Poulan 2150 Chainsaw – Primer Bulb Replacement

Poulan 2150 Chainsaw – Primer Bulb Replacement

Hi. Welcome back to Pine Meadows Hobby Farm. I’m your host Jerry Hanson Today I’m going to fix this free chainsaw I got from a couple months back when I went and did an estate cleanup. They allowed me to take
anything needed. It was absolutely free. So I needed a chainsaw to help me here on the farm. I didnt have a chainsaw But now I do. This chainsaw comes
complete with a case. What I got here is a Poulan Chainsaw for free. It came with this case and guard It is a model 2150 What I found is that this primer bulb had cracks. So it aged. It didnt prome anymore. So I went down to my local Ace Hardware
store Purchased a new primer bulb for for four dollars and fifty cents. I also had to purchase this Allan Wrench for 50 cents down there
which will fit the screws that hold this in. So, to take this cap off to replace it, I’ll show you just have to remove these two screws on the top. You just have to loosen them You don’t have to take them out And it’s just these two you have to loosen and you turn it over and you have these four screws to take off so let’s take those off Okay And then there is the primer bulb that you have to take off and this is where you need the Allen wrench to remove those two Now, underneath her your gonna have two fuel lines one small and one larger. And so
you’re going to match those up with a fuel lines on the new unit now having a pair of needle-nosed plyers is gonna help here. okay it works. And then you just put your cover back on take your phillips screw driver cinche those down tighten those two down And, it should be fixed. Let’s see if it works now. Prime it choke it A five-dollar chainsaw. How about that. I’m your host Jerry Hanson and thank you for coming to Pine Meadows Hobby Farm If you want to see more of my videos on how to check these out on how I built my house. thank you for coming I picked up this Homelite chainsaw its a Homelite 330 It did not have the handle pull. So I went down and paid two dollars and fifty cents at my local Ace Hardware store for the handle pull. And reattach the
rope. And I have yet to get it started But We’ll work like to see how it does but it was free and for two dollars a
50 cents you cant beat thet

8 thoughts on “Poulan 2150 Chainsaw – Primer Bulb Replacement”

  1. Runs and cuts great>>>t.co/IMGH40ATEL   My last PoulanPro (14 years old) still runs strong but everything plastic has wore out and it is no longer safe to operate. Looks like they beefed up some of the weak spots and I love the tool stored in the handle.

  2. I’m sure you worked very hard on the cleanup so you deserve getting it and you know how to do this stuff so it’s worth it

  3. It looks it's 8n pretty good shape. People just throw things away instead of seeing what is wrong. We are a throwaway society. Not a good thing.

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