Review And Unboxing Drone TXD 8S

Alright, I got a package from IGB Electronics from batam. One medium sized drone for
200 thousand rupiahs. This camera is the only version of the camera that is worth 400
thousand rupiahs. Come on, let’s unbox what are the advantages and features of this
drone, can we directly open this cheap drone for very neat packaging and the delivery is
also very fast, the drone doesn’t look like a drone but rather like a voucher gopay which is 5000 rupiah The feature is pretty complete for a cheap drone class first there are English and Chinese manuals that I don’t
understand then a cellphone holder then a 2 megapixel camera, there is a camera
holder and the camera installation book and the camera is using WiFi And this drone is
small but not so small and the remote itself is small , but it has enough features, there
are screwdrivers and bolts and USB for cas and also feet for the drone and propeller
blades. Here are some explanations in the book Here are some explanations in the book so read it yourself And this I want to
test the drone txd 8s before flying it’s good to do the calibration according to the video instructions so that it aims to stabilize the drone during landing and above don’t turn around on its own and if it happens to turn on its own do trim on the remote according to the manual itself, don’t forget to use the headless feature to make it easier to remember the head of a drone when you play. Thank you for watching and don’t forget to click on the subscribe, bro, congratulations. See you on another video, bro

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