Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Hotdog Planes & “Pranks”

Jack: I remember seeing a video where someone attached an iPhone to like, a remote control plane and– –they needed a way to touch the little button. So they like, attached a hot dog to it that would like, make it take photos. I swear to god. Joel: I think I read a story about one of those falling in Iran. Jack: Yeah! [Laughing] Joel: They were pissed off about it. Found a probe and a hot dog… [Laughter] Joel: Alright– Alright– An American Flag. Burnie: I just imagine the guys in the room saying, “So we are going to get it in the air– –how are we gonna –take the phone to take pictures?” Gus: And the one guy’s like, eating a hotdog and he is like– he went and purchased– –and they were like, “Yes”. [Static Noise] Burnie: Gus, we tried to break your mind. We had a conspiracy of people trying to fuck with you and you didn’t even notice. Gavin: Yeah. Burnie: We spent an entire week sending you AIMs with everything in quotes. Gus: OKAY OKAY!
[Loud laughter] GODDAMN IT! [Laughter] GODDAMN IT! MY AIM WAS DRIVING ME CRAZY! [Laughter] I was going through all my settings! I was doing Google searches! [Laughter Continues] What the fuck was going on?! Was there an update to AIM, where is this setting?! Why is it all in quotes?! [Static Noise]

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