Saddle-Up, Partner. Roxy Gets Some Love

Saddle-Up, Partner. Roxy Gets Some Love

morning everyone
Livingston Texas I got my little five-hour Sun break here today but I’ve
been just begging Texas for it will rain later tonight but like I said nice nice
day for a project two projects going on today before I leave tomorrow getting
out of here tomorrow doing something brand-new but we got in my outdoor LED
lights for the awning are gonna be going on before it gets dark and seal that up
before the rain hits also it is time to give Roxy the rebel some love I have not
done anything to her since I got her last August and she’s just ran like a
champ for 600 bucks but you know one thing I’ve really
missed is being able to carry a bunch of groceries like in a place like this
where I want to go to Walmart and go get some stuff I got to put a backpack
there’s no storage under the seat or anything so really for a motorcycle if
you want more storage to be able carry more stuff you got two options you can
add one of those trunk looking things little looks ridiculous that in my
opinion looks ridiculous or you can add some saddlebags and guess what your
careful search I went over to Viking bags calm and I found me some Honda
rebel CMX 250 saddlebags they show you there’s what one side looks like they
are heavy-duty heavy-duty pure leather saddlebags
they also lock up here and they come with the throw over method or well let
me stop right there they come with the throw over method period I upgraded to
the hard mount version because I’ve seen what they look like when they’re not
mounted to the bike that they flail around when when they’re empty and
there’s no weight in them and they just don’t look as good so I’ve got the day
today and I’ll be able to take the motorcycle into town to be able to get
all the supplies I need to hard mount these but still be able to take them off
when I need to to maintain the chain or other things back there I’ll show you
what it looks it might look like though so yeah this is going to be a weird day
essentially this would go right here like that but because of my turn signal
right there right now I’m gonna set it right there so you can get an idea for
what it’ll look like but actually hang on
I did some more research here Viking bags knew about this problem with the
turn blinker so they included hardware and some new mounting brackets under
here to relocate the turn signals so we’re gonna be pulling these author
right here and remounting them back here onto the license plate frame so that the
bags can be in the normal position so but because it’s sunny right now I do
need to go down to Walley world and grab a few supplies some eggs and a few other
things some vegetables and stuff like that so I’m gonna get that out of the
way I haven’t actually ridden the motorcycle
in over two or three weeks because of the nonstop rain around here so I’ll
bundle up a little bit and go for a little ride so obviously nothing
aftermarket is going to be a perfect fit and there’s always going to be surprises
I kind of feel like I carefully planned this out Walmart’s only about seven
miles away I just got back had to go pick up some round files I have to
square ones in my case but I didn’t have any round files and had to put the
blinkers back on after I’d already taken him off to legally ride the bike and I
want to get in trouble but I removed the blinkers that were right here and the
bracket that comes with the kit again this is aftermarket it’s nice that they
provided something but this bracket that they provided the spacing between here
is just not enough this is too close together and this won’t fit so I do have
to file away one side here to make this work and no matter how you do it the gap
is just too large right here so I need to modify this something like that
see how I brought that up can’t do that on both of them now I honestly feel like
sometimes things just work better and they’re more smooth if I don’t film it
but then I get people saying you didn’t really do it you had somebody else do it
not that it really matters that anyway I got that fit in there and the very next
step doesn’t work either because the next step is to use the same nuts that I
just removed from the bike and put on here and as you can see there’s only
thread to there I can’t secure it unless I had a spacer
or a bigger washer and I do I looked through my miscellaneous ban of bigger
nuts and washers and I don’t have anything so that’s why this is gonna
take someone like me literally all day because I got to put these lights back
on the motorcycle and drive another seven miles into the hardware store and
buy some some spacers something and it’s gonna be like this all day because like
I said Honda made the motorcycle Viking bags made this accessory and none of the
directions are working so far this is yeah that’s figured alright just go back
I am I am not going right back somehow I had a brain fart they didn’t have bigger
nuts that would fit over the threads it’s just a small mom-and-pop shop you
know just right right down the road so I got washers instead got a bunch of these
and I overlooked one other detail once I got back here and that is the washers
can’t be too thick because they will hit this other part of the turn signal the
reason why there’s two points of contact and so that the whole blinker doesn’t
rotate it stays level holy cow it’s a lot more time-consuming
than I imagined I am close three and a half hours after starting this I have
almost relocated the taillights nothing started on the saddlebags yet because I
did end up making a few last-minute changes the inside two washers right
there I did file those down so they can get closer it took five and some Loctite
on that one but this is not moving the blinker is not gonna rotate at all still
got to do the other one though I forgot to mention so at least another hour or
filing out that hole and getting other one put on special reward and
doing it yourself yeah we’ll go with that
hey there it is finished we moved the blinkers so now I have this space to
start working on the saddlebags until it gets dark
alright your buddy made some progress here I’ve got the saddlebag support
brackets which serve two purposes one if you’re gonna hard mount him which I was
thinking I was gonna do hard mounting them you would go through the saddlebag
and would secure them at four points here however even if you don’t hard
mount them you want to pull it away from like the chain right there and away from
the wheel on both sides here you get the the rear brake there so you want to keep
the saddlebags from going too far in so those are pretty much necessary either
way I have not decided which way I’m gonna go yet I’m still thinking so just
to show you here here’s what the throw over method is this is adjustable so I
could raise them or lower them but you can see how the support brackets keeps
it away on both sides from hitting something you don’t want it to hit but I
mean it looks cool it looks cool the only thing is you know if there’s no if
there’s no weight in these bags while you’re riding what’s gonna keep it from
doing crazy things down here so even if you don’t fully mount them you still
gotta have at least two in probably on the bottom ones down there to keep it
from going crazy don’t you think that’s my theory I don’t want them flailing
around while I’m riding so I am going to do what the directions say and once I
get them perfectly level and where I want them I’m gonna mark the outside
bolts here and then it came with the grommet so once I drill into the leather
wheel to put some nice grommets in there and washers on the inside and that way
not only are the bags locked but they can’t just be pulled off you can’t just
cut this and instead take them it’s a little more secure that way but I’m
gonna run out of daylight and I just realized it’s 5:00 p.m. and I still
haven’t eaten anything so I’m gonna take a break
time to make time to make some eggs and bacon yeah
done before dark SWAT a project not necessarily permanently mounted but I
did mount inside so these will not move at all on the bike okay you won’t be
able to just cut that and run off with it plus they’re locked I think they look
awesome on the bike the turn signals appear to be farther out than they used
to be but I mean I can swap those later make sure I actually did them right yeah
we’re good and just taking a look back here they
look really good with all the other black like it was made like that but
ironic way now I don’t have any shopping to do but I mean they’re putting those
bags just yet oh man what a project sure feels good to get something done like
that though by myself right before I get out of here in the morning there’s one
more thing I want to show you that I seem to have a problem with buying cheap
motorcycle covers and scooter covers in the past I always get something to get
by that’s like 20 bucks at Walmart or ebay or something and you get what you
pay for and then I always go back to the same exact company you know I like them
because I’ve tried them before I got another motorcycle cover from car cover
comm and they make lifetime warranty covers that are rain snow dust Sun and
everything proof and they always work really well they’re really good fit I’ll
put a link actually below because like I said I’ve talked about them a lot they
have RV covers ATV covers motorcycle covers and the cool thing about it
you’re not just guessing you type in the year and everything you want and if
you’re interested I’ll put a link in the video description just scroll all the
way down to the bottom of their page and then you can select motorhome Class a
truck camper or whatever you need and let’s let’s spit this guy on here and
see how it works with the saddlebag oh nice it also comes with the strap
underneath so you can hook it down there while you’re driving so the wind but
what I like to do is put a few more clips on here and bungee it’s like maybe
one in the back tire one in the front tire if you go 60 miles an hour in the
freeway it’s bound to move a lot I like to watch it but it does keep the
motorcycle from getting dirty I actually didn’t have it on there straight I
pulled it back down the way it goes and now it fully covers the motorcycle and
like I said it fits with the saddlebags there was even some extra there that’s a
good company they’ve always treated me well so you’re looking for something to
cover something important too you might check out car covers comm it’s so blue
in here well turquoise I don’t know what it shows up on your screen it got my my
turquoise LED lighting on and I forgot to show you the the box but I got the
project to do the outdoor waterproof LED lights but again if you’ve missed my
very last video I installed these LED lights all around the RV for a little
bit of mood lighting and they change all different colors my iPhone actually
takes better night shots so I’ll bring the iPhone out and show you the
integration of the outdoor LED strip lights and as we take a look from
outside you can see the lights on the inside and now the light under the
awning that matches and if I turn into color-changing they will do exactly what
the indoor lights do unless I unplug them I need to remember to put the
awning all the way back in you can still see it with the awning in it it just
isn’t as bright in your face yeah pretty easy simple and all sealed
up I already put the goop on there to seal it up but you probably saw there
that the Audion was wet I mean I made it within like 10 minutes of the rain
starting the the goop I put on there it’s you can you can even apply that
when the roof or the surface is wet so it’s not going to be a problem that it’s
gonna rain tonight with that on there it is sealed but first thing next time it
stops raining next month all I kid I kid doesn’t always rain in Texas actually
but I will double check all of the seals just to make sure
it’s good outside looks good though their favorite option of mine is the
seven color fade it’s really slow red the yellow green blue to eventually
purple pink oh yeah too white and then sexy red and then
back to Orange okay all right guys take care I’m packing up
heading out of here tomorrow even though it’s gonna rain it’s time for new Texas
adventures so get back on the road and get back to doing what Jax and I love to
do camp Trey going back to boondocking was Jackson this video I don’t know if
he was but you know what Jax does all day if it’s rain if the weather’s bad he
just sleeps yeah that’s that’s him Jax man I always get scolded if I don’t
show you on camera yeah they yell at me like it’s my fault
you’re the one that hides right yeah you do like oh crap dad’s working I don’t
want any part of this otherwise he’ll ask me to help yeah that’s right say bye
see you next time you

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