Phantom 4 Falcon Edition Kit by Drone World

Phantom 4 Falcon Edition Kit by Drone World

(Building music intro) Introducing the first ever,
Falcon Edition Kit by Drone World We’ve equipped the DJI Phantom 4 with countless upgrades never seen before including the all-new, award winning remote control powered by FIREBRIDGE technology. The Falcon Edition kit has been put to the test across the globe and comes with everything you need to capture stunning visuals with your Phantom 4. At the pinnacle of this kit sits our highly modified remote control system. Drone World’s engineers are the first to fully internalize dual Wi-Fi boosters, the first to fully internalize a custom cooling fan, and the first to pull power for these
systems from the Phantom 4’s internal battery. Together, these upgrades make this remote the most powerful,
the most portable, and the lightest weight system on the market. Just charge it with the stock battery port and go. We use military-grade RG58 wires that feed directly into the best antenna money can buy. Massive dual helicoil anttennas are matched and tuned to the highest tolerances amongst any manufacturer. The remote also has a super swivel bracket designed to make access to your HDMI port faster than ever. This remote is pre-installed with over two dozen modifications, requires zero assembly, and
no set-up time. Made and assembled in America, FIREBRIDGE technology provides
the most powerful, cleanest, reception possible, to penetrate through trees and
radio interference 20 times better than stock. Drone World also offers the option
to upgrade your current Phantom 4 remote with everything you see here. Included in the Falcon Edition Kit, is Drone World’s exclusive commercial-grade
Thor super charging station with upgraded internals, thicker gauge wiring,
and a new 20,000 hour rated cooling fan. The Thor super charging station will
safely charge 3 batteries and a remote 4 times faster than normal. New Lens Filters are Drone World’s own revolutionary design that allows the lens filter
to be adjusted while installed. A mere twist of the outer ring allows
you to dial in your exact exposure settings on the fly. No more guessing which
ND filter number you need. Specially reinforced carbon-fiber propellers have new ultra light alloy hubs
that are reduced in weight by 50% allowing for faster motor spools
and higher top speeds. A portable USB battery bank has
twice the capacity of a drone battery giving you plenty of extra power for your smartphone, tablet, Trackimo, and specially included free mini-drone. We also include a custom device
cable certified by Apple and specially crafted prop guards that
won’t hinder your sensors and can be applied with a mere snap. The commercial-grade Drone World
sunshade features a unique sleeve to adjust settings.
This sunshade allows you to simulate FPV-style piloting with the safety of being able to quickly spot
your drone. U 3 rated high speed Transcend memory cards protect your hard work, they’re the top memory cards optimized for secure and rapid transfer of 4K media, with twice the cycle life of factory memory cards. Each Falcon kit comes packaged
inside a Nanuk 950 wheeled carry case. The 950 features an IP67
waterproof rating, a patented power claw latch system, and is commercially
designed for mobility. Our case’s synergy foam has a durable stain-resistant white topper and is hydro-sculpted for quick access
to your phantom 4 drone and accessories.
Optional additions to the kid include: Fat Shark high-definition
FPV goggles, giving you the most immersive experience imaginable, a Trackimo GPS with
a new easy-to-install install custom holster so you know exactly where your drone is
no matter the environment, and the 511 tactical military backpack, available in
black or green, for quick and rugged use
in any outdoor environment. The Falcon edition is hand-assembled, test flown, and certified by technicians. All of Drone World’s kits give you the tools you need to “Chart Your Own Horizons”

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  1. Definitely the best kit on the market! I use the Falcon Kit every time I travel the globe on a shoot and it never lets me down. The long range Firebridge antenna is much better than the stock DJI system, much more reliable, and penetrates through just about anything I throw at it. Now that the kit is also available in the Phantom 4 Pro model, this is going to be a huge game changer!

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