The Russian Defense Ministry announced on
Friday that Russia’s latest heavy attack drone ‘Okhotnik’ has performed its first
flight with the Su-57 fighter jet. Okhotnik in Russian means Hunter. The ministry said, “The Okhotnik unmanned
aerial vehicle has performed its first joint flight with a fifth-generation Su-57 plane,” It was reported that the flight was conducted
in the automated mode The ministry stated that “As part of the
ongoing test program, the Okhotnik drone performed a flight in the automated mode in its full
configuration, entering the airborne alert area,”. The ministry added that during the flight,
the drone and the Su-57 fighter practiced interaction “to broaden the fighter’s
radar coverage and to provide target acquisition for employing air-launched weapons” As reported, the flight lasted more than 30
minutes. In this video Defense Updates analyzes the
joint flight of Russia’s latest Okhotnik attack drone with its most potent fighter
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ship and three days of premium account time as a bonus. On March 9th, 2018, the US Air Force officially
retired Predator, a platform that initiated a new era of unmanned air combat. Predator was best known for its ability to
deliver precision strikes as their controllers sat halfway around the world in small and
discreet bunkers. MQ1 Predator will be replaced by the second
generation of combat drone MQ-9 Reaper which is much more capable. Reaper has an endurance of, 27 hours, a service
ceiling of 50,000 ft, a range of 1,151 mi or 1,852 km and a max speed of 300 mph or
482 km/h The Reaper’s hard-points give it the ability
to deploy a combination of AGM-114 Hellfire, GBU-12 Paveway, and GBU-38 JDAM munitions. Israel also has several drones in its arsenal
like Heron which can operate up to 52 hours and reach altitudes of 35,000 ft. China has also spent a huge amount of resources
in developing an attack drone. China has unveiled a drone name Dark Sword
that could fly at supersonic speeds. Russia currently doesn’t have an operational
attack drone. Earlier, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry
Rogozin had told Russian News outlet Sputnik that Russia had swiftly reduced, and is expected
to completely eliminate, it’s lag behind the United States and Israel in the creation of
UAVs. Rogozin had said in an interview,
“Concerning the UAVs, I should only say that there is no point of speaking about some lagging
behind. It has been rapidly reduced and will be completely
eliminated soon,” He had specified that he was speaking about
both combat and reconnaissance drones. It is not all, a pilotless platform like Okhotnik
will give the Russian Air Force lot of flexibility when paired with a manned fighter jet like
Su 57 The concept is similar to the US Air Force
Loyal Wingman initiative. The Loyal Wingman technology gives the human
pilot in a mixed manned-unmanned section the ability to issue general commands to the pilotless
plane — attack, join formation etc. This has been possible due to new computer
algorithms to allow fighter pilots to control armed drones from inside their own cockpits. The
office of Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov told TASS at the MAKS-2019 international
aerospace show in August that the serial deliveries of the latest heavy attack drone Okhotnik
to the troops would begin in 2025. It is reported that the tests of the Okhotnik
drone in its attack modification with various armament would be held in 2023-2024. As the vice premier’s office pointed out,
the Okhotnik will serve as a “universal baseline platform for carrying advanced air-launched
weapons, onboard reconnaissance systems and other equipment, which will allow constantly
expanding the drone’s functional capabilities during the serial production.” The drone is being developed by Russia’s
Sukhoi company headquartered in Moscow, which is the maker of well-known fighter jets like
Su 57, Su 35 to name a few. As per the picture the drone is developed
in line with the “flying wing” design scheme. Viewers may note that a similar drone design
was developed by Russia’s Mig aircraft corporation in the 1990s named Skat. The design is more or less in line with several
developed by European and US companies. The drone is believed to weight 20 tons and
5th generation aircrafts technology like stealth shape and use of Radar Absorbing Material
(RAM) is expected. There is no official confirmation of performance
parameters. Several analysts believe that UAV may be equipped
with the AL-31F turbojet engine, which is used in the Russian fighters of the Su-27
family. The drone is capable of developing flying
at around 1,000 km/h or around 620 miles/h The drone is expected to carry diverse weapons
payload like free-fall gravity bombs, air to surface precision missile and air to air
missiles. The pairing of Okhotnik with Sukhoi Su 57
means that Russia will have a potent duo in the skies in the coming days. The two platforms are expected to coordinate
with one another with deep integration and this will result in force multiplication. With this kind of technology, the Russian
military planners will be in a much better position to carry out both defensive and offensive
missions. For example, in a heavily defended air space,
Okhotnik can be assigned the risky task of taking the air defenses before Su 57 launches
its own offense. It will be interesting to see the progress
of this concept in the coming days.



  2. The Soviet Union collapsed by overspending on its military, among other reasons. It's great to see Vlad the Inhaler making the same mistake. It's interesting that he's oblivious to the fact the Americans are eventually going to take revenge on him for messing with their elections. He can dish it out. The question is: can he take it? Putin was reported to have watched videos of what happened to Muammar Gaddafi, over and over, for days on end.

  3. If it doesn't have supercruise or sensor fusion it's not 5th generation. All it has is stealth and super maneuverability. The F 35 lacks super cruise and super maneuverability so it's not 5 generation ethier. 5th generation requires stealth, supercruise,supermanverabilty and sensor fusion in one package

  4. Wait wait… For months all those wannabe experts in the comments here on the channel still believe, Russia has only old, Soviet military systems, which have no future and so on…oh and of course there is no money to deploy them… Well, I think you should wake up already and stop watching your Hollywood based News, which tell you such bullshit out of anti Russian propaganda.

  5. Russia fly's propaganda flight with a drone and an underpowered 4th gen fighter while china makes outrageous claims about their drone basically:)

  6. If someone does not understand, then the hunter’s radar is combined with the SU-57 radar into a single radar network. The Su-57 is good in itself – it has decimeter radars in the front edge of its wings, but with the Hunter its capabilities increase by a multiple. Goodbye America, you lag behind for decades. 😪👋

  7. Footage ,! .? Ever ? Love your channel but an upgrade may help alot with popularity more than with just stills still good videos for info is amazing

  8. USA in shit. Russia is manipulating the United States as it wants. If she wants, then Donald Trump will again become the president of the United States)) the United States in terms of living at the level of Africa))

  9. Another toy the Russians will not be able to afford to produce in more than very small numbers. Same for SU-57 ✈✈✈✈✈

    Substandard vid. Get rid of the nasally narrator. He does not have formal voice training.

  10. In the Star Trek:TOS, the episode where Captain Kirk and Spock stole the Cloaking device from the Romulins as well as the female Romulin Commander. In the Turbo Shaft, Spock and the Romulin Commander spoke of something so real that has persisted from Ancient Mesopotamia until the 21st century. She said "our scientists will develop a counter measure to our cloaking device". Spock (I'm paraphrasing) Secrets among governments don't stay secret for long.

  11. The only thing that I trust from Russia is Russian Vodka. Even the AK-47 is just a copy of the WW2 German Sturmgewehr

  12. @ 05:35 – Two is 'a couple' and three or more is 'a few'.
    Sorry but someone has to try to preserve language integrity in public domains.. It's important to be accurate in forums of learning.

  13. The SU – 57 of which less than 20 were made is no longer in production… I would suggest you do a little home work.

  14. I don't believe the Russians or the Chinese. Just as soon as both get invaded, the invaders will find those who want a REAL democracy, where the people have a say in their government. Just as China was the last major power to accept Communism, they are the last, as they always are, to change.

  15. Makes ya wonder how much of this was copied from hacked files from the US. The Chi-coms and Russians wouldn't have a damn thing if it wasn't for our tech. Hell even the ak47 had help from the Germans during WWII.

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