Propel X01 Micro Drone – Not Working – Design Flaw?

(Intro Music) Well I got another drone down that’s not
wanting to work. A little propel X01. Not getting any power for some reason. Doing a little bit of drone surgery. Just like it’s dead so I took the four tiny
little screws out. Pull the body apart, nice… nice and gentle. Take that off. There’s the battery. When I got to looking at the battery if found something that might be a design flaw. Spot right there. Looks like the battery got punctured. So when that happened, I believe it shorted out right… there. You can see that,
battery there’s no shielding. Between it and the board and it lays
right on that. And I imagine just vibration of flying, hard landings or
whatever ever time was hitting that on there. It looks like it punctured the
outer wrap on that battery. That could have been bad. Even that little battery I
wouldn’t want it to rupture and cause a fire. I had it sitting on a shelf. As you can see that setting right on that. Nothing in between it. Looks like they put extra shielding on the bottom of the battery where it would have went
into the case. On here… That shield it but they didn’t shield it very well between the battery and the board. Yea that… the foil wrap around that. I can’t really get it to
focus but maybe it’ll focus that way. But you can see that brown spot and it
looks like the foil wrap has been punctured. It could have shorted that component out
or just shorted the battery out. But take the battery out put it in some salt
water. Make sure it’s completely done. And then just put it on the shelf as a… or on the wall as a wall hanger. So if anybody’s got one of these, you might want to watch that, where it’s rubbing right there. But just thought I’d show everybody. Just kind of a give you a warning about them. Other than that it was a good… good little drone it was pretty fast for the size. I had it outside several times and where it could really open it up and this little guy was quick! He’s not quick
anymore! Till my next video I will see you later… If you like this video you can
watch this one. Or watch this one. And I’ll see you next

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