99 thoughts on “Planes stack up in Renton as Boeing 737 MAX grounding lingers”

  1. The thing is the plane had a major problem the engines where to big to mount where the old ones were … Could of been fixed with a redesigned landing gear or change the wing's and,or tail but that would of ment major delays and Airbus would of had more of a ear start also probley would of ment change of landing witch ment training they fixed a gun shot wound with a bandaid instead of fixing the root of the problem … cut but regs they said it will save the company money they said this is going cost 100s of millions maybe even billions

  2. If only they'd thought it worth their precious while to develop a new plane. But hey, few of the people who really matter to Boeing even ride commercial flights. Why bother, right?

  3. That moment you realize that Boeing aircraft have killed more passengers than all other aircraft manufacturer's put together

  4. boeing needs to over prove this. at the end of the day, its about trust and Boeing have lost trust not from aircraft operatives they think of money but from the travelling public

  5. How to check your strength ?
    Take a grounded 737 Max
    Throw a stone at the angle of attack sensor
    Take off and maintain full thrust
    Let the MCAS bring the nose down
    Then try to pull the trim wheels

    But I am really sorry for those who died and don't want any company to do this again
    We can pay more for a flight ticket but don't want to be experimented by the manufacturing companies
    We are advancing way too fast and need to slow down a bit
    Because at last aviation is known for its safety and reliability
    If these crashes keep occurring due to these FIXES
    we don't want these kind of planes flying in the sky

  6. Profit before safety….. apparently there was concerns from previous pilots but still Boeing said it was safe !!

  7. Why do the newscast talk and take a stand as if they have seen and verified that Boeing has completely fixed all the issues in the 737 MAX.They need to be on the middle ground questioning the integrity of the patch released and FAA for being so reluctant (bcoz they are flowing in money from Boeing) in grounding the planes in the first place.

  8. Still cant believe Boeing's "most unfortunate" comment when describing the two crashes and all them poor people lost , will never set foot on one of these planes

  9. i see Indian Jet Airways and Spicejet . Boeing its your own deliberate attempt to garner profit by sidelining safety

  10. That makes sense lol, Ive been on a bunch of flights this week and have seen a lot of sitting places in the middle of the railway. So…Im glad theyre grounding the airplanes

  11. Even if B737 Max-8 passes certification again, I will NEVER fly on this aircraft!! Btw, remember when #Boeing tried to crush #Bombardier's C-Series? This is karma, motherf*****!

  12. Be interesting to see what this does to Boeing. If memory serves, a bunch of plane failures followed by a global grounding of a type of liner is what killed McDonnell Douglas as an industry leader. Maybe its Boeing's turn.

  13. So FAA will be the last regulators to recommend grounding..hnm… Who will be the First to lift it ?!!.. hahaha..

  14. Maybe they should start letting the pilots fly the planes again, instead of letting computers with faulty software do it.

  15. volkswagen had to pay millions and millions because of the diesel scandal and boeing being an american company looks like getting away with murdering over 300 people.

  16. no pity or symphathy to Boeing..thinking of the innocent deads who could be still alive today, Boeing and FAA have just failed miserably on their job..it is not always the 3rd world countries who mess it up..even the 1st world countries are more worst!


  18. I hope they asumed their losses and understand that just a software upgrade is not enough and that they need to return to the previous old 737 arerodinamics
    Personally i will never ever flight in one of the Max!!!

  19. It's a good plane but with bad software and no training for pilots. Boeing lied that this plane flies like 737-800 and thats the lie that killed those people.

  20. Oh oops. Hahaha all that money sitting there. You should have taken some extra time Boeing and built the aircraft properly in the first place!!!!

  21. Finally Boeing pay for what they have done by killing Canada Bombardier CSeries plane (CS300). Canada had a hard feeling of what Boeing did. Boeing is a greedy company that need to be stop.

  22. Wow, their own fault yes, they should be honost and communicate this max plane is totally different to contro because of the powerfull engines, which is of course good. What they need to do now is train every boeing 737 pilot to fly a boeing 737 max, is organising training hours that complicated? and train all problems with trimming, if the pilots are good trained there is nothing wrong right? What a waste of money and investment, i should say train all the pilots in the world for free.

  23. How Did the F.A.A. Allow the Boeing 737 Max to Fly?

    Seattle Times: Boeing and FAA cut corners to get the 737 Max into service before deadly crashes.

    Fellow passengers , is True Boeing know very well how many people will die? A. Up to a certain number it's cheaper than fixing the problem..TRUE??? I hope until the EASA will validate The B737 MAX 8 Before we fly again..

  24. People please take a note that if you die on a plane crash… all they care about to talk is not you. It's the plane manufacturer's stock price.

  25. "The Big Question: When will the FAA be satisfied with the fix"
    No. The correct question is: When will Boeing be able to adequately prove the airworthiness of this aircraft?

  26. I managed a software build of a Real-Time Hardware In the Loop simulations for Lockheed Martin in the past and we simulated missiles (missiles are planes without wings). If Boeing had built a simulation of the 737 with hardware components moved in and out of the simulation they would have found this problem with Monte Carlo simulations.

  27. I managed a software build of a Real-Time Hardware In the Loop simulations for Lockheed Martin in the past and we simulated missiles (missiles are planes without wings). If Boeing had built a simulation of the 737 with hardware components moved in and out of the simulation they would have found this problem with Monte Carlo simulations.

  28. That's what happens when you try to make an ancient aircraft compete with a modern aircraft like the A320neo. Boeing has long missed the opportunity to replace the B737 with a new model. Instead of dealing with the senseless B797 NMA, Boeing should have invested the time in a new single aisle aircraft.
    It is a pity that Airbus cannot increase the production of the A320neo even further, otherwise it would surely be over with the B737max.

  29. #It should be period# you can always make an aeroplane but a unique life's identity that's terminated cannot be copied.梗

  30. Hardware design problem being fix by a software? Then is safe to fly? Let the Boeing executives whole family fly on 737 MAX. My stars!

  31. Either the Chinese or the Russians are going to make a move. If either one gets Embraer or Bombardier to allow for 'fab' time at their factories, then Boeing is screwed. This is a huge opportunity to build foreign planes on the Western Hemisphere. Boeing should either drop the engines for something smaller or add motorized, upward flaps on the wings inline with the current engines to reduce the lift effect. Whadda I know? I'm just a college drop out, let the MBAs with the connections sink the company and ruin people's future. I sure as hell won't fly on any Boeing plane.

  32. I want to put all Boeing executives and American reporters defending Boeing saying the grounding is political and that the plane is safe to fly on a 737 Max with just one AOA defective sensor being flown by a pilot who only had a 2 hour training on a tablet saying this plane flies exactly like B737-NG

  33. yeah look up the yaw damper problems they had in the 90's I would never board one of these dogs

  34. the government needs to buy this glut of unwanted and unworthy aircraft and get the USAF to fix them to pass on to NATO allies.

  35. I have been doing a lot of reading on how this situation initially started; It was all based on Airbus A-320NEO which was a better aircraft than 737NG. Boeing did not have the time or the money to build a brand new aircraft which would compete with A320NEO, so Boeing decided to redesign 737NG in order to retain a single type rating.

  36. They just need to add two buttons: One that shuts off the flight computer, and one that stops all remote control attempts. Problem solved.

  37. Is up to Boeing whether they're going to reposition the engine or not otherwise is better for these plane to be on the ground than be flying coffin. They have to fix the flaw and at worst retrofit back to the ex engine.

  38. Boeing got real lucky with the 787 – they very nearly killed 2 planeloads with battery fires.
    And did they learn?

  39. FAA is Boeings marketing department.This 737 will go down as the worst out of date airline of the 21st century

  40. Considering the politics involved in the Max 8, I doubt this plane will ever fly again. At this point, it's too risky for any regulator to sign off on it's airworthiness knowing if it crashes for any reason at all, that person's whole life would be destroyed by grandstanding congressmen.

  41. Trash the Max 8s and start making the 737 800s again and the 757s.. And fire all of the new people at the top that only care about the dollar bill and not safety..

  42. These planes are grounded over a year. They will have more mechanical problems than ever. These fuckers trying to kill people for their fucking pocket

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