My worst nightmare has always been… to die in a plane crash. Today, that nightmare, is becoming, ahem, reali- reality, virtual reality. Ladies and gentlemen, I am sitting in a Cessna right now… A Cessna 172 (Plane Humming) This is Flight Simulator, in virtual reality And Trust Me! I Ain’t no Pilot! I’ve got a little Flight Simulator experience, but uh… Not With these Things (Laughing) I’m currently sitting in the cockpit, of a Cessna. And we’re gonna fly this baby! And land it. Without dying. Let’s do this! Alright so before we take off we should probably contact the tower, but I don’t know how to do that. :/ I am no expert pilot, alright? uhh, there’s not even a tower around here. I’m on “Moliga” ? airport right now, and i think “Moliga” ? airport spose’ to be over there. but it’s not loading. oh wait what? I’m not in “Moliga” ? I’m in “Ibiza” ! *laughter* Alright well that’s great. Alright Engine throttle control. Let’s put this on 100%, There you go! Grab the steering wheel, We’re gonna control this baby! We’re gonna fly a Cessna! Ha ha! In virtual reality guys, uh we’re starting off easy okay? I wanna learn how to fly this Cessna. After the Cessna were probably gonna try a 737… But thats gonna be a little harder. 70 knots. We can already take off. But i just wanna go a little bit faster because I’m scared Alright! There we go! There we go! I’m not using any laps to take off. This is going solid! This is going solid! Oh my god. Guys, I know its a little weird for you because your watching this video, uh-in the normal world. but currently, you gotta understand. I’m in the virtual world, alright? For me it really looks like I’m sitting in this Cessna! Isn’t that awesome? Yeah its pretty awesome. Alright let’s see! We can take over these controls a little bit, Oh! One handed! One handed baby! Alright so, I wanna use an autopilot. But, I don’t know if that’s smart. Wh-where are the instructions. Engine throttle control, Is that the only instruction I get. I know this is the heading so… I mean I wanna use the auto pilot. But obviously that’s not gonna work if I can’t even see what it is Alright. Course adjustment. Okay, I think I need that. Map zoom out. Ohh, nice! Alright, our co-pilot is right over here. Look at him! Ah, yeah! Ha ha ha. Oh my god guys, I’ve never been so scared inside of a plane. Ah! When I was younger I actually used to be scared of flying airplanes and my dad actually got me into this flight simiulator thing and I think.. I think that might have cured my scaredness of flying. Look at that guys, we have Ibiza over there! Hello Ibiza! Uh! I’m sorry I’m ah… I’m a new pilot, alright! I’m sorry for all the noise. I know I should be up flying a little higher Alright! Engine mixture control.These are the fuel tank selectors. The pitch and trim control. Where are the flaps in this thing? Are there any flaps in this thing? I mean there should be flaps. Battery switch. Alright! You know what? Enough chit chat. Let’s land this thing. The airport’s right behind us. Oh! Woah! This is awesome guys. This is seriously great! Alright, so, engine control. We’re gonna slow down to 70%. There we go! 69%. That’s the way that I like it. We’re gonna turn this thing around. SLOWLY! Alright! Wait… a little slower maybe. Ugh! Come on! Oh, look at that port! Ha Ha Ha! Ah! Never loved Ibiza so much. I’ve actually never been in Ibiza. I really want to go there one day. Alright, we’re making a turn! There we go. Alright, I see the airport. Alright. Need to level this thing out. Nice! Oh shit! Oh wrong! That’s not how you level out an airplane, alright? Alright, we’re currently on 87 knots. We’re going really, really slow. So let’s speed up a little bit. 100%. Okay, there we go. The airport is on the right side. Ha Ha! Guys, this is amazing! If you have a virtual reality headset… get yourself flight simulator. Seriously, I feel like a real pilot. This is the real deal guys. Alright, we’re gonna make this turn. Maybe a little bit on the late side. But I think we can fix that. There we go. Oh now, that’s perfect. That is…ugh… Alright, that is just absolutely perfect. Alright, alright, we’re going 100 knots. Let’s slow down a little bit. We’re gonna put the engine on 35%. I’m not sure if that is too low. I think that might be a little low. Let’s put it on 60. There we go! We want to land safely guys because we’ve got…zero passengers. Total of zero passengers. Well tehcnically, I’m a passenger myself. But that doesn’t count because I’m a hero. Alright, we’re 110 knots. Ah, we’re missing the runway a little bit. Let’s make a turn and slow down a lot. I wish I knew where tha flap button was. Oh! Flap switch. Nevermind, 100 %. That might be a little bit too much. I hope we’re not gonna stall now. Alright! 80 knots. Engine…engine up. We’re going 84 knots. That is perfect! That is perfect! Ohh god, guys! Am I seriously going to land this aircraft! First try! 70 knots. We’re going a little slow, we’re going a little slow. Ohh! Okay, I’m just going to use one hand to land this thing. 75 knots. A little slow. Throttle up a little bit. Oh my god! You know it would be so much easier to actually have the real controls, but obviously I’m just using… I’m just using these sticks. I do have an actual joystick, but I-I can’t use it in front of my chair like this. Alright, nice! 70 knots. Pull out the power. No, maybe not. Going a little slow there. 70 knots. Uh oh oh! Guys… this is one smooth landing. Alright! Now let’s glide our way down. Slowly. Slowly! Slowly! Uhh! Uhh! Uhh! Yeah… Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Guys, Jelly just landed… a plane… in virtual reality! Jesus Christ! This is seriously the best thing I’ve ever done in my life, alright. I’m a nerd okay, I’m a nerd. Alright, there we go! I don’t even have to use my spoilers on this thing cause… we’re just going so slow. Alright, we’re gonna put the flaps up. There we go. Ugh…ugh. There we go. Nice! Sweet! Now let’s fly a 747. Ah…737. 747 is way too experience for me. Ugh! Yeah…ugh. I didn’t do that! That didn’t happen. Ohh! Uhh yeah, that’s a good engine throttle. I’m sorry guys, that was really creepy. Look! Whenever I move the sterring wheel, you can actually see it moving. Ohh! Woah! Woah! Ha ha! Pssh… This is Jelly Bravo speaking. Um… We are ready for take-off. Ladies and gentlemen I am currently sitting in my 737. I bought this thing a couple years ago It only costed me about $150. I mean $150,000,000. What are all these switches for? What do they do? Strobe lights, on. Beacon lights. on. Navigation lights. on. Landing switch, yeah! I’m just turning all the lights on cause it’s fun. Alright! I need to make sure that all my passengers have their seatbelt on. I need to find that button real quick. Fuel pump switch. That’s probably not it. Generator switch. I think it’s somewhere over here. Fire suppression engine. What if I do that? Did I just ruin my engine? Let’s hope not. No smoking sign. Yes! Yes! Ha ha ha! Everyone has their seatbelts on. We are ready to go. Alright, so there’s only one issue… these are two levers and I can only use one hand. Or maybe I can put both up. Let me just do that. Alright, we have a trim here. Umm…I can’t use my feet to control these two things so that sucks.

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