the United States it’s only available in three colors
there are some other colors and some are really nice the red color I particularly
like but it’s only available in three colors in the US cosmic grey cloud blue
and cloud pink this is cloud blue now let’s go ahead and unbox it so we’ll
open it up here and I’ve never seen one of these in person so let’s take this
out and it’s definitely smaller than the ultra we’ll take a look at the
comparison in size a little bit later but let me set this aside for now we’ll
take a look at what’s in the box and I think in the top there’s something here
so in the top of the box we have a SIM card removal tool and sometimes in
different countries you get different things with with the phones that you
purchase so there’s no case and then you’ve just got a couple different
pieces of information the first one says this device is packaged with a screen
protector if you remove it and want to use a different one make sure it allows
for use of all touchscreen functions or features and then you’ve got a quick
reference guide and some other information like warranty now in the box
we have a charger and I believe this is a 25 watt charger so it’s a fast charger
but it’s not the fast or 45 watt but there’s really not too big of a
difference between the two I guess from what I’m seeing online and then we have
our power cable and this is USB C 2 USB C so this is included and then we should
have AKG headphones so basically the same amount of things you get with the
s20 ultra so you’ll see you’ve got AKG headphones and it’s USB C here so AKG
and then some different ear tips sizes if you need those let me set this aside
and we’ll take a closer look at the phone now the phone overall looks pretty
nice the camera bump is pretty small compared to the
other phones this year and the frame is made of aluminum with a coating over and
then you have glass front and back now on the right hand side of the phone you
have your power sleep/wake button along with a volume button on the top of the
phone you have a microphone along with your SIM card tray and your micro SD
card tray we’ll take a look at that in a moment on the left side of the phone we
don’t have anything at all and then on the bottom we have a speaker we have USB
C and then we have a microphone there’s no headphone jack this year so
that’s kind of a disappointment for some people other people won’t mind now as
far as a quick size comparison well last year this is the s10 II so this gives
you an idea this phone is definitely bigger than the s10 II it’s actually
feels a little bit thinner but I’m not sure if that’s accurate but the camera
bump makes it thicker so the actual frame feels a little thinner then to
compare it with the s10 all are the s10 plus from last year it gives you an idea
so it’s a little bit smaller it’s in between the s10 II and the s10 plus and
then finally to compare it with the 5g ultra version this has a case on it but
this gives you an idea of the size difference so let me remove the case and
here is the ultra next to the s 20 and so the s 20 plus would be in in-between
this size so there’s definitely a massive size difference and there’s
actually a couple advantages to the s 20 over the s 20 ultra so let’s go over the
specs and then we’ll turn it on and set it up now internally we have a qualcomm
snapdragon 865 with an Adreno 650 GPU this comes with 12 gigabytes of RAM and
then allows for a microSD up to 110 Buyten it also supports Wi-Fi 6
Bluetooth 5.0 along with 5g sub 6 but currently there’s no millimeter wave
however Samsung’s website does say millimeter waves so I’m not sure if it
supports it but at launch it currently doesn’t it’s also got Gorilla Glass 6
front and back it has a dynamic AMOLED 6.2 inch display 3200 by 1440 pixels at
563 pixels per inch with a 22-9 ratio it also supports 120 Hertz and HDR 10
plus and that is the same pixel resolution that you get with the ultra
as well just in a smaller phone you have the under the screen fingerprint sensor
will set up a little bit later and then when it comes to the cameras this is a
little bit interesting when I was going over the specs now the forward-facing
camera is 10 megapixels and still supports dual pixel autofocus unlike the
ultra it also supports 4k video on the back we have three cameras we have a 12
megapixel ultra wide with an F 2.2 aperture then we have a 12 megapixel
wide F 1.8 that still has dual pixel autofocus and then we have a 64
megapixel telephoto F 2.0 they do support 8k video at 24 frames per second
or 4k 60 you also have a depth vision camera now the phone comes with Android
10 with one UI – and then the battery is a very large 4000 milliamp hour battery
it supports fast wireless charging 25 watt fast charging and then it’s ip68
certified for 1.5 meters for 30 minutes dust and water resistance now let’s go
ahead and turn the phone on so we’ll hold down the power button and there is
a small very thin screen protector pre-installed so that’s really nice it’s
not super protective but it will protect from major scratches and things like
that so let’s wait for this to boot up here and then we’ll get it set up so we
can take a look at the overall UI in the camera now you can turn off the voice
assistance if you want to just tap the little speaker in the upper right and
then we can accept the terms we don’t have to select the optional ones and
then we’ll choose our Wi-Fi network now one really nice feature that I noticed
on the new phones this year is that the MAC address is randomized and what that
means is the actual hardware address the physical Hardware address that’s
assigned to every individual device around the world has a MAC address but
this one’s randomized so it makes it much more difficult to actually track if
you wanted to try and figure out where it was now we’ll check for updates now
along with the s20 you get a bunch of credits if you pre-ordered it so you
could get the galaxy buds plus or you could get a case or you could get the
watch and so I picked the watch with this one so I may do a separate video on
that now we can copy our apps and data and I’m not going to copy this time
maybe I’ll do it a little bit later and I’m going to skip signing into
everything just so we can get to the home screen like I said but I can set
this up a little bit later so we’ll just accept that and now we’ll set up our
fingerprint so you can use face recognition but it’s less secure on this
phone since it’s only 2d and not 3d so let’s go ahead and create a pin and
that’s never a good pin 1 2 3 4 I’ll make it more secure a little bit later
and then it says adding finishing touches then we can sign into our
Samsung account again like I said I’ll skip this this time and come back later
now we’ll go ahead and set up the fingerprint sensor and this year it
seems to be a little bit better than last year although it just depends on
the phone but you actually have to press pretty hard this year when you’re
actually putting your finger down to get this to work properly but I definitely
find this fingerprint sensor to be better than last year’s fingerprint
sensor I had a lot of issues setting up the s10 plus and I had issues all year
long with it and this one so far with the ultra anyway I haven’t had any
issues so it seems to be a lot better now we’re at the home screen and I
actually had to set up the fingerprint sensor after I got to the home screen
because it didn’t bring me to that step or maybe I didn’t hit the right button
but either way it’s set up now and you can see this is the home screen with the
pre-installed apps and so we have Google Apps pre-installed we have some
Microsoft apps pre-installed and then in here we have Facebook and I showed this
on the other videos you cannot uninstall it but you can disable it and here’s
your typical Samsung Apps and things like that so this is everything that’s
pre-installed I didn’t install any of these apps and that’s ok I think a lot
of these apps are very useful of course you can delete most of them now as far
as the camera this should be pretty interesting because this has dual pixel
autofocus like I said unlike the ultra this year you get dual pixel autofocus
which is very accurate usually and works pretty well
let’s hit allow and it works pretty well compared to probably the ultra phone
since that had some issues and Samsung’s promising a software update to fix it so
in the camera we can do you’re wide here we can zoom in and we
can zoom in to 30x and so that’s a slightly zoomed photo but not a lot and
it’s actually pretty sharp so let’s take a look at the options that we have so
we’ll go into video so here’s the options that we have
you have the scene optimizer so it’ll take a photo based off what it thinks is
best you can turn that on or off and then you have your rear video up to 8 K
which is really impressive and then right here we’ll set it up to 4k 64
default and then the front-facing camera again 4k 64 default then we’ll go back
here and let’s spin the camera around and you can see it’s locked on to my
face so let’s go to video and now I’m recording with the s 25 G so hopefully
this camera is really good it seems to be locked on my face pretty well and
here’s what the audio sounds like as well and so in general the cameras on
the s20 are great cameras let’s go ahead and take a look at one more thing the
actual display settings now in display here we have motion smoothness and we
can turn it up to 120 Hertz now you can only use 120 Hertz or high resolution so
120 Hertz at 1080p or or close to 1080p 2400 by 1080 if you want to switch from
1080 to wqhd plus you have to turn off the motion smoothing so you lose that
feature so you either get higher resolution or faster refresh rates so
see we can’t go to the high refresh rate on the higher resolution we have to
first go back to full HD plus then go to motion smoothness go back to high
refresh rate hit apply and now we have super smooth refresh rates so you’ll see
it’s just buttery smooth scrolling through here and hopefully you can see
that with the 60 frames per second video now this phone is packed with options
and may be a good fit for a lot of people that want a little bit smaller
Samsung phone the display is nice it doesn’t curve all the way over the edge
this year so you’ll have less false presses on the display and in general
this just looks like a really nice phone now I’m sure you’ll be able to find it
on discounts a little bit later on so you may want to wait a little bit if
you’re looking for that but in general it feels good in the hand
it is a little bit small to me but I have huge hands so this may be great for
people that want a little bit smaller phone with all the top-of-the-line specs
now if you have an SS 10 plus or something along those lines I’m not sure
that I would upgrade from an S 10 plus to an S 20 RS 20 plus I don’t know that
it’s worth in this year but at least this one has dual pixel autofocus if the
camera is your main focus but let me know what you think about that in the
comments below if you’d like to hear anything more about this particular
phone let me know in the comments below specifically if you haven’t seen it
anywhere else now if you’d like to get your hands on
this Samsung wallpaper there are some others in here as well that are really
nice and I’ll link to these in the description below so you can get your
hands on these if you’d like to but let me know your thoughts about the s20 as
S20+ and S20 Ultra in the comments below and if you haven’t subscribed already
please subscribe and if you enjoyed the video please give it a like as always
thanks for watching this is Aaron I’ll see you next time

66 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S20 5G – Unboxing, Setup and First Look”

  1. Many of you asked for the smaller option f S20 since a lot of people passed it by with the Ultra so here it is. In this video I unbox the Samsung Galaxy S20 5G, go over the specs, set it up and see what's on the phone. Which phone will you be upgrading to this year? Thanks for watching!

  2. I am disappointed with the durable of that phone. I thought it would be durable, but no. I was wrong.

  3. Another great video sir. I have the ultra and after a few days I went back to my pro max. 120hz was nice but if I went back to android again it would be the note 10+,Looks and feels better in hand. Again great video and thank you for ur work.

  4. My phone keeps freezing when receiving calls whilst watching YouTube
    I have to clear the application then it works
    Any advice

  5. We just left iPhone gang and got the s10 since it was cheaper and we wanted to try it out. If we still like Android we will be getting the s20 next year.

  6. Damn, those colors are gorgeous. I wish the iPhone lineup had better colors instead of the basic rose gold, white, and black on the premium models. (green was decent but I'm not a fan).

  7. I'm a user in love with Android, but I must confess that it's more profitable to buy an iPhone than an Android phone and why the hell am I saying this? Simple and easy, the update times of Apple devices are longer, while in a Pixel there are three years and two security patches, on a Samsung phone or another company, they are just two. In other words, if I were to buy an iPhone 11 Pro Max, it would last me 5 years very profitable, unless I got over the money and changed every six months of the phone. The opposite happens with non-Pixel Android phone, two years of software and the rest in security patches and I don't seem to pay for a phone so expensive that in a short time it will become obsolete, and if I'm not a root user, although that doesn't count, really. Android needs to evolve a lot in terms of software and its duration on a phone, but knowing how aggressive the phone market is, companies don't care about that, the main thing for them is to sell and sell without paying attention to their users. The updates of the software of an iPhone, makes a difference and leads them, tipping their users economy, unless you have a lot of money, as I said before, and change phone every six months. IMHO!🤷🏻‍♂️

  8. I want to consider a Samsung. I cannot as it contains sponsored apps which the user is not able to uninstall. Not being able to uninstall a calculator is fine, not being able to uninstall Facebook is unacceptable for a $1000 device. Sure you can "disable" but I would want that crap removed completely.

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  12. I really like the new S20-lineup. However, I wouldn’t recommend a lot of people to buy it unless you need a Samsung. For me, they depreciate too quickly and software support in the long run is questionable.
    Edit: with depreciation I mean the massive discounts you can get on them after 3-4 months and more after 7-8 months.

  13. I’m sure the pre-installed unremovable apps should be able to be removed with future software updates. They also shoulda had it built with a removable battery like the S5, and instead of having to remove memory card with sim card slot, it could of have had a better placement and accessibility.

  14. I literally just got this phone yesterday. I upgraded from a Galaxy S7 back in November to an iPhone XR. I kept the iPhone for a few months but decided I wanted to go back to Samsung and got this. I'm usually an Apple fan but holy are the Galaxy phones amazing. This phone is by far my favorite phone I've ever owned. It was a VIP sale yesterday as well so I saved money on it. Happy with my decision. As much as I love iPhone's, I think I'm sticking with a Samsung now.

  15. Finallly for once a Samsung phone that looks solid and well built. Does not look cheap and plastiky at all. Good job

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